Dev Q&A Agenda - May 26, 2021

The Live Q&A Stream can be viewed here at 2021-05-26T17:30:00Z.

Sim Update 4

  • Flight Model
  • Excessive Icing
  • Additional fixes to Turboprops
  • Pressure/Temperature
  • Approach flyback bug
  • Trees

Update from Working Title

World Update 5

A Few Surprises

Feedback Snapshot

Live Q&A

This combines both live questions we get as well as the following pre-asked questions:

  1. What is the latest on AI & live traffic improvements?

  2. Is it possible to use the new terrain LOD technique by Orbx to reduce morphing?

  3. Is Asobo working on a way to remove photogrammetry overhangs for bridges, etc. without having to resort to custom models?

  4. Will we see AI-generated water masks in the future?

  5. Can we have an update on the Logbook pop up?

  6. Will we have NavBlue charts one day?

  7. Can we get a FPS counter that doesn’t require enabling developer mode, and works in VR please?

  8. Is ICAO ATC phraseology planned for the sim?

  9. Any update on ATIS Reporting Incorrect Cloud Layers?

  10. What work is being done on allowing us to create schedules for custom offline traffic?

  11. When can we expect to see historical weather in the sim?

The VOD will be made live ASAP and a text-based overview will live here as soon as it is done!


VOD with timestamps marked within:


Q&A summary:

Seb – The flight model has been updated on the 2 Cessnas (172 / 152) and the 3 turboprops (Grand caravan, King air, TBM) – You get more adverse yaw and it is less twitchy – The rudder and the elevator on surfaces are more realistically simulated – This update is on these 7 planes.

Based on the feedback, we saw that you wanted more adverse yaw. We found real world data on the Cessna adverse yaw. There are further improvements for the next SIM update on all aircraft on adverse yaw. There will be also a possibility for aircraft creators to define aileron drag.

Video on the adverse yaw – time stamp

Excessive icing

Martial I We did some changes on the visual – You can deactivate icing including visuals.

Icing was a bit too aggressive and decided to reduce the effect. Icing is not the same on all plane and 3rd parties now have some variables that can be tweaked. It will be more realistic

We also did some updates on the weather. We have a better snow coverage.

Turboprop changes

Seb – The list of updates on turboprop is a bit longer than what has been mentioned before.

The inertial separator has been fixed on how strong it is and more realistic regarding its effect on torque. It is a first iteration on turboprop, there is still a lot to do.

ATC Phraseology

Martial – The phraseology was an heritage from FSX and some were not correct anymore. Some sentences have been replaced to improve this. e.g: “Copy” is now “Roger” / “Repeat” is now “Say again”

Martial mentioned that we will keep improving this!

Weather pressure and temperature

Seb – There were some bugs reported by the community. One was about the pressure altitude being wrong / Inconsistencies between different report in pressure altitude…

We mentioned that some items will be fixed for Sim Update IV but in fact it will be in the next Sim-update.

Approach fly back bug

Martial – In some conditions we have identified some repro steps. We thoughts that we have fixed everything, but the Working Title team found few more issues.

It is a bit complex, and we will need some work to get this completely fixed.

Trees’ distance – Time stamp

Seb – We did some changes on the Tree distance. We went back to the capture we did for the pre-order video (a year ago) in order to compare with the current version of the Sim.

Tree’s distance remains the same, what change is that trees are anow smaller (Many users reported that it was too big).

Trees fade out with distance, and when we made trees smaller, they did not go as far anymore. The other thing is that when trees are smaller, they do not cover as much terrain.

To summarize: Trees are now smaller and denser for the same coverage as before.

We plan to let users go beyond the current limitation of terrain level of detail in the future.

Matt (Working Title) jumps in

Jorg – The daily collaboration with WT bas been fantastic!

Matt - We’ve been working on getting and analyzing Navdata to see where the gaps were. FAA in the SIM is a big win.

A late addition was the SimConnect traffic that you can have on the javascript side.

Working Title is hard at work and it’s a pleasure to be part of the team.

Video G1000 – Time stamp

Matt - Soon to be on MSFS, Working Title has been working on the G1000, an early version of the G1000 NXi will be there around June/July – There’s still some stuff in the video that are not quite done but we are working on it, that’s why it will be release this summer.

WORLD UPDATE V – Time stamp

Jorg - It’s going great. First, thank you for those who participated in the BETA test for the Sim Update IV !

5 countries, Denmark/Finland/Norway/Iceland/Sweden

Gaia have been working hard on airports as well:

  • Bornholm airport (EKRN)
  • Stockholm Arlanda airport (ESSA)
  • Vaasa airport (EFVA)
  • Svalbard airport (ENSB)

Asobo airport:

  • Isafjordur airport (BIIS)

We have not locked our ship date (probably June 15th)


Jorg – we are working with WT, Orbx and other companies.

Now we have Perfect Flight on board!

Guest – Fly by Wire – William

William – We have been growing much since we started. It’s amazing how many people give us feedback on the A320! Now that it will be on the Marketplace, more people will be able to access it.

In the marketplace, you will be able to download the FBW aircraft (the Stable version)

FBW will be able to request an update for new versions in the marketplace


Jorg – We have another plane that Asobo have been working on – The HUSKY A-1C (around august)Image2

It is a payware but we want to be fair regarding the price.

Chat question: Do we have any information on the detail level of this plane?

Seb – This plane will benefit from previous improvements on flight models but also all the feedback from the community. All these learnings will be already in there.

Replay functionality:

Seb – We started the prototype a while ago. We have a raw definition UI, but our video has already a first version of it. The next step is to make it user friendly. It’s going to line up with one of our next updates and it’s already out of the prototyping phase.

Jorg – Gateway system – We have now a complete spec thanks to your feedback. It’s planned for this year.
Performance - You all will be super happy with the new version along with the performance improvements.

Jorg – Gliders – We have found a partner that have a lot of insight. We will announce them later.

Same for Helicopters

Chat question: Can you give us some information regarding model matching – right, we are seeing default Bonanzas.

Jorg - Right now we are improving air traffic with a lot more unique models – our goal is to be accurate.

Martial – it is not only a technical challenge but also a legal one.

Jorg – We would need a little bit of time to get this as accurate as possible, but it is our goal

What is the latest in AI & Live Traffic improvements?

Jorg – We are on it, discussions are planned with AIG (Alpha India Group)

Is it possible the use the new terrain LOD technique by Orbx to reduce morphing?

Seb – We are investigating the rounded mountain issue. It is a very complex system. The terrain has many different components. What is displayed is a high resolution grided mesh.

The data is downloaded from the Azure service.

Jorg – We are getting better DEM (Digital Elevation Map)

Chat question: Is there a reason why we can’t display the Sim rate level?

Seb – It’s the Sim. First time we see this request but it’s basically showing up the speed in the UI

Is Asobo working on a way to remove photogrammetry overhangs for bridges, etc. without having to resort to custom models?

Jorg – You can’t see underneath a bridge and needs to be edited by hand. The Bing map team have a new method and we will be talking about it later.

I agree that’s it should be fixed, but we need to do it on a bigger scale to get it done properly

Will we see AI-generated water masks in the future?

Martial – Right now, we don’t have any AI that can detects the quality of the texture. Neither for an AI that can detects a place that is worth to be seen.

Jorg – If you take a picture from a plane, the direction of a light matters to what you see underneath the water. Instead, if we could have the highfields underwater terrain, we would be able to better show watermask. In addition to it, the type of terrain would be also a great data to have.

Seb – In order to do that perfectly, we need the water color, the water depth and we need to know what is underneath! Right now, the quality of the underwater pictures is not good. We have satellite data of the whole planet and once we found good picture of watermask we just turn it on. Pictures has to be taken at low tide if possible and that just what we need to have.

Jorg – 787: We really want to be fair. The 787 is not exactly what people expected. We are looking on the next steps to improve this plane but also the other from deluxe and premium package.

Chat question: When do we plan on releasing the SDK documentation on visual effects editor?

Martial – When, we don’t know but it’s planned. We are not 100% satisfied yet and we are going to bring some improvement.

Jorg – Eric and Alyzée (SDK team) will give you some more information for the next SDK Q&A.

Can we have an update on the Logbook pop up?

Martial – We want to change the behavior of it. This will be there for 2021

Will we have NavBlue charts one day?

Jorg – That’s the plan

Can we get an FPS counter that doesn’t require enabling developer mode, and works in VR?

Martial – Some code is needed to do it properly

When can we expect ICAO ATC Phraseology in the sim?

Martial – This is something we would like to do, adapt the phraseology on the aera you are flying over

Any update on ATIS Reporting Incorrect cloud layers?

Martial – This is fix thanks to community feedback and will be in the Sim Update V

What work is being done on allowing us to create schedules for custom offline traffic?

Jorg – It’s related to the AIG work that we need to go – we just need to talk about it.

When can we expect to see historical weather in the sim?

Jorg – We would need to have the Data and please send us feedback on the forum

Chat question: Any comment on CTDs?

Seb – We have a sophisticated system to track crashes. We fixe crashes all the time. Sometimes we do not know the cause right away.

Fixing crashes is our priority.

Seb reminds the chat that the smallest fix can be sent as a hot fix as it has to be always tested. A small change can have an impact on the Sim.

Chat question: Xbox release date

Jorg – Progress has been great, confidence is great!

Chat question: Xbox BETA?

Jorg – Along side Xbox, there will be a PC update, that PC update will most likely have a BETA.