Your Current TOP 10 Aircraft

Haha, you can’t win mate. Could pretend it’s not real money but money you earned from taking cargo or passengers to their destination. Who’s an extra bit of fanstasy on top gonna hurt :slight_smile:

Or you could have a comeback about make-up costing real money and that is “fake” but that sounds a dangerous path to travel :slight_smile:

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The reply is, “well the alternative is I spend even more real money on real alcohol at the real bar up the road every evening after work,”


Gentle reminder for the next Wilga Bush Race event tomorrow at 7pm GMT if anyone wants to come along!

A short update from me, these are what I have been mostly flying since building the new system. Notice that the JF Warrior has gone for the first time since I started posting (for the moment). Bug fixes are due but taking a long time, hopefully not too much longer.

  1. BAe 146 [Just Flight]

Could do with an update but is still just so much fun to fly, either IFR or VFR and since getting my 4090 I can fly it smoothly at last

  1. Supermarine Spitfire L.F Mk IXc [Flying Iron Simulations]

This will most likely never move from my Top3 let alone Top 10

  1. de Havilland Tiger Moth [Ant’s Airplanes]

Just beautiful in all ways

  1. DHC-6 Twin Otter [Aerosoft]

In and out of Lukla for the ultimate realism

  1. Tecnam P2006T [FlightSim Studio]

A new one and despite other’s moans, I am enjoying the systems

  1. Britten Norman BN2A MkIII Trislander [BlackBox Simulation]

Another that will always be in my Top 10

  1. Beechcraft Bonanza A36 | Steam Gauge Analog Overhaul [Black Square]
  2. Cessna C208B Grand Caravan | Steam Gauge Analog Overhaul [Black Square]
  3. Beechcraft King Air 350 | Steam Gauge Analog Overhaul [Black Square]

These are all just great. Super smooth, low system demand (not that that matters to me now I guess) but even so, just lovely pieces of work

  1. Antonov An-225 Mriya [Microsoft / iniBuilds]
    Behold the beauty and power and if you can understand the cockpit… Вітаю вас :slight_smile:

You dumped Wilma already?! Personality clash? :slight_smile:
I think I may have just suffered a case of “list blindness” and not seen your update :smiley:

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The Trislander is still a BN-2, just in case anyone is trying to look for it. The BN-3 is a single engine plane they only made a couple of & I’m pretty sure nobody’s ever put in a flight sim :stuck_out_tongue:

The Milviz Beaver+patch just about makes it into my list now I’ve flown it again - it’s still too artificially stable ( this isn’t the same as aerodynamically stable ) which hurts it’s feel, but it’s a long way from the rubbish most things are at the moment. Stick it back in in fifth place.

Pretty sure they have one of the two in a hangar at Bodmin Airfield when I went and did my Cessna flight last summer! Just in storage but the instructor was showing us around and he pointed it out and said it was 1 of only 2 prototypes.

Beaver added back into the sheet :wink:

I just copied and pasted from the H&H database. Perhaps it needs to be addressed @Baracus250 ?

Haha no mate. You know I’m your number one fan. Just haven’t been flying it much lately. I’m sure I will though once life gets back to normal.


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That’s the way… just blame me so you don’t look stupid :+1: :rofl:

Haha I’ll check that!! So the poor ugly bird has had the wrong name all this time and she’s too low down the main list for anyone to have noticed? :slight_smile:


Yup it should be:

Britten Norman BN2A MkIII Trislander

I’ll adjust these if you like. :slight_smile:


Ok done: All references changed:

  • Britten Norman BN2 Islander
  • Britten Norman BN2A MkIII Trislander

(Note did not add “V2” to BN2 Islander as is this is just Blackbox’s internal naming)

Thanks for the headsup @VanDisaster :metal:

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Oooh the claws are out. Seems we may have to have an Islander v Wilga contest sometime soon. :pray:t3::joy::pray:t3:

I like ugly birds! They are more loyal :rofl:


OK cool thanks. In the charts sheet it was already correct so not sure how that error crept in! Typo :slight_smile:

Very hard to choose 10 with so many in the hangar, so I’ve created a limited number of arbitrary categories to spread out my choices……otherwise I’d end up with 7 or 8 warbirds.

And in no particular order :

Golden Oldies : Nieuport 17 - delightful plane to fly, easily managed. Other choice here was the Bleriot, difficult to fly but an achievement when you get it down. But the Nieuport is the choice here.

Biplanes : Stearman or Tiger Moth : haven’t yet flown the Tiger Moth so the Stearman has it. Easy to fly, excellent sound package with creaking in tight turns, wind whistling in the wires.

Warbirds : Spitfire, Mustang, Hellcat, Lightning, F35, F14, F22 and the choices go on. Hellcat(control and sounds are great, aircraft carrier compatible as well) and the F35 (VTOL - the plane does it all). Such a difficult category for me.

Amphibious : Big Radials Grumman Goose, hands down - got several in this category, this is it for me.

Prop Aircraft : Cessna 152 - still happy with the Asobo version, though I did happily download the freeware version from flightsim before it disappeared (maybe I’m not looking hard enough). Lot of planes here as well, I like the King Air, but I like Bush planes also….Zenith STOL. The Wilma may be added over Easter.

Jets : Aeromacchi MB - 339 : another hands down winner, very nimble, nice and fast, and easy to fly …. and steam gauges! Another slot to the Cessna Citation Longitude. When I one day fly airliners, it may change. (ironic, I actually bought the sim for airliners).

Rotor : Don’t fly these much, but I just bought the Osprey, so on the list it goes, I like the near VTOL ability of aircraft. Considering the HPG H135 over Easter, so that may replace the Osprey.

My 10 are all in bold type.


The H135 is free, but it’s a very poor advert for the 145. There’s a lot to complain about with the 145 - the systems tend to get in the way of the pilot a lot of the time, and it’s rather more sensitive to fly than I’d expect it to be if you turn everything off, but it’s a long way ahead of their freebie demo. Somewhere in the 145 is a pretty OK helicopter trying to get out, it just needs some tuning.

The free 152 is still around, it’s just called something else & it’s not on github anymore ( annoyingly ). The Tiger Moth is a long long way ahead of the Stearman, you really want to get up in it!

:rofl: well said. I saw you last night in it on the south coast UK :wink:

Tried to reach you but I was too far away and in a C172 flying toward the new Solant (BBD) airport I just purchased from the Damyns Hall airport I also just purchased.

Agree on the Moth. You should definitely get it if you like the Stearman. I still like the Stearman too though.

Yes, was testing out their offshore rescue mission generator out of the CG base at Lee. The helicopter refused to even go into stable AP mode let alone autohover, so it’s a good job it wasn’t windy given I had to manually stay in place long enough to pick someone up. After they’d been run over by a container ship :smiley:

That’s pretty much the H145 in a nutshell, great things to do, quite awkward doing them :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for that, I did actually mean the H145, the expensive one, my mistake. I’ll watch some videos first, thanks for the heads up. Can’t decide on best helicopter.
Tiger Moth is in my hanger, just haven’t had a chance to fly it yet….along with a few others.
Getting a new pc has taken me 3 weeks so I’ve done no flying at all, first went back with a fault, 12 days before refunded, then getting a second one.

Thanks for the reminder! I hadn’t flown the Nieuport for a while. Thanks to your post I put it back into rotation and had a nice long flight with it. Actually it felt a lot better than I remembered! Not sure if it will already make my Top 10 list, but it’s at least on the watch list :slight_smile:

You really should try to find a chance to fly her. The Moth is such an awesome plane. I’ve got the Stearman as well, and even though it’s nice, I haven’t flown it anymore ever since my love affair with the Moth has begun. I’m not a betting man, but if I were I’d put money on you preferring the Tiger Moth over the Stearman as well once you’ve tried it.

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