Flickering reflections on windshields in cockpit view

So far every plane I’ve used in SU9 has this problem. It’s quite subtle, but noticeable when the cockpit view / camera pans around.

There’s a possible replication in the “solution” post.

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It’s not always subtle. This seems to be new, or at least much more pronounced, with SU9 beta. The aircraft is not even moving here:

This is on a Xbox Series X in case that helps narrow down the issue.


I did a flight in the Kodiak lately and the flickering reflections (left window) were even colored somewhat blueish.


I can confirm that behavior on my end. Probably this occurs on specific settings as there is not much of a attention currently.

I’ll drop my specs here:

Windows 11
RTX 2080ti, Intel i9 9900k, no overclocking
Latest Nvidia drivers
Display: 3440x1440 SDR, Freesync

MSFS settings:
Resolution: 4587x1920
Render scale: 80 (3669x1535)
VSYNC: off
DX mode: DX11
AA setting: TAA
cubemap reflection size: 256px
texture supersampling: 2x2
antistrope filtering: 16x

Special global settings:
Nvidia DSR in use (1.78x DL, standard settings)
Nvidia G-Sync compatibility mode active
Nvidia shader cache: Off
Nvidia low latency mode: Ultra
Shadow scale in UserCfg.op upped to 8k

The issue is independent on the aircraft I fly, time of day or other factors. AA mode seems also not the cause of this as I switched to AA = off for testing

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Just out of interest, I’m on an ultra wide monitor (3440x1440). Anyone else with this issue on standard monitor?

Yes. My monitor is 2560x1440 native but accepts 4K input so I’m running the Xbox with the 4K / 60Hz setting (3840x2160).

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I have the same problem also and I also see it significantly worse on the airport terminal glasses when we get closer to the buildings. Didn’t have this issue before SU9 beta.

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Windscreen reflections on ultra only working with render scale set to 100. If you set a value bellow or above 100 they are flickering.

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Load a flight with render scale set to 100. Set windscreen reflections to 100. Turn the plane that reflections in the windscreen appears. Set render scale to any value but 100.

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Setting render scale isn’t an option on Xbox. So, this is not a solution.


Hi @FieldGunner,
The solution was provided for the developers to replicate as noted in the first post. Not as a solution for end users. :+1:

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Glad it’s not considered a solution for the problem. :ok_hand:

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

100% repeatable. With Render Scale less than 100% window reflections flicker

Provide extra information to complete the original description of the issue:

If relevant, provide additional screenshots/video:

Still not addressed in latest beta (yes, I know it’s not in the notes).


I think the new version ( has possibly made the flickering reflections worse. This is the Ju52 which did not have this issue prior to SU9 beta:

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Have you tried 100% render scaling? Does that get rid of it?

I’m on Xbox so don’t have the ability to change anything other then enabling disabling HDR10.

Which I guess would suggest the XBOX isn’t displaying true 4K, and is running with a render scale below 100%.

On PC if I turn the scale down below 100% I’m seeing this horrible flickering too, at 100% all is well.

Come to think of it, performance must be better in SU9 because for me to running the same in native 4K is certainly not something I could have done this time last year.

It’s my understanding the Xbox Series X renders internally at 1440p then upscales to 4K and the Series S renders internally at 1080p and upscales to 1440p. However, since this was not an issue prior to SU9 the main point for the Devs is something is now broken so there’s been a regression.

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Absolutely. That all fits then.

Something has changed in SU9 that means when render scaling is less than 100% these reflections flicker, and that remains the case in the latest build.

Not sure if this has been mentioned already, or if it is even the same problem. I fly using a head tracker and I often end up ‘leaning out the cockpit window’ for a better view. I notice the flickering only when looking at the cockpit windows from the outside towards the inside. Otherwise I do not see this at all. My render scale is 100%.