When is the next hotfix?

does anyone know when?

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Next fixes are announced with world update 6 which comes later in August.


World Update 6 will presumably contain a few bug fixes at the end of August.


They don’t consider any of the existing problems severe enough to issue a fix for. The next world update in just under 2 weeks will also include a lot of fixes. Hopefully it actually fixes all the stuff they broke in SU5.

Although based on track record, probably not.


Plus some new bugs :wink:


Incorrect folks. They said last week another hotfix was coming last Friday or last Monday:


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that one already came in last week as hotfix II, bringing the sim to 1.18.15…


That was last week’s hotfix, not another one.

Next fixes will be included in WU6.


Yeah…fix what they destroyed in SU5 and then wipe out someting else in SU6. Can’t wait!


So just so we all are on same page, we are talking about another huge file size at pathetic download speeds and after several hours of wait…we get the fix for issues (or maybe not) and also discover new bugs ?

Oh and probably ctd s from new sources.

Godspeed friends.:confounded:


I read those words, and I still can’t believe it. :wink:

It’s a World Update. I haven’t been keeping a log of patch sizes, but it seems to me that a SU would have lots of files as many aircraft, and systems are updated, and these are all stored locally. A pure WU wouldn’t have any of that, but it might have updated offline terrain imagery, and it will have all the 3D models for the various POI’s that have been created. At least I assume those objects are not streamed, but loaded locally.

Yeah, there wasn’t much fixed at all. The issues are slightly less severe, but are still alive an well.

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I only just bough flight sim, and I got 1 week out of it before it was destroyed!


Idk man, i really hope you re right. Fingers crossed.

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The problem is, all that needs to be fixed, flight simulation wise, is not important to the majority of the community compared to “press any key” and Chinese localization. So it will be amazing if anything of importance to aviation gets fixed with such haste and zeal.

I blame this community for not having some care/concern and boldness when it comes to aviation. Non-aviation related things bring out the “pitchforks and torches”, aviation related things are coming from a small minority that gets drowned out seemingly with a purpose against aviation. Unbelievable but true.

Thankfully we have some 3rd parties working to correct this situation, but I can almost foresee that not being enough. MSFS has too much “control” over them too. Potential leaps and bounds in aviation are essentially prevented by limitations in MSFS.

The waiting game continues.


I dont think we will see another Sim Update like SU5. I think that was largely down to the XBOX crossover and other stuff.

EDIT**** I mean Size of download! Not anything Else!

  • Windows 11

  • DX12

…and who knows what other thing comes along for more excuses.


The game crashes! Any other aviation fix is pointless if the game crashes.


Not for me, But I feel your pain!


Amazing that the MSFS team says a very few minority has CTD’s.

I personally have never seen so many CTD reports and I have been in many Alpha/Beta tests. So I have no idea what the MSFS team is comparing from/to.

Either way, this forum (and others) are (having to be) filled with excuses galore.

Perhaps conversations like this will serve to correct the situation.