2FPS on long flights after latest patch

My machine used to run this sim at 30fps everywhere, including over very busy places like London and Heathrow.

Since SU7 it’s struggled to maintain 20fps.

Since yesterdays patch the FPS drops off sharply after several hours of flights to 2FPS.

Tested in more than one plane and more than one location.

Anyone else seeing this on a long flight of 6+ hours?

Yes, there are lots of posts in here from folks with that exact scenario.

Oh good. Not just me then.

I mean ‘oh good’ in that hopefully something will get done about it…


Do you remember where you saw these posts as I haven’t been able to find any about this current problem.

Yes, it’s actually in the CTD thread here.
Although a lot lead to CTD’s, they are quite often accompanied by a slow down after a longer flight.

Hmm. The situation seems more complex. So I wouldn’t want my report getting absorbed into a CTD thread.

Just did a very long flight in the TBM930. FPS dropped to 1fps after several hours. I continued the flight at 1fps to see if it would resolve itself.

I started a painful 1fps decent from cruise alt. As I got nearer the airport I switched from NAV/GPS/FMS mode to Heading, and immediately the fps improved to about 6fps.

Then a bit later I captured the ILS and the fps improved again to 11fps.

The I touched down at the airport and the fps jumped to 20-25 fps.

Still not right as the system should easily do my vsync locked 30fps.

But it might point a dev to what is causing this.

I’m about the Zendesk this report.

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Any chance you use DX12 beta?

No. Still DX 11 here.

Long haul is now almost impossible. The last one or maybe 2 updates seem to have
reduced my FPS from about 40 to about 28FPS for all types of aircraft and almost all situations before takeoff various locations. On long haul after about 5hrs. FPS drop slowly to between 4fps and 20fps with no increase in CPU heating just the constant “limited by main thread” which I have had from purchase 18th. August 2020. Are we being pushed towards Xbox?
Seems like I need to upgrade BUT present forum indicates better systems having similar
i7-2700 cpu
Nvidia 1660Ti

Oh yes definitely. I pull my hat to your PC being able to get that high FPS at all with a sandy bridge and a 1660, while my argument pro MSFS over P3D was the visual aspect ^^ But since you set your settings to values that enable such a speed with a Fred Flintstone type of PC I‘m sure you‘re totally the type who would buy an XBox… :wink: /sarcasm off

Anyway, it has nothing to do with the system, xBox has the same problem. A friend of mine found it out when he tried to max out the range of the SR22 :smiley: he felt a bit nostalgic too when his xbox behaved like a slide projector :smiley:

Hi folks,

We have a couple open topics discussing FPS issues during long flights which I’ve linked below. It’s best to use the search button to see if the topic isn’t already been discussed, this way we can cut down on multiple topics on the same subject/issue.