What Canadian airport should I do next? What would you like to see? [2023 update]

Quick question, I was looking at the YYJ charts recently and noticed that just south of airport, at the top of Lau,Welnew/John Dean Provincial park there is a Hazard Becon (not modeled in the Sim). Can you add it to your scenery, would make night patterns so much better. :slight_smile:

I can try, though beacons are problematic in MSFS, unless it’s the set airport beacon. Any custom lights are only appearing at a close distance. What should it look like, just a red pin light? Does “FI’R” means “fixed red”?

LOL, I’m not a pilot, so not certain. Fixed Red makes sense to me. :slight_smile:

why not CYQBhttps://flightsim.to/file/6962/cyqb-quebec-jean-lesage

Hey Roman, any updates on YYJ??? Looking forward to it…

Maybe I watch too much Ice Pilots NWT, but I’d love to see Norman Wells CYVQ. Nobody’s done it yet, and the Yellowknife->Norman Wells route is a common real one. Plus, the terminal there looks really cool. :slight_smile:


I’m working on it at full speed for a long while. Turned out to be the most complicated so far - so many distinct buildings I feel I have to custom-model for it to feel good… But it’s getting there. No promises, but I hope to release it within a month if not earlier…


Oh wow, I didn’t relive how big YYJ was, but if you include the RCAF airside and huge building, plus all the outbuildings and the coast guard docks…. Im just happy you’re working on it. If you need a bata tester, happy to help out. :slight_smile: (Maybe one who checks their post befor hitting send, Im always having to edit my posts for spelling and grammar).

A bit late to the party, but FL.R means flashing red, per the chart legend in the Canadian Flight Supplement (CFS).

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I cant wait for CYYJ…but as a whole, Im surprised CYUL has never been done that well? I know flightsim.to has one but I havent heard good things.

its quite good graphically, but its tanking FPS hard + has not been updated in ages

Wish there was a proper one beeing made

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Me too LOL. Turned out to be way more work than anticipated. And I had to release updates for all my other airports because of serious SU11-related issues that needed addressing. That ate a lot of time too. But it’s getting there…


Well, it took 11 months of development - I hope the next one will take less time. But I think it came out great. I just released my CYYJ! Here’s the main post.

Direct link to my website: CYYJ Victoria International Airport - Roman Design


Thanks for all your hard work!


Looks so good! I gotta get this!!

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Thanks guys, it’s nice to feel appreciated.

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As a PNW resident I fly a lot in the area, and I’d noticed the decent freeware Victoria I had had grown bushes on top of one of the hangars, in addition a number of other issues. Then I saw some screenshots from yours… WOW. I don’t normally spend that much on non-WA airports, but this is absolutely stunning!

The air museum modeling… (1) was the clincher that made me buy it, and (2) means my girlfriend’s going to have to deal with a couple more hours of me spouting aircraft trivia because I didn’t know that that was there!

Fantastic job, Roman!


Thanks! Enjoy!

With Victoria done… what I’d really like to see is a sequel to Progress Report. :slight_smile:

You just made my day :slight_smile: Well, I have a “long short story” / novelette that takes place in the same world, though independently and in parallel to the Progress Report novel. If you like to read it - let me know and I can send it to you. I haven’t published it yet, I’m checking out if I can publish it in some anthology or sci-fi magazine or something…

Unless someone wants to publish the first novel, there’s not much sense in writing a direct sequel. But I’ve started working on a second novel, which is now thoroughly planned, which is also independent of the first one. The novelette will be reworked and partially integrated into one of the five plots/characters of the second novel.