Weird colored flashing squares in sky?

I just tried another go at FS2020 on the runway at London City, and now there are huge colored flashing squares in the sky? Did not even take off, and CTD in about a minute. PLEASE CAN YOU ALL TELL ME TO GIVE UP WITH FS2020, delete it from my PC and totally forget about it. PLEASE, I CAN NOT STAND IT ANY MORE! See my huge explanation and responses in Facebook ‘Microsoft Flight Simulater 2020 (Asobo Studio)’ under my name Ian Hartland.

How come its just your PC Ian. Is there something special about it?
Is this all the info you have?

" I have been with MS PC’s since the late 80’s & 90’s when MS Windows 3.1 was introduced. Built PC’s since this time. I have a very fast gaming PC, that has NO errors or problems, and ALL other apps, sims & games run very smooth. I have performed a HUGE amount of tests and adjustments on my PC to try and resolve the CTD issues. None have worked. When FS2020 does run for a short time before CTD, it looks and runs superb. But FS2020 is the most troublesome software I have EVER encountered. Such a pity! 😔"

  1. Processor?
  2. Video Card?
  3. How much RAM memory
  4. Type of Hard Drive?
  5. Amount of free space on the Drive
  6. Internet Connection Speed up and down?
  7. Windows OS version

Lets see if we can figure this out.

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Thank you for reply. If you check all my previous posts I HAVE put a lot of information. Loads of information on Facebook ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Asobo Studio’ under my name Ian Hartland. However, I have made a copy on Notepad and will copy it here:-
I have been asked for a description as to what I have done to find a solution to the CTD. I will start with my system. Intel i9-11900K CPU, RTX3090 GPU both are NOT overclocked. Gen4 Corsair MP600 Pro 2TB SSD, Corsair PSU 900w that has been tested, no probs. 32GB Ram that has been tested with Win10 Memory test and PassPark memory test that took several hours, no errors or problems found. I have increased the virtual memory.Saitek X52 Controller, no probs. Quest 2 VR. A Bench Mark test has been performed with a very high mark (very fast). Windows 10 Home all updates. Nvidia latest Updates. ALL other Apps, Sims and Games run very smooth and fast. No USB conflicts or problems. HAGS is OFF. FS2020 is set to High Performance. BitDefender has an Exception for the whole FS2020 folder. In FS2020 Rolling Cache is OFF. NO Developer mode. Community Folder is EMPTY. Latest Version of FS2020 with Asobo World updates. Lowering the settings of Resolution, and Graphics settings to Medium or Low has NO effect on the CTD. No CTD while in the FS2020 Menu’s, CTD only IN Flight a few Mins to about 30 mins. CTD sometimes happens as soon as I hit the FLY button. When it is Flying FS2020 performs very well, smooth and in 4K, it is superb in various Aircraft until the CTD. Lowering graphics settings makes NO difference to the CTD. EVERY MS Event Viewer shows at exact time of CTD ‘Faulting Application FlightSimulator.exe’ and ‘Faulting Module’s ■■■.dll’ or ‘CoherentUIGT.dll’. ALL inside the FS2020 Folder. Is that enough information? Oh yes nearly forgot in the Command Prompt I have run ‘scannow’ and also ‘chkdsk’, no problems found. Fast Sky Super Fast Fibre BB. Sky Q Router only 2ft away from PC, direct cable connection, good quality cable. Very rare I get BB drop-outs.

Ian, can you get a screen-shot for us. This sounds like a unique problem.

Have you filed a report with Zen Desk?

Posting a detailed account on Facebook is not going to help you, you need a support forum.



Your NV driver version is missing … and I’m guessing its not the latest, try without GEforce.

No I will not be visiting your facebook page.

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Hi Thanks. I have forgotten how to do screenshots in FS2020, is it ‘prt scrn’ key, and where is the screenshot saved, and how do I attach it to this Forum post? I have already sent a few reports to ZenDesk support. Their replies are not based on your personal technical problems, but they just send back a link on the email, about CTD’s. All of which I have seen and checked. They are useless considering ALL the problems I have had. Before this I was able to Fly even for a short while before CTD, and sometimes on short flights I did complete the flight. Also to say, I have done a Full Scan on my PC with BitDefender and also Microsoft Safety Scanner, as well as Command prompt ‘scannow’ and ‘chkdsk’ NO infected files or problems found.

Thanks for reply. Please read my report of my system, and all the checks and adjustments I have made. The Community Folder HAS been emptied and moved, as per suggestions from FS Support and all the other checks.

L alt + fn + prt scrn is what I use as it captures only the window you are focused on.

You can paste from the clipboard straight into your post or you can upload from your e.g. desktop using the upload button just along from the emoji one.

PS. Try setting vsinc on in NVCP (with no fps cap), this will limit you to your screen refresh rate.

Thanks for all replies BUT I have to go out very soon. Meeting with family. I may have a few hours spare on Sunday, and even more time on Monday. Have a good weekend. Must FLY!

Please make sure you follow all the steps in these posts - I know you will have already done some…

Especially - does it run OK in safe mode?

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Thank you very much. I will check these at a later time. I have to go, and shut down PC.

In particular, the CTD walk-thru linked above mentions MANY apps and services that are not compatible with MSFS2020. Make sure you check each and every of them, and if applicable, remove the offending app.

In my case, that worked. It was some Asus software I did not use anyways…

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Try disabling your virus scanner

Winkey+Alt+PrtScn gets you a screenshot via the Xbox Game Bar that gets saved (oddly) in your Videos\Captures. (That captures whatever window is in focus, game or not.) If you have the GeForce Experience installed, then Alt+F1 is the default key. I can’t remember the default location for saves, since I changed mine ages ago - but a compatible game (which includes MSFS) has to be running and in-focus to use that.

Just hitting PrtScn captures your entire screen (or all of them if you’re using multiple) and puts the image in your clipboard. You’d have to pause, paste into your favorite photo editor, save, then go back to flying.

See the already existing topic:

Because you again repeat your CTDs :
All of your issues started as you upgraded your system. If you not get a different solution from existing topic does normaly 'Squares wihtin the image" usually points to hardware issues , sometime fance driver stuff.
If we combine all the hints about your hardware you got in all your existing topics , it again points to an issue with your hardware ( it match also the DLL errors you reported ).

One example topic :

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Just curious… what happens when you switch that BitDefender thing off, temporarily ? Are you sure there cannot be apps that have that folder opened… why is it giving an Exception… why would MSFS crash…

All the hints are allready given :wink:

Exception for FS2020 with BitDefender.

and former post…

@MichelMMA when I search for BitDefender on this forum, I see opener’s responses, no hints…

My question is to @ExceededBull193 , I asked what happens without BitDefender switched on .Again, just curious. There should not be any exceptions on MSFS directory in virus checkers !

Oh definitely… MSFS has superb anti-virus protection… I uninstalled my bitdefender months ago, keep it just “In Case” but not running in background or installed.

he got the hints about antivirus software… he mentioned he own the best software on market and all works fine, no need for doing something. We have a lot of posts in forum where anti-virus tool caused strange issues, also the reported " w t f .dll " in other topic. I also remember a old case where a user have to completly un-install its tool ( I forgot which one, may ESET or something else … or may be it was @MeridianOwl4306 :joy: EDIT: it was the OP’s AVG itself :grin:).

My recommendation, just for performance, is a runtime-exception on such big game folders. I have it on all sims, which have a lot of data on disc…