Why does Terrain LOD and Object LOD setting not matter?

Objects LOD affects the quality of the draw for generic buildings and your aircraft depending on your camera distance. I’m saying that at 10 Objects LOD, your aircraft will show as very basic model with blurry livery and missing details. On my A320, the radar dome and the small pilot tube and stabilisers are missing. So it looks like a plain smooth tube on the fuselage with wings.

Generic Buildings are also affected too, I can see in my gate that at 10 LOD, my terminal building is a simple cube with no windows texture on them. I add the LOD a little, then it renders the windows texture. I add some more, it adds roof details. I maxxed the LOD, it shows the Aircon objects on the roof and looking at different directions shows consistency to all the buildings within your field of view.

Terrain LOD affects the mesh detail and quality for the terrain itself. The lower the LOD, the more flat and less detail the terrains would look like. So mountains may just look like a smooth bowl. But on 200 TLOD, you’ll see that the terrains has much more detail on the terrain curves on higher altitudes.

They’re all affect FPS of course, so if you reduce either LOD to get better FPS and you feel that you can live with the compromise. That’s your sweetspot.

The Lods don’t effect the quality it just that objects and and terrain get drawn further away from your position, the tree terrain and buildings setting effect the details of those items.

The terrain Lod takes more performance because in majority of cases there is more of it.

DX12 is not going to give you better performance with volumetric clouds.You’ll need a faster GPU for less performance impact and if you want to see where Terrain LOD really makes a difference try a photogrammetry city and compare to 10 to 200.

That’s right and the terrain LOD@200 is very noticeable in photogrammetry areas.Things look better at a certain altitude.

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Not the case. Cannot tell any difference on plane detail on the airbus.

This is because you’re zoomed in… Try zooming out. like when you use the “reset external view”

Both LOD’s are just draw distance. Neither has anything to do with detail or quality.

See this post/thread for more details

No difference on my Samsung 4k monitor

Good explanatory video, the difference between High-End and Ultra is really negligible.

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Although they are about draw distance, in the case of the ground texture, Terrain LOD has a direct impact on the detail and quality because of the nature of the texture and the use of mip maps, let alone the sqrt() problem I’ve documented (which is a bug to me and probably at the root of many other LOD related problems):

LOD Problems - Distances revisited

Then that’s fine, if you can’t tell the difference. Might as well go for the lower LOD to give you more FPS. I myself can see the difference on my 4K 55" TV that I sit 2.5 metres away. So I don’t want to use lower LOD.

Besides, as long as I get 30 fps on Ultra, which is how it’s doing after the UK world update, I’m happy.

Just look at how stunning the terrain sharpness and details this distant with 200 terrain LOD. that transition between the green forests to the white snowy mountains. It’s just stunning to look at 4K.

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that looks very good. Are you using v-sync? can you send me the settings your using? I thought you should use 60 fps since my monitor refresh rate is 60.

No, I’m not using VSync since I won’t get more than 60 fps anyway. I’m playing on my 55" TV at 4K 60 Hz.

So my settings are:
V-Sync Off
Preset Custom (Use Ultra as a Base first)


  • Building to High
  • Trees to High
  • Grass to High
  • Volumetric Clouds to High
  • Motion Blur Off
  • Depth of Field Off
  • Cockpit Refresh Rate High

Everything else is based on the Ultra preset. Only change the 7 things above.

What about the nvidia settings? Thanks I’m going to try them on my new Rtx 3080 when I get home.
BTW my monitor is a 27 inch Samsung 4k

I don’t do anything on the nvidia settings. I leave everything at default. I just realised Having VSync off made my screen tearing. Hahah. So I have it on at 60 max fps.

Jay2Cents says you should have
Power management mode at prefer maximum performance
to get the card to use all the 450 w bios upgrade.

Or to get the card tripping on its thermal or power protection thresholds giving less performance in the end than using optimal power. You might want to search online for this, there are plenty (and sometimes contradictory) materials.

Since you were getting such good results with using your TV I decided to give it a try and wow what a difference. Are you using a Samsung? If so how do you get the game enhancer to work. Mine is grayed out. I have HDR working and game mode on ( found freesync off is best for me). I also found v-sync 30 works best for me as well. I can turn everything up and get smooth fast action. Thanks for the tip.

No, I’m using a Sony. I don’t use any game mode beacuse the picture quality looks worse for the sake of performance and response time. It’s not worth it. Especially for msfs where input lag is not important. I don’t use any game enhancer, I use a standard non-enhanced picture to get the most baseline image quality which is good enough.

I do use HDR, but since I’m live streaming all my flights to YouTube, I can’t use HDR because GeForce experience doesn’t support live streaming in HDR.

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