WASM standalone Module causing CTD on launch after World Update 4 patch

One member posted just in Mobiflight discord that compiled workaround for MF too


Well then, hopefully they can release something soon then. I’m honestly not hopeful Asobo will do anything short term due to this only affecting a relatively small number of users.

100% the formatting leaves a lot to be desired, safe flying.

Same for me.
Ticket already send.
Hope everyone who uses the WASM module will send a ticket to zendesk to show how many are affected.
Its the only way to send a signal to Asobo!!

What ever makes you sleep at night my fellow simmer. This is not the first time, nor the last that Asobo intentionally pushed a flawed update. Ive been dealing with exact same ■■■■ last 19 months :wink: All those times they were warned about bugs, and game breaking issues, they ignored those and pushed the update to meet the deadlines anyways. Turning alpha/beta tester efforts into a joke. It was understandable during initial release, and first few updates fixing major issues caused by premature release. But having same ■■■■ still going on after all this time, is nothing short of mockery with community mainly the testers.

All the release flaws related with aircraft systems, core simulation and SDK is still there. They are working on it. Yet they are pushing cosmetic world updates one after the other. And managing to intentionally brake the community and 3rd party driven fixes in the process.

You may be happy with the progress. Good for you. I envy you. As much as you have that right, I have the right to criticise, and vent as much as I like after being mocked for one and a half year now.

Happy flying to you. I can’t cause none of my peripherals work now…


Is there a fix for this yet?

Maybe we should complain to 3rd party provider as RealSim Gear or Logitech for not being able to use their products because of these bugs…I’m sure RealSim Gear representatives will be very happy to loose customers because their devices are now useless with MSFS2020…

When you are using AAO there is a workaround:

Here is a workaround that I tested with MobiFlight (similar one has been published in MobiFlight Discord, but this one uses non-modified wasm files). I was also able to load FSUIPC7_WASM, but was unable to connect to it from FSUIPC7.

  • Go to your Packages folder.
  • Pick package and airplane for which you want to use WASM (let say it is community package DA40-NGX, airplane is Asobo_DA40_NG and WASM is MobiFlight StandaloneModule.wasm).
  • Go to Community\<Your Package>\SimObjects\Airplanes\<Your Airplane>\panels, or in our case Community\DA40-NGX\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_DA40_NG\panels
  • Copy your WASM file there.
  • Go to Community\<Your Package>\SimObjects\Airplanes\<Your Airplane>. For our example it is Community\DA40-NGX\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_DA40_NG.
  • Open panel.cfg file with your favorite text editor (it can be Notepad - I use Visual Studio Code)
  • Find last section [VcockpitX] where X is a number. Add one to X and add following text to the end of the file. If X was 04, then it would be like this:


  • Go to Community\<Your Package> (Community\DA40-NGX in example)
  • Copy all necessery files for WASM module corresponding to original folder structure. For MobiFlight, it means create sub folder modules and copy events.txt and events.user.txt there.
  • DO NOT overwrite any existing files!
  • Open layout.json with text editor. Add to the begining of the file:

“path”: “SimObjects/Airplanes/<Your Aircraft>/panel/<Your Module>.wasm”,
“size”: <Size of wasm file - get it using Windows File Explorer>,
“date”: <Date stamp - you can copy one of existing dates>

  • In the example it would be

“path”: “SimObjects/Airplanes/Asobo_DA40_NG/panel/StandaloneModule.wasm”,
“size”: 689767,
“date”: 132570109141645933

  • Load the plane - and here you go!

ASOBO won’t even talk to the people at Real Sim Gear. They have tried to reach out to their team since be beginning and no response. If you read their discord they are just as frustrated as we are. That tells me all I need to know about what MS and ASOBO truly think about the community. Xbox is where they want to go.


Of course, Xbox is MS focus. It is where all the money is. I mean, you wonder why we have server issues? Xbox S is 100% in the cloud, focused on being subscription-based, which is where MS is heading with gaming. I have invested in the past in software companies, and when they have gone to a subscription-based licensing model, their profits (and share price) have skyrocketed. MSFS for the PC is not a subscription model, it is expensive to maintain, why would you invest in a dinosaur, when you can invest in the next evolution?

Asobo, pls fix the wasm problem…i can’t use my spadnext wasm module and most of my cockpit uses this…


I agree sustainable income is always the way to go for the long term. The issue I have with them is not being upfront about it from the beginning. Or why not be more open to Hardware developers and create products that work with Xbox more diverse than Thrustmaster and honeycomb.

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Would many of us bought it if they had been open about their ambitions? I mean, I would have been fine with a subscription model for the PC as well if I was assured that the development would be consistent and that the flight sim community was being taken seriously, especially cockpit builders and hardware developers. Without predicting the future, I can see a migration away from MSFS back to the likes of X-Plane for serious simmers. Unfortunately scenery developers will also follow the money, and the focus on these platforms will become largely ignored. The future of gaming is upon us, and the future of simulation is slowly dying…

Yep your right, I think most of us would have paid for a subscription to this. At the beginning there was a lot of talk about supporting all types of hardware and that slowly died. I think your right too about the migration. I mean the eye candy is great just like it was during MSFlight at the time. But if they are not careful once the new wears off for the gamers they are targeting that revenue stream will dry up. This type of mess was exactly what many many of the youtube / twitch creators worried about in 2019 and it seems the first signs of their predictions are coming true.

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I rely on SPAD to fly all my aircraft, so it’s unfortunate to say this update has rather broken the sim for me. It crashes to desktop on startup, and it’s just not really simple for me to fly in the sim by simply deleting the LVAR bridge. It’s something I need for all my keymappings.

Hope this gets addressed asap in some kind of hotfix.


I share the frustration. I only fly airliners I have hardware I like to use. Spad is my solution, it never ever crashes, it is reliable it works great.
I stopped using the FBW mod because it was just too time consuming to keep up with the updates to the mod, updates to the installer, updates every time the sim got an update, liveries working or not working etc.
So I bought the CRJ, configured all my hardware via Spad and at least I had ONE plane I could fly in MSFS.
Now a new update comes, I think “ok, no stress this time as I’m not using the FBW mod, the CRJ should work” and I find the Spad bridge got broken because the developers just don’t care.
To be honest as much as I like MSFS and I think it is the future It’s not helping my mood lately.
But eventually we’ll have someone running a PMDG 737 on his XBOX with the rear view. I just want to see that even if I have to fly a Cessna in the meantime.


At least they have acknowledged the problem and are working on a hotfix


Thank you for this, following it I was able to get my 530 working again!

I mean I’m glad they are working on a hotfix, but how hard would it have been to delay the update until it’s fixed? From what I’ve gathered it’s clear they knew about this issue before it’s release.

Or if they were on a strict deadline and were “forced” to release it, why not tell everyone? Why not let 3rd party developers know? Those are my gripes. I 100% understand it’s eventual release to xbox, and the work being done for that, but don’t brick the sim and leave them (and forum moderators) out of this loop…

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