What's Going to be in the Next Update

@FlyingsCool5650, what do you mean by this?

This is not the first time I’ve seen this mentioned, but it’s also not something I’ve experienced for myself. What exactly are the symptoms, and am I just looking right at it but not seeing it, or does it not affect everybody?

got it yesterday

it was in the DA-40

fly in clouds, external view, and look at the sun
the plane will have a white glow/outline all around it

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I am overall happy there is a plan with estimates on issues and deployments and they are receptive to bugs fixes and enhancements.


We all are I’m certain (just to cite a few):

NB: all the ones listed above are not only reporting the problems but are also offering solutions which could be implemented with the current tech right now, and also would satisfy the customers (since these suggestions come from the customers).


Yeah, I haven’t noticed that. Whether it’s because it’s pretty subtle, or because I rarely venture outside my cockpit, or just because I’m lucky and it’s not affecting me, it’s not something I’ve seen.

Of course, leave it to the gawds of chance and circumstance, sure as canine excrement occurs, now I’ll be seeing it everywhere, kind of like how when you buy a new car, all of a sudden you notice that particular car is everywhere you look.

Configuration Management is a process development companies use to manage what gets released to production essentially, keeping track of what has been delivered to the field where, what’s in prototype, and what’s in development.

Clearly, they are not keeping good track of their “versions”, and what is supposed to get released and what is just supposed to be in development. A “Development” portion of code was added to the “Released for Production” code base, hence we got the flaps lift scalar code in the released code.

There are programs software coders can use, and they are supposed to manage the versions of the various code they write, and this software keeps track of what’s supposed to go where.

Clearly, there is a pretty major breakdown in their configuration management process, as this appears to keep happening, that unfinished and unchecked code makes it into the released codebase.


Yes I’ve experienced that as well, thin white layer all around the plane

They will fix the GIANT taxiway signs bug, but they’ll accidently give us 30cm-wide runways.


I hope they keep the taxi signs as they are.

It’s the first time they’ve been legible and of any use in VR.

You realize we could have the best of both Worlds, right? Currently, the signs themselves are unrealistically large. Before, the signs were normally sized, but the digits too small. Before, there was a lot of spacing between digits and edges of sign. A great compromise would be to just increase the font size on the signs. This would make wording more legible, yet keep the signs at a realistic size.



Good point, though how we communicate that to Asobo I have no idea. They all say they read the forums but i’m not so sure of that.

It’s definitely a good point that you make though.


In my opinion, a simulator for simmers can’t do anything else than providing accurately sized signs with accurate font size and placement. This is well documented and normalized IRL (for the most part).

Anything else is gamification which sole purpose is to make the content fit the way people think they should be, or because users are not using high res enough monitors (like XBox on 1080p).

Now instead of artificially changing the sign and font size, they shall offer an augmented reality system which makes the signs more legible if needed, like they already do with the Taxi direction.

If they do, please Asobo, consider all these augmented aids must also have a binding so that we can use keyboard shortcuts or hardware buttons to toggle them without having to go to the menus and pause the sim (let alone suspending one self from MP sessions). You might have made these options a misery to use only because you didn’t thought how we’d use it, or you intentionally didn’t provide a binding because you felt these are options fitting the “accessibility” field, but whatever you’re game design process was for these, I can bet I’m not alone saying these must be easily togglable on/off without going into any menu.

These are meant to augment legibility certainly for people with certain accessibility needs well defined in the MSFT accessibility 101 for game developers guidelines, but in practice, they are use as a momentary aid for many simmers in order to compensate for the lack of resolution.

PS: if accessibility is as important as Jorg is saying in the Q&As, can you please also consider supporting mouse wheel to change any UI slider? Because honestly try grabbing a small dot on a slider in VR and you’ll immediately see there is an accessibility problem even for people without any particular disability preventing them to use the mouse precisely.


The font sizing was never that accurate to begin with though. In real life, the font fills up most of the sign. In MSFS (before the update, and even after) the font proportions is the same, they just scaled up everything. What would really help with legibility, without sacrificing realism, is to also lower the brightness and increase the contrast of the signs. The current yellow is way too bright.


And sometimes rain is more pleasant than sunshine.

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Unfortunately, based on past experiences, we can’t go on this snapshot. Several things were implemented in the last sim update that were never listed on the snapshot.


The devs may add a magnifier option for those having trouble reading the taxi signs, that hangs down on the windshield like a HUD upon request.

They should be brought back to real-life size in both frame and text on them.

Truly, I’m rather concerned about what this next sim update breaks than brings.


So, I don’t get your point? It’s very likely what’s on the snapshot will be in it.

Yay, we might get more! Is that a problem? “Can’t trust” is kind of a negative way of saying there might be more in it. I’ll bet there’s a 98% chance, ne, 100% chance there will be more than what’s listed.

Agreed, but that would have required a tedious manual edit of each individual sign model, meticulously readjusting each one. This would have taken a lot of time. Instead, they chose the quick and easy sledgehammer approach and just increased the size of all signs globally.