What 3rd party aircrafts did you get and how do you rate them?

Must have misunderstood, I was under the impression that he wasn’t going to buy outside of the in-sim marketplace, my bad :slight_smile:

Yeah, he said that. But he also said he so far bought zero aircraft or airports. Anywhere, including Marketplace. So this is not someone that’s gonna spend money on the sim. That’s ok and there is nothing wrong with that, because folks should be able to enjoy the sim for what it is, but this is not the clientele most developers cater to. If you think the default aircraft is all you need and “freeware is usually of best quality”, that’s not exactly a potential buyer. It’s not someone who spends money, so their input to the discussion of third party product is usually limited.


The Just Flight Arrow Bundle will come to the marketplace very soon, I think that’s all that matters.

Wether people who said they will absolutely never buy from JustFlights store (which is an absolute breeze to use) will buy it from the marketplace, I have my doubts about that too. But it’s an additional choice.

A great advantage of the JF store version is that you can use several very nice mods, like the amazing clean cockpit or the nice illumination mod.

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But the downside of Marketplace purchase is, that the plane whil be not in the Community folder and modding seems Impossible. Also if you buy it direct from the developer you are sure he gets all the money. Otherwise some share will go to MS, i think

Doesn’t seem to have been mentioned yet: Caudron C.430 “Rafale”

Looks out of proportion from every angle. No radio. No GPS. No autopilot. Hopeless view forwards. If it doesn’t kill you on takeoff, that’s because it’s plotting to do so on landing. And a true pilot’s avion for all of that. Wholeheartedly recommended for anyone who enjoys historical aviation, and Gallic eccentricity. C’est Magnifique.


Interesting to see how much money some people spend on this game (assuming the aircraft were not torrented).

I spent about $5K on P3D aircraft and secenery since Jan. Plus whatever MSFS provides in terms of all aircraft and some select scenery. All through official channels.

January THIS YEAR?! Jeez, not judging you at all but, man, that’s a lot of money for a game.


Yup. That’s the reality. In a way, I regret is because P3D is now in the background for me. But is that gonna change my lifestyle? No.

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Money comes and goes so why not spend it on something you enjoy be it a game or something else. Heck, I spent over £3000 on playing cards a couple years ago over the span of around 14 months so who am I to say anything :slight_smile:

It’s like this… I have a successful medical practice. (Don’t bother looking me up as I have taken enough privacy measures) I am an oncology doctor by specialty. Does the amount of money you make alleviate the pain you deal with when most of your patients die? Is there anything that can make you more “at ease” when you have the time? For me, it is that thing. Money never bought anyone happiness. This may be a little too much information, but I was dealing with pretty severe depression prior to MSFS coming out. Having a wife and two kids (one of which is not even 2 years old), THIS hobby provides me with the stress relief I need. Sure, it may cost a few thousand, but… in my case, how does that correlate with my level of being functional?


No, it’s totally fair mate. I’m not in the exact same boat but in quite a similar one. Granted my job doesn’t involve human life (I’m a software developer) but I also found escapism in different (eventually expensive) things. Playing cards was one - started out with one deck, then another and fast forward a year and a half and I had more than 300 decks. Most would ask - what’s the point, but for me it was something to keep my interest at times when I had complete apathy to everything around me.

I had just been fired on the spot from my job where I was well respected and had amazing colleagues until then and I just didn’t want to wake up in the morning or fall asleep in the evening if that makes sense. Then I spent around 8 hours every day playing Destiny 2 and then spent several hundred in DCS. I guess I could feel remorse for what I did or how I wasted my time but what would I have done otherwise - saved the world? Done something that people would remember me for? Of course not so might as well live for myself. Money comes and goes and what I spent back then doesn’t even matter now.


The JustFlight Arrow is a far superior aircraft compared to the Carenado model and well worth the money.
Also, there is no serial number for your purchase and you simply run the installer and that is it. Plus you can simply drag the install folder in or out of the community folder as you wish to make the aircraft available or not. Also, JustFlight emails you when a newer version is available. I’ve been very happy with JustFlight.


I love the C182T. Yes, the engine noise is annoying, until you realize it has a constant speed prop. Once you back it off to less than 90% RPM it won’t sound like an angry beehive anymore. Otherwise, it’s a C172 that can actually climb.

Apart from that I have:

Beechcraft 99… It flies OK, but seems to have a few bugs in the engine quadrant and autopilot. Will probably be OK after a patch or two.

Bombadier CRJ (Aerosoft).… Exquisitely detailed - everything works (or at least the switches do what they are supposed to). I have 3 complaints:

  1. The FMS will not accept the flightplan from the in-game flightplanner. You have to punch in the flightplan manually (don’t plug in airways - just put in direct-to waypoints - otherwise you might have CTD issues), or you can import from SimBrief - very easy.
  2. The checklist is more complex than it needs to be. Sure, If you want the full immersion, you go through everything, but I’ve whittled down the cold&dark checklist down to only about 15 steps (instead of like 100+) plus the FMS programming - just those things you need to go out and fly.
  3. While the autopilot is fully functional, there is no autothrottle (just like the real plane). No problems for climb and descent, but cruise is a pain in th a$$. Let’s say your desired cruise speed is 0.75 mach. Your current setting is taking you to 0.78 and still slowly increasing. You tap the F2 key to reduce throttle just 1%, and you end up dropping below 0.70, and start actually losing altitude. WAY too sensitive.

Overall the CRJ has an intimidating learning curve due to the inability to just go off and fly like all the stock airplanes, but is pretty good once you get used to it and throw out the unneeded stuff (sorry Sparky, I won’t turn on the heating in the baggage hold)

Carenado PA34 Seneca V… Very nice flying airplane. The GNS upgrade is also a nice addition.

Edit: One more I forgot, because I never fly it.

Kitfox STi - I wanted a bushplane that would have the STOL performance of the Shock Ultra (which is crazy-good) but would also have an autopilot for those occasional long transits. On paper, the Kitfox seems to fit the bill, but Noooooo… The flaps only come down 6 degrees (the real plane’s drop much further), and the plane is so incredibly light, and with no real flaps, I have come over the threshold at only 40-45 knots, power off and floated all the way down a 2000+ foot runway, unable to touch down. Forget trying to actually land in tight spaces. And it seems that the the developer has completely halted all development or updates since last September. Don’t waste your money on this turkey.


I have done about 100 or so flights with the CRJ. I always enter the flightplan by hand and I use airways. I have never had any of those crash issues you refer to.

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And there’s no limitations? Like using it on multiple PC’s? I had plenty of addons for xplane and i just stopped buying them one day because i was tired of the ■■■■ keys and drm. I love to upgrade my PC often (i’m an enthusiast), my IP changes occasionally, whenever i do something in bios like tune ram speeds, after any of these things the addons required to enter a serial key. And sometimes after not using them for a month suddenly again - please activate your product. I’m a paying customer, i don’t like when they treat me like a pirate. So i don’t want anything like that and i started looking for drm free addons for xplane since then, but there’s only few. I think it’s pretty reasonable why i prefer marketplace or steam. One account, automatic updates, everything’s in one place.
It’s beyond my comprehension why they don’t want to put it onto the marketplace.

Well i hope it’s superior because it’s twice the price, wouldn’t make sense otherwise :smiley: But is it worth for someone who doesn’t care about real life procedures?

I just think it flies better helps suspend disbelief a bit better and has more features. And there are no keys. Don’t know if you can use it on more than one computer, as I only fly on one computer and don’t use my gaming build as a testbed.

When inputting airways and waypoints, they would go in fine, and then I plug in the next one and the airway would disappear from the previous entry which was fine before. Attempting to fix those entries seems to cause the crashes. Not putting in the airways seems to avoid that issue.

That has to be some kind of conflict with something. I never have these issues.