Can anybody tell me, why its not possible for me to start engine 1 on the A320. Not by hardware and not by clicking

The knob for engine start stays in the off position, no matter what i do. engine 2 starts with no problems

Hi, i’m experiencing the same with default a320N, 787 and the FBW. Tried everything even by pressing Ctrl+E but it just stuck at off position. It happened in both cold and dark or at runway. Ps - I just did the mandatory update today. Please help as unable to play at all. :expressionless:

Happened to me and the only thing i could do was setting eng no1 to the off position on my thrustmaster airbus throttle quadrant. not sure why/how this works but its got me back in the air in the CRJ and a320. albet in the A320 i am having wild rudder spasms

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If you’re using Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant, you can follow the bindings that I have here. It works perfectly with every function in the A320 including the engines.

Rudder spasms can be caused by the TCA sidestick itself, a lot of the models are affected by this due to the way the internal wiring is done. It’s also fixable by opening up the case and redirecting the wires to keep it in place away from the twist axis sensors. You can follow how to do them here.

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I have the same problem engin number 1 will not start.

I have the same problem after update with engine 1 if I use Trustmaster TCA Throttle Quadrant Airbus. But when I fly with only TCA Airbus Joystick with its little throttle-knob, I can fly with two engines.
I also have problem to manage A320 cockpit knobs with the mouse after update. The blue light on knobs is good but the functions is worse.

You can follow the bindings that I posted a above that should make your engine switches work again.

You can go to your General Options → Accessibility → Cockpit Interactions… Change this to Legacy, and you should be able to interact with the cockpit like before the update.

Its no option for me to try this and try this. I had a full functional home cockpit with many components and it was hard work and plenty of money to get this functionality. and then this f****** update came along and everything is a mess

If it is a home cockpit issue, perhaps discussing these issues with fellow home cockpit builders could help you? I’m sure if there are other people who are in a similar home cockpit setup facing the same issue, they might have done some research and try other things like any tips and tricks that they’ve done to get them fixed that they can share their findings to you.

I guess from me is that, when they changed something that made our hardware not usable, then they must have changed it into another form. The only thing we can do is to find that other form and adapt to it so we can get back to use it the way we used to.

As the Asobo A320 is not the plane of my choice, i will wait until the FBW A320 is fixed and then i will start to do a research again

Not even in the current development version?

yesterday the dev version was broken

I have the exact same configuration on my TCA as yours. But somehow today manage to start Eng #1 but have to do it manually using cursor (on default A320N). Still not working with FBW.

Search for “Toggle Engine 1 Fuel Valve” and clear it.

Thanks for the help putting back to legacy solved most control issues but spoilers still won’t react to my joystick button.
Better but still not right.

Same solution for me. Terrible workaround, but it works. :slight_smile:

Tqs it works! but funny same problem didnt persist to eng 2 even with same configuration.

The dev version can be updated 2-3x a day. If it’s broken one day, update it on the next day. chances are it’ll be less broken. But again, have a discussion with the FBW team on discord page, tell them of your home cockpit setup and give as much information as you can. The FBW team is pretty active on Discord and if you can express your problems appropriately, they will find a solution to your problem.

They won’t know if they don’t know you’re having a problem.

now almost everything works again, thanks to all helpers :wink:

but the graphics are still ugly, but this is an other topic