[WIP] CYOW Ottawa International for MSFS - work in progress update

Updated 14/4/2021: I just released the scenery! I’m posting a separate topic now. Available at my website

The work on YOW is going full speed. Some of you have been asking, so I decided to post a progress update and some screenshots. I just love the MSFS graphics engine - the result can be so satisfying - getting to that result can be very frustrating experience though, lots of work and trial and error. 30+ of the airport’s buildings are now modelled and looking quite good, I dare say. That includes the main terminal with detailed interior modeling, parking garage, 5 hangars with animated doors and interior modeling, ATC Tower with interior and animated radar, and several other important buildings. I hope to release by the end of April or May at the latest, if things go well. Although this is taking way more work than I anticipated, and I make no compromises in visual modeling, so the date may possible be pushed forward.

Updated 9/4/2021: More preview screenshots. It’s getting close to final!

Main terminal

I know I’m biased, but isn’t it beautiful with night lighting?

Gate 20

Landside view

The view from the main terminal roof

Waiting for the pick-up



One of 5 open hangars with animated doors

Another open Hangar

FedEx Cargo stand

Overcast weather

Updated 29/3/2021: More preview screenshots.

Terminal building with interior modeling

Car Parking building

ATC Tower with interior modeling and animated radar

Hangars with animated doors and interior modeling (interior 3D objects and clutter will be added before release)

Various buildings in high detail 3D modeling and custom PBR materials

National Research Council Canada - Aerospace facilities, wind tunnel complex

Firehall and training facilities

Hilton and Marriott hotels with parallax 3D interiors


Looks great!

Finally Decent work for Deserved Ottawa Airport . Looking foreword, thanks

It looks great!

Probably this will be the first airport comes with the most detail control tower. Will this scenery be released on MarketPlace afterwards?

Yes, it will. It will be released on my website first, where you can by my CNC3 and CYKZ, and once it clears the queue at MSFS QA it will also be released in the Marketplace. It may take a while though, CYKZ took more than a month to be released since I submitted the file.

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Looks great, will you be doing the hangar line as well, ie Shell, Skyservice, TC, etc? Thanks for the hard work.

Oh yes! Already done:
There are no photos about what sign should be on the left, so I places another Shell sign.


That looks exceptional!

Amazing work! Can’t wait to get this.

Well done. We usually park at Skyservice, so I’m not sure about the Shell signs. You nailed it, looking forward to the release.

Looks great! Will you include the Ottawa Flying Club, parking spots and associates bldgs next to rwy 04/22?

Parking spots will be included in the initial release. I am definitely planning to model those buildings, but the initial release concentrates on the commercial terminal for large planes. So GA buildings will be generic - but with some autogen buildings replaced by more suitable generic buildings. I’m planning to release a big update very soon after initial release - within a month or so, that would include at least 3 buildings from that area: 2 of the flying club buildings, and a geodesic company building next to that, because it’s very distinctive. Possibly I will model the white fabric(?) hangar. Smaller hangars will be replaced by the most similar generic ones. Also several main airport smaller buildings will be added: commercial buildings next to ATC tower, and 2 buildings next to deicing area among them.

If you have photos of the Ottawa Flying Club with the buildings and signs close up - please send them to me, as I don’t have any.

I updated the preview screenshots with many new ones, and posted an announcement topic in the appropriate area.

Their Facebook page has a good pic of the OFC bldg. I suggest you contact them at dispatch@ofc.ca and they would be more than happy to send you the latest pics…

Looks fantastic! Will be a must buy for me, since Ottowa is a destination for United Airlines CRJs.

Will it feature moving people throughout the airport, as seen in aerosoft’s Bonaire and Cologne-bonn sceneries? As well as adding a ton of realism they don’t seem to affect frame rates at all! Thank you again for this scenery

Not at the moment. I’m just a guy, not a large business and although I believe my modeling and implementation is on par with the best products of the “big guys”, I don’t have the resources to do every single feature that the best examples of MSFS scenery have ever done. Perhaps, if the demand is large enough and it sells well, then I can afford to spend more time on it (and it’s a huge amount of time during months to do this). And perhaps in future I can do animated people. I don’t think there is anything technically that prevents me from doing that, just a lot of time and resources that need to be spent into researching, creating, testing and debugging that is prohibitive.

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Looking forward to this. I fly a lot around Canada and was missing proper airports. Hopefully you get around doing more around the GTA.

Gonna be a safe buy for me.

I couldn’t resist and did some research on this. Oh yes. If sales go well, I will definitely add animated people in one of the updates - possibly even the first update.


This is impressive work. Looking forward to this one.