Bye Bye IFR in MSFS?

It’s unbelievable what you see in FL300 after the update. Only low resolution. Suitable for eye cancer.

NY FL300

Zurich FL300

London FL300

For comparison Zurich Freeware Photoscenery in FL300 ) P3D

The sim is an imposition for IFR and can no longer be used.

Asobo gives back my sim from the alpha time in March 2020. It had a lot of errors, but looked good from above.


Same topic can be found here:

Wow is that p3d!!?

That does look horrendous.

Wonder if this is just an issue of data streaming rate.


Why does it matter what the scenery looks like for IFR? IFR is supposed to be if you can’t see a thing. :wink:


This is indeed an issue, but we could complain about it in better terms than “suitable for eye cancer”…

Imo the issue comes from Microsoft not being able to stream to all the new users at the same time, every patch we experience this during the first few days. Luckily, quality will be back next week, otherwise a patch will be required, because the pixelation is very strong.


All Airline operations are IFR whether or not it’s VFR conditions.


Even raising the LOD factor in userconfig file doesn’t do much. Only at 12,000ft and the ground textures are blurry.

LODs will increase the distance at which objects are drawn, but it will have no effect on the resolution of the terrain as you correctly say

That’s why I have the orbis in my hangar :wink: Bad jokes aside, that’s an OBVIOUS bug and will obviously be fixed.


Thanks for that info!..I even turned the resolution to max but still same thing…Overall from what I’m finding, its either a straight up bug or a literal forced downgrade.


Someone posted this similar

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I could post one now, one moment. This is only at FL240, and I still have to get up to FL340.

People need to vote here if you are not happy or want better.
Separate versions for PC and XBOX


I’ve got a feeling the servers are being massively hit. Even the alps today weren’t loading their tiles on our flight. The others I flew with also had the same issue.

All data turned on of course.

Let’s see if it settles down after a week or so I guess.


Yes, I agree, it seems the servers can’t keep up, sometimes some tiles load perfectly while others don’t load at all, overall everythin is very blurry.


Of course, with Azure, it’s all meant to scale and be seamless to the user, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That low res block in your SS honestly looks like a internet buffer issue, not the overall quality reduction that people are reporting. These type of things I expect to get better over time.
The fully loaded ones where it now just no longer look HD, those are the issues.

I’ve never had this problem before since the release of MSFS2020…So I don’t quite think it’s an internet issue…If so…It’s an Asobo server overload issue…They use to be nice and crisp since the release.