AIFlow and AIGround Discussion

This thread created to discuss the AIFlow and AIGround applications, their use, and tweaking for MSFS.


Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:tools-utilities since these are third party made.

Thanks, I didn’t think about that.

I’ve re-posted my entry from the FSLTL thread here in case anyone wants to start tweaking the ini values. Note that the suggested changes below were given to me by the app’s creator.


I used the AIFlow and AIGround apps and found that at KLAX and KLAS, the number of go-arounds was sharply reduced - not totally eliminated, but definitely reduced. I’d noticed watching LNM on my first run that the planes enroute to KLAX tended to circle and then fly east away from the airport, but the author suggested that I change these lines in the ini file to resolve that, and it worked wonders.

His explanations included below:

AITERMINALAREAMINSPEED=180 //slower spacing speed
AITERMINALAREAMAXSPEED=250 //higher spacing speed
AITERMINALAREAMINDIST=5.0 //can bump this down a little bit usually

You can also usually reduce the short final distance to give the AI more distance to separate with speed changes:

AITERMINALAREAMINDIST=5.0 //usually can bump this down to 5, but be careful going lower

As for the holds, they can be made tighter (quicker):

AITURNSCALAR=3.0 //tighter quicker holds

You can also bump down arrival spacing, but there will be more incursions that slip through during heavy traffic (but could be a good compromise):


Finally, you can put a hard clamp on the max number of holders per airport (e.g., to 5) for those busy periods.



Here are instructions for setting up the exe.xml file to automatically launch/terminate AIFlow and AIGround when launching/quitting FS2020:

Has anyone figured out a solution for when AI goes fast stops immediately and accelerates back slowly ?

In which circumstance? Ground? Air?

It’s ground.

Nothing you can really fix about that as that is a features for preventing and maintaining separation with AI on the ground. In the other thread, when you run AIGround, it creates a telemetry file of the airport you’re at where it scans all the taxiways and even the directional nodes and then uses those to figure out the correct taxi path for AI. Them stopping and starting again is because there’s been some calculation that there’s a conflict but as it rescans, since all of the planes are moving, it’ll be dismissed. If you want I am sure there’s a way you could turn off conflict settings somewhere.

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Thank you for this trying those settings out now.

Anyone new to these tools and wanting to change the .ini files (in notepad), and perhaps monitor changes on the fly in the sim needs to remove the leading slashes that comment the parameters out.
So -

// AIBADAPPROACHFILTER=1 { is disabled/commented out}
AIBADAPPROACHFILTER=1 {is enabled, not commented out}

To watch parameters effects changing the sim ‘live’ after tweaking them set-

// INIPERIODICUPDATE=0 {disabled/commented out}
INIPERIODICUPDATE=1 {enabled/not commented out}

in both AIFlow.ini and AIGround.ini
That way AIFLow and AIGround will continually load the changes you have made in those ini files during a sim session.


I am just going to say this - surely the next natural progression is for someone to create a mod tat allows us to manage taxiway operations entirely. Setting taxi routes, parking spaces etc for all AI craft. I kind want it!

SU10. EIDW Dublin. Quite the waiting line for runway 16 which is the only one in use. No piruetting on the taxiway though which is a HUGE improvement. The biggest problem was that landing AI were exiting at the end of the runway, causing some go-arounds. When it was my turn (Fenix A320), an AI on approach was told to go-around just as I was on my takeoff roll.

I did look into the AIGround .ini, but not sure if there’s an advantage to changing the values.

EDIT: I haven’t caught up with the latest posts in this thread, will do that now.

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There’s this plane spotting mode in AIFlow.ini:


It make sense for me to have it disabled. AIFlow.exe will then report:

Special Mode for Plane Spotting ONLY (Do NOT Enable If Flying User Aircraft in Normal Manner) = 0. Default = 1 (on).

THAT ALREADY EXISTS. Airport Design Editor for MSFS 2020 | FSDeveloper
Close the taxiways, set directional nodes, edit parking, change just about everything at the airport you can think about.

AI Flow and AI Ground were crashing using the SU11 Beta even with the AIG folders removed. So I reverted back to SU10 and the difference using these programs is amazing. Unfortunately the sim still crashes with the AIG folders in the community folder. Hopefully that will be fixed.

My fear is when the final SU11 is released we will still have all kinds of AI problems and these programs may not work anymore. I would like for Asobo to not include any AI updates when SU11 final is released and keep the current SU10 AI.

Ideally there could be a separate beta testing group for AI since the well known problems have been drawn out for so long, but I know that will unlikely happen.

Personally, I am not very optimistic the AI bugs will be fixed before the SU11 release. I hope I am wrong.

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No crashing for me with AIG, I just removed the faib models from the AIG folder. FSLTL-AIG Models- AIFlow-AIGround- SU11beta. All working well together for me.

The latest FSLTL injector release v1.2.1 is working very well with AIFlow and AIGround now. Parked at EGLL and watching and it’s the best it has been. I have tweaked both AIFlow and AIGround a bit too, but definitely all working well together, and as many go arounds now.

Are FAIB older models converted from FSX or something? That can cause issues?

EDIT: Just had a look in my AIG folder and FAIB combined is ~20GB. A319, 320, 321,737, 747, 767, BBJ.

Great work so far, this is incredible and I am excited about the opportunities this opens up for AI traffic. Just been road testing these at Maccosim EGCC and encountered a CTD about 10 mins in, event viewer points to ucrtbase.dll with faulting module path pointing to the FS exe. I’m on SU10, with FSLTL (v1.2.1) in use with AIG models.

Yes they are fsx conversions.