After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

I have the same problem. FPS at the start of the flight around 70-80 and after 5 hours of flight only at 25.
The last update (07.09.) did not fix this problem, but I have found a workaround. When your FPS drop to much, you have to open the menue and disable online functionality to offline. Then go back to the cockpit and again into the menue and enable the online functionality back again. Your FPS should be back where they have been at the start of the flight. At least for me it works.

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Happening to me as I’m typing. Flying from Honolulu to New York on the 787-10. Came back to my PC around 4-5 hours into the flight over Wyoming (I think?) and noticed considerable lag. Was perfectly fine 90 minutes into the flight - when I went AFK.


B4 update I had just about got rid of all the niggles only exception being FPS dropping during long flight only to sort itself after landing. After update initially I was getting up to 50fps but an unusual stutter as in FPS would dramatically change up and down but after a three hour flight FPS was down to about 5-10 with a major stuttering occurring, flicking through cockpit views and switching to external view there was a serious lag

In my point of view it doesn’t make any sense when everybody is posting what is not working.

Maybe it would be clever to take 5-10 persons which have the problem,and check for comon ground in the Setups.
So there could be something which is the same in all cases.addon, settings or even software outside the Sim.

after 3 hrs in flight, my computer fans slowed down as well as the fps. It has reached 25 and started to being unresponsive. Gave another try to turn off the online AI traffic (previously I did different way), but now my fps… well have a look. It is limited to 60 normally. Then I turned back the traffic on and it remained top of that. Right now I gonna add this to my zendesk ticket, which is still open after 30 days

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Unfortunately the workaround with toggling the online functionality seems to be one of those that work for some but not for all. For me this does not help at all (as well as toggling AI traffic on and off does not help for me).

I found a workaround that worked for me (at least so far…).

When the FPS drops to an unacceptable low value (or precautionary shortly before top of descent):

  • Save the flight
  • Go to the Main Menu (no need to close the sim)
  • Load the saved flight

FPS were back up to normal after reloading the flight.

Only drawback for me was that I had to reload the flightplan into the FMS of the FBW A320 (and choose a direct to the current waypoint), but that just took me a minute.

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Hey!! Thanks for writing this. I had the same issue and this fixed it! I was at 14fps and after turning off

->Aircraft Traffic Type
->Live real world air traffic

its back to 60!

I dont know which one of those was the culprit but after turning them off im back to normal


Glad to hear that! :slight_smile: Next time just turn off one them at the time and you’ll sort out the answer in seconds. Happy landings!

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I am currently using the FBW A32NX from Tel Aviv to Salzburg. Almost two hours into the flight my FPS have gone from 75 to 45.
The option that did the trick was to disable Real Live Traffic ! Quickly went into the options, disabled real live traffic, my FPS went instantly to 65. I tried multiplayer and Aircraft types but that didn’t change anything.
So Real traffic seems to cause issues

Thanks to @Axxyom just above to mention this

it would be great if everyone else here could give this a try.
Time to log a bug through zendesk

how do you get 75 FPS?

dropping to 45 thats like my top end.

i9 11900k

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I have a 5600X CPU, with 6900XT GPU, 32GB RAM, undervolted the GPU, and infinity cache enabled. Running 4K HIGH preset.
I don’t use VSYNC, but Freesync

really nothing else

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Lucky you! :slight_smile:

Thanks !
I found that using Freesync instead of Vsync made a good difference. As you have Nvidia, do you have a freesync or gsync monitor ?
If I now switch from freesync and enable vsync with fps locked at 60 I would only get between 35 - 45 FPS
I did this test just this morning

Im very much a tech noob, very nice to PC gaming.

I have a temp Dell 1080p monitor while I wait for my new monitor, I have no clue if its freesync or Gsync!


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as far as I know Nvidia supports both. So if you get a new monitor check if it has 1 of the 2. It works great !

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Download and run MSERT from the Microsoft security website especially if you are using any freeware third-party addons, especially those that have an automated process of updating themselves or freeware downloaded content.

This is quite a powerful tool and will log what it finds. I have had a problem that Bitdefender and the built-in Windows Defender did not find but MSERT did find. You may get false positives during the scan however when the scan finishes those false-positives will have not been recorded because this application talks to an on-line Microsoft security database to verify it’s findings.

Pay particular attention to any suspicious registry key that disables your anti-virus on your computer. If one is found you may let MSERT remove the registry key at your own discretion and remove all directories associated with any suspicious application at your discretion.


In case you still have issues with real long hauls → Workaround :: FPS drop on long haul

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where can it be enabled ? I presume nvidia control panel?