VR with AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT and AMD Ryzen 9 5900X and Oculus Quest 2 over Oculus Link

I have been browsing through tons of threads and videos on VR performance improvements. I have tried pretty much all suggestions but still cannot get smooth scenary motion looking down.

Straight ahead looks pretty smooth. But looking to the side gives me headaches.

This is true even on the lowest of settings. Both in the Sim, on Oculus Link settings and in the Oculus Tray Tool.

I tested with the Skyhawk only. I don’t know if non-glass cockpits make a difference. But no glass cockpit is not an option for me.

I tested in a very rural area at EDBH.

I saw a number of posts talking about specific Nvidia drivers and settings making a big difference on Nvidia GPUs. But I can’t find anything pointing to similar measures for AMD Radeon.

Has anyone managed to get smooth scenary motion looking out to the side with an AMD GPU?

From the HW specs my gear should be able to get similar results as some of the Nvidia simmers.

Sapphire Radeon RX 6800 XT Nitro+ GPU
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X CPU
4 x 8 GB DDR 4 3600 CL16 RAM
Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master Mainboard
Oculus Quest 2 over Oculus Link
Sim on SSD

Of course it’s not only about HW but software, too. That’s why I’m asking.

I run the Steam version of the Sim with the Oculus OpenXR. It was set in the registry automatically.

Cause people interested in VR choose Nvidia.
We hope in the future AMD can have good VR support too.

That is a completely useless comment.


Sounds like a problem that might be similar to mine? Do you also see the issue already in the menu?

I didn’t notice it in menus. Head movement is rather smooth, too. Scenery movement relative to the aircraft, however, looks like less than 10 fps while the Sim runs on 40+ and with the Link encoding even turned extremely low and with various different Tray Tool settings, per the various recommendations on the forum. That is why I am wondering if anyone got it working well with the latest Radeon GPUs.

@marccreal I just got back from a trip and checked the menu. Indeed, I have the same effect in the menu, too. Have you managed to solve this in the meantime?

I tried virtual desktop, now. It is definitely smoother and I had my first few satisfying circuits with the Skyhawk in a rural area. I haven’t tried dense areas or airliners, yet. I haven’t gotten instruments as clear as with Link, yet. Not sure if it’s possible.

I have a Ryzen 7 5800x with a 6800XT (21.1.1 driver) on 32 GB but with the HP G2 and my Sim on SSD. I am satiesfied with OpenXR settings 85 and motion reprojection disable. I feel the same as the most comments are for 3080 and 3090 cards but less for the AMD cards.

Did you notice any particular effect with any of the Radeon settings enabled / disabled?

To be honest, I did not change anything in the AMD settings. I also left it standard or default. But it took some time until I found the settings (in FS2020+OpenXR) that I am satisfied with.

For Nvidia GPUs it seems to help turning vsync to fast for some reason, for instance. I am not sure what the equivalent would be on AMD (the “fast” option).

In the tuning control (click manual) there are 4 Tuning option to enable. But that’s all and I don’ know if this will be than better. Did you made any progress?

I am using VD for now. It is smoother. But it is still far from ideal.


I’m worried reading all these issues regarding this RX 6800 XT with VR, because I just ordered one, which should arrive around February 15th.
I see ATCCM seems to have no problem with an HP G2, so I ran into a guy on Youtube who told me that as soon as he goes to VR on MSFS with his RX 6800 XT and the HP G2 the game crashes.
I quote it:
"Generally, we have had a great experience with the Reverb G2 and RX 6800XT.
The Reverb G2 works great when plugged in straight into the DisplayPort and USB Type-C of the RX 6800XT.

We have tested the Reverb G2 with Half Life Alyx, Beat Saber and Moss and it works flawlessly.

The only game in which we have experienced issues with is Microsoft Flight Simulator in VR.

We have a strange issue where the game crashes (only in VR) after about 20-30min of use.
Not sure exactly what causes this issue, but we do not believe it is performance related as it occurs even in low visual settings.

It seems to be a specific fault between the game and AMD drivers as this is the only game we have experienced this issue in.

We have the latest AMD Driver installed (Version 21.1.1). "

When I read this, I really want to send this RX 6800 XT back when I receive it, since I have 15 days to change my mind, or even to try to sell it.

At the moment, I’m playing with a 1080 TI and Oculus CV1. Since I never fly over big cities, I manage to shoot with fairly high parameters. So I hesitate to stay with this configuration for the moment, unless by February 15th there is a solution to this VR problem with the RX 6800 XT

AS I don’t own a G2, I cannot comment on it. What I can say is that the 6800XT Nitro+, which I own, is a beast of a GPU. I have the impression that the issues I have with the Sim are the same with Nvidia GPUs.

Hey @Netzoss7740 I have a Radeon RX 5700 XT and tested VR with an Oculus Quest 2. I must say it is awful compared to a Reverb G2 on the same card.
My reasoning for the Quest was probably similar to yours - lightweight, standalone and with Link you can play PCVR just fine. Well - that is just a strong marketing to be honest.

However - the reason why everyone on YouTube is recommending Quest with Link and praises its awesomeness is - most of these people have NVIDIA cards.

Now don’t get me wrong - this is not about Nvidia is better than AMD - or Driver stuff - no. Since I tested my RX 5700 XT with the Oculus Quest 2 and the HP Reverb G2 (my current HMD) I can tell you: It is night and day.

But why?
Because when you play with the Oculus Quest 2 - it is not a direct transfer of the rendered image like with other HMDs. The card needs to do 2 things:
1.) Render the stereoscopic image
2.) Compress / repack the image into a video stream which then is sent to the Oculus Quest 2

I found that this compression is a lot worse on AMD cards vs NVIDIA cards. (Compared at a friend who owns a 2070 - Quest looks better :scream: )
The reason is, NVIDIA is also big in Video editing (they have their own pro series for that: GPU Rendering Solutions for 3D Designers | NVIDIA). They have a specific video transcoding (by HW in the card) which is simply far superior to the one AMD is using.

AMD is currently more focused on the Game market and therefore is using a less superior technique for video rendering, which puts more stress on your CPU and Card (because it all runs in software).

So long story short - I was able to get nearly twice (yes) the VR performance and smoothness by switching to the Reverb G2 - which is quite a demanding headset.
So I would recommend you, if MSFS is your priority, consider switching to a PCVR headset (must not be a Reverb G2). Given you have the RX 6800 - oh boy - I bet you can run most of my settings maxed out and still run super smooth!

Just my experience so far…

** Edit: I tried VD and Link Cable - VD was better - but still stuttery as hell **


I am considering the G2 when it can run the A320 smooth.

I will receive the RX 6800 XT tomorrow, but after having read many negative opinions on its RX 6800 and 6900 with the VR whatever the model of helmet, I think that I will send it back without even taking it out of its packaging. I have the impression that those who are lucky enough to make them work in VR, have been lucky in the lottery.
On the AMD forum a person ended up returning his RX 6900 that he never managed to make work with his HP Reverb (1 & 2) for an RTX 3080 which worked right out of the box.

The G2 runs the A320 very smoothly. I have an i9900k/2080ti. The FBW guys have recently introduced EFIS update optimization that have dramatically improved performance. I was happy with the A320 even before the update but with the optimizations I can increase my quality settings and still have a very smooth experience.

I have owned the G2 since it came out. It is the best headset for msfs bar none.

The best headset, yes, but with an Nvidia card …
With AMD it’s the lottery
Basically, I ordered this RX 6800 XT for an indecent price, in order to replace my CV1 with the Quest 2 and I don’t want to spend weeks ordering an HP Reverbe 2 twice as expensive, which may never work