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I never do that and I have not had any problems. That’s magical thinking

The first batch of users willing to spend money to buy the deluxe version has already complete.
Later, scattered wait-and-see customers will buy some standard editions considering the feelings and cost-effectiveness of the deluxe edition users.
Who else will buy next?
I can only count on the sales of reality shows.
Who knows how to paint big pie, how to achieve it in the lifetime?

Even if, will it really provide what simmers are expecting?

Does it ever?

100%. They said ATIS Accuracy would be fixed this update.

If you haven’t yet upvoted my ATIS Sky Condition thread, would appreciate it :slight_smile:


Just looked at march 4th update, the report says nothing about ATC and ATIS, just that weather is stuck at 2kts, which is untrue, live weather works.

I hope this update brings the changes Aerosoft was waiting for / working with Adobo on in order to finally finish the CRJ.

Am I wrong expecting this?

Edit: oh it’s already announced it’s coming next week! Wohoo

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I wish people would stop assuming the negative side of things and dogging the FSX liveries…it could be that they’re loading test liveries in so they can start working on and testing a real AI traffic solution but they cannot test with the real liveries. Sometimes there’s a roundabout way something gets done and this could be a step in the right direction. Just sayin…it may not be as simple as you think.


As long as those bugs are fixed, I honestly don’t care about the rest. I didn’t expect much to start with. If the bugs are fixed, I’m happy. I’ll let the WorkingTitle team make the Garmins look good and add the missing functionality. The issue was that the bugs were a core part of the sim, so the WT mods were stuck using those calls. So regardless of if you were using the Garmins stock or modded, you hit the same walls in functionality.

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This update froze during the up date process, but has now restarted however the installation manager is saying the size is 151 GiB! is this a full reinstall and if so any ideas why?

What’s everyone’s GPU usage like? Mines dropped to < 10% since the update.

Thanks to aboso’s after-sales service, let us enjoy a very high-quality service.

Well. Not small amount lol
A32NX has hundreds of contributors

Doesn’t matter. This is the complaint thread. The rational discussion thread is somewhere else.


The CRJ is finished…launching 3/16 per Aerosoft. I’ve been following that inside thread closely. It supposedly didn’t depend on this update, nor would this update delay it.

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Although life is very embarrassing, we did not insult God. We still have hope for a better MSFS2020.

Asobo and Microsoft has a huge staff so why can’t they fix the problems they said would be fixed in Sim Update 3? Why promise something you can’t keep.

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Installed a passive - cheapo 1 cm - heat spreader on my NVMe M.2 Samsung MZ970 EVO Plus 1TB.

Before Idle temp was 57°C with warning “Too Hot” in Samsung tool (not really serious), now temp came down to 37°C idle after boot and writing this MSFS Update to drive it is 41°C.

I sincerely doubt they “promised” as much as you think they promised.

According to folks on the WT Discord, the turnaround bug in the AP hasn’t been fixed. The single, biggest sore point in the whole FMS system is still alive and well.

How do they repeatedly ignore this issue for this many months?


Maybe its a big and difficult issue to fix??

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