What did you do in MSFS today? (Part 1)

You can find the addon at flightsim.to Search for Ahu Tongariki.


Ahu Tongariki! Nowhere near correct, that brings up statues on Easter Island. Try searching for Yosemite Valley instead.

But be sure to spell it, ‘Yosemite’

lol. yeah I have corrected that. Even with the spelling error it was still a dran sight closer than Ahu Tongariki.

Finally my handwritten Airbus manual for FMGC autopilot and ILS is almost finished.

A second empty book is ready for the next Fenix update… :slight_smile:


Completed the MSFS Bush flights today.
I believe they are one of the most enjoyable features of MSFS.


On my way to Las Vegas KLAS, about 25-30 minutes out of Seattle KSEA in the PMDG in 737-700

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I trying to figure out what has been conflicting in the LA area (seems if I have ORBX’ KBUR, KVNY and the new payware KSMO (all suspect fps eaters), the sim no like - turned off KBUR and things work.) I also turned off a lot of free scenery in the region and even pulled the H-145. Now I’m looking to see what old free scenery/apts work as well. Turns out the updated H-145 is not a culprit - whew.

So, while waiting to reinstall the H-145, I finally got back into the Husky. I gave up on it when it first came out and I could not get very high off the ground. Seems the updates have solved that issue and it was a joy to fly, even at it’s slow speed, with no AP system.


Flew the BAE 146 300 from Juneau to Seattle


Did an 18.5 hour flight last night in C-208.
Still had 58 FPS upon landing. No memory leaks on that flight. :cowboy_hat_face:


I was practicing touch-n-go’s at KGFL with C172. And after a touch-n-go I turned cross-wind. And as turning downwind, AI traffic announced that it’s turning base-leg 19 KGFL. When I was at downwind, I checked but I could not see anything. I thought, it was AI traffic glitch. After I turned base, traffic announced turning final. I checked, but I couldn’t see anyone on final or in front of me. I turn final and traffic announced that it’s on final 19 KGFL. And suddenly A320 just flew under me. Luckily wake turbulences are not simulated. Then it announced go-around and flew away. No wonder I could not see it. It took so long final, that I couldn’t see. Or just didn’t expected that.

Lesson learned: When traffic announces it’s on final, believe it is there.
Just like when pilot announces to ATC that he can see flying unicorn.


I have both Van Nuys and Burbank and nothing else and I dont have issues if that helps.

Sitting on both for a good while, but I FINALLY got the HJet and Flightbeam’s KDEN (my home Airport) add-on!

Extremely happy with both, although the HJet takes some ‘figuring out’.

DIA is amazing and highly accurate, and yes, the add-on even includes “Blucifer”.

Then did a short jaunt from KLAX to KSAN.

In the words of Ice Cube: “T’was a swell day.”


You don’t want wake turbulence to be simulated?

PAHO > PANC with the Kodiak in VR. Weather closed in pretty quickly…very challenging to stay VFR the whole time, but we made it safely.



I would like that. I was just sarcastic to situation seeing airbus trying landing at airport with 5000ft long runway.
Again not complaining, but being amused. In the end it is also about entertainment.

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Flew the BAE 146 300 on a short flight from Seattle Washington to Missoula Montana

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It was time to leave A Coruna (LECO) and go for Spanish inland, so I decided to fly to Burgos (LEBG)

At first there sky was full of clouds, it even rained when I took off, so for a while I tried to stay under them to see the land.

But flying through clouds is just about as much fun, so I climbed right into them after a few minutes.

When the clouds broke up I climbed even further to have a good view of all.

I was so caught up in sight seeing, that I suddenly realised I was almost at the airport. I pulled back throttle, opened the air brakes and dived at about 9000fpm, so in the end I did not need to go around.

An interesting airport by the way, car parking is between the runway and the taxi way, it was tempting to park alongside the cars, but I resisted.


Did some IFR training

It wasn’t hard to A these lessons, but I don’t feel like I could do a flight on VOR or do a proper ILS landing based just on these