Announcement: FSLiveTraffic Liveries (FSLTL)

(credit: @Nerbulus)

FS Live Traffic Liveries (FSLTL)

Project announcement

Today we, a small group of MSFS enthusiasts, are happy to announce the development of an ambitious OPEN-SOURCE traffic overhaul system, both for Live Traffic and offline AI traffic of MSFS. It is a successor to Live Traffic with working liveries. We are building a community-driven expansion to Flight Simulator’s traffic system, which allows everyone to add aircraft models and liveries to both online and eventually offline traffic. No more generic faceless planes, you will be able to fly with real aircraft dressed in proper liveries.

Note: If it wasn’t for this wonderful community of passionate enthusiast I don’t know if this project ever would have come to fruition. On behalf of the team, I would like to thank each and every one of you for fueling our passion to making this sim even more enjoyable.

Current Objectives:

  • Support Live Traffic with FLAi aircraft. Currently not all models are supported well in the sim. We will be releasing a list of supported aircraft that you can include in your sim and apply our configs to.
  • Continue testing one-by-one, which aircraft/liveries are working well in the sim and not causing CTD’s and add support. This will be iterative and published immediately after sign off.
  • Refine AI behaviors (takeoff roll, flare) curated for each model aircraft.
  • Provide an open-beta in the near future for kind, specific, and actionable feedback.
  • Partner with LiveryMegaPack, FLAi, and anyone else who is interested.

Current Status:

  • Working model matching for FLAi aircraft in MSFS.
    • 99% of all aircraft have correct configs (including liveries).
  • Hand tested 20% of FLAi Aircraft. We have signed off on around 17% of them.
  • Assembled group of coders, modelers, and enthusiasts.
  • Assembled closed Alpha testing team.
  • Experimental AI Traffic flight plans FOR FLAi aircraft.
  • Adjusting rotate/flare parameters for each aircraft.

Project Goals:

  • Proper model and livery matching for every ICAO listed aircraft in the sky or ground. You will see real Horizon Dash-8 flights in Seattle, not the yellow generic Baron-like planes. True Aeroflot landings in Moscow and Air France in Paris.
  • Community ecosystem (AI Traffic Gateway). Model and livery artists will be able to add their aircraft through FSLTL’s standardized onboarding.
  • Independent install system - install, uninstall or update FSLTL separately from model libraries.
  • Complete rework of the offline traffic system based on real flight data. Even offline, at proper time and day proper aircraft will fly by it’s schedule.


  • Please participate in any threads for AI/LIVE Traffic Improvements and the ability to control ground aircraft spawning!
  • Please contact us on FSLTL DISCORD or DM @BigBabyKP or @Nerbulus in the forums if:
    • You want to include/test your AI traffic model you’ve built.
    • You have modeling experience and want to get your hand in the project.
    • Have made good progress with integrating AI aircraft into MSFS (you will be prioritized as testers that can get promoted to dev).
    • You are a livery creator.
  • Have experience building native applications.

We will build a FAQ based on questions asked in the thread! Stay tuned for the release of our GitHub repository where you will find project status updates and wiki… and eventually the release of the open-beta configs!




IMGUR GALLERY (credits to all Testers and Devs who took these pictures)


looking good!

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Glad to be helping out testing this one. Believe me folks, it’s very promising. :sunglasses:


can’t wait for this one!

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Have followed the other thread with envy. Now, we’ll monitor this one and now… I can’t wait !

I have no skill on livery design nor 3D, but if you need tester (in France), let me know !

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Nice, looks promising! A few questions:

  • System impact?
  • Uninstalling is as simple as removing the mod from the Community folder?
  • Do we need any additional application to be running?
  • System impact?
    Minimal for Live Traffic (same as generic system) AI mode is a resource hog but we are working on optimizations. It’s in the exploration phase.
  • Uninstalling is as simple as removing the mod from the Community folder?
  • Do we need any additional application to be running?
    Not at launch but we want to consider building a plugin or app of some sort to make it easy to install liveries/models from the gateway. This is a long-term goal.

You guys are awesome, one of my favorite Discord servers to hang around - very friendly folks taking on a very ambitious and desperately needed feature. Especially since the default AI liveries are hideous :stuck_out_tongue:


This sounds like a lot of work, thank you for your collective effort! Can’t wait to try this one out when available. :slight_smile:


This sounds like an awesome project! However, OP says:

As someone who started their professional life in Software Testing/QA, I think I resemble, I mean resent this remark. Testers are 'da bomb! We are the first to see a new project all tied up in a nice ribbon. We know everything on how to install it and all the workarounds available for any bugs/features, etc. We even are asked to travel to customer sites to assist with installation and product education.

Anyway, thanks for letting me …



This looks very cool! Good luck with it… :slight_smile:

which FLAi download version can we use on MSFS ?


We really appreciate your guys’ effort and bringing this into the sim. When do you plan on releasing it?

Have you considered adding support for vatsim?

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We won’t officially support it (leaving that to FLAi as it’s their niche). But I’m not saying it won’t work. :upside_down_face:


Hopefully do an open beta “soon” we just have to talk to the right people and get agreements in place.

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guys, that post is pretty vague. They won’t do anything if you are not specific to what you really need.

We can’t add new posts and I did not see any better.

that sounds awesome

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moreover, can you imagine the tail numbers will be unique, or do I go way out of line ?