Multiple sim updates have now required patching due to inherent issues

The music plays by default until the user preferences are read. Then it does what the preferences say. They could load the preferences file earlier, but that would probably mean loading it twice.
My feeling is that the default should be music muted, but that would increase the apparent load time to anyone who chooses to have music (does anyone really want muzac in the game?)

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I do not mind the Music, (have it turned down low), – but what annoys me, is that when the Music is playing, it glitches ( actually switches over temporarily to a different sound output device), and this always sound like the sim is about to CTD …)

I must be conditioned to "Loss of sound = imminent CTD), because every time the Music Sound “Glitches”, my heart misses a beat, as I expect a CTD to follow.

and Sometimes I am not let down !!

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Great advice!

Just to satisfy your curiosity, though, that is essentially how my very low-end, 5-year old lap-top based system is configured.

The only thing I have tweaked/fixed is the nVidia control panel where I set the FPS cap to 25. Everything else is “stock” PC store settings. I am also running most of the MSFS graphics settings on low/medium.

If I begin seeing any drops in my typically flat-lined 25 FPS, I start looking for something else to turn down in my MSFS settings until FPS is solidly flat again. I have found that in my weak system at least, overall performance is always best when my FPS is locked onto 25. (There are no silk purses in this sow’s ear!)

BUT I don’t experience any of the CTD’s or stutters that seem to be plaguing many others.

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I actually quite like the music.

A couple of days ago I thought it’d crashed on loading; the music stopped and the progress bar stopped moving. My heart was in my mouth but I thought, “Let’s just see”.

It must’ve been a full minute, maybe more (seemed like a lifetime), but eventually it just carried on loading. It was fine after that, no problems at all.

Any hints on what the development update/patch will be like ? :thinking:

Best hint I’ve seen so far:


We are currently tracking your feedback on Sim Update 9 via the forums. Here are some top-known issues that have emerged that we are currently investigating:

Very good, w.r.t. bad stuttering, but my FPS drops are from the time the flight starts (not just on the ground), anyway, anxiously await the patch, thanks … :nerd_face:

Are they not aware, ignoring, not talking (or other reason) about the large number of people affected by the huge increase in stuttering and decrease in FPS, ie visual quality and consistency ? Is it an internal political thing ? I don’t see this described on the developer conference user problem list. Or is it a by-product of each new SU additional load, scenery, software increase, a kind of bloat-ware accumulation ? I just want them to discuss it openly, explain it - the details of shifting loads between CPU and GPU, make recommendations for the best way to adapt to it (even if there is not an immediate fix), so that I can understand it better, my intellectual curiosity is revved up. (BTW have 2 engineering degrees, go back to PDP-11’s, Timex-Sinclair Z81, early PC’s, mainframes, Basic, Fortran, etc, and am now a neurologist). I have a good, medium spec system and it has run great for about 2/3 of the 20 months - I7 9700K, RTX 2070 Super, 64 GB 2133 DDR4, ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4S, NVME 1 TB, 27 inch 1080 display … :thinking:

I am too … ! :nerd_face:

Yes me too exactly. And every time.
So I went to the Official folder, moved out the fs-base-nav folder to the desktop. After that MSFS loaded, no stutter at splash screen, and no CTD at the next screen.

I found this solution in the MSFS FAQ where they said folders in Official can cause CTDs, just as likely as the folders in Community. The advice was to temporarily move the latest dated folders out and try to boot the sim again.

For me it was the fs-base-nav folder which was the culprit. Then at the ‘checking for updates’ screen it reinstalled the fixed version of fs-base-nav files as MSFS booted up.

Try that!

I found this solution in #4 here:


Well OK then. So no help required. Good luck with your problems.
But I am not sure what it is you actually require now.

A working sim as advertised would be fantastic


Now you see, this is now one of those general comments that just misses the mark.

For thousands, this IS a working Sim.
If however, guessing here you use an XBox, that what you require is a specific XBox version, then I would wholeheartedly agree with that. And so would many others I think.
I fully understand that this is NOT what the policies of Microsoft demand, but this one version fits all
for all platforms simply doesnt work because hardware will develop at different rates.
They have discovered this with their Windows OS and it would seem to me that the same applies to the complex piece of software such as the Sim.
The big problem for us the users is of course that this might increase costs for Microsoft thus, that development will slow or be cut short.
So I think your best bet is to raise some very specific tickets on your issues.

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For nobody is it a working sim as advertised.


Exactly right

Which gets spicy in the EU who recently told Apple bin your adapters we decided on USB C … love the way EU alliance is working for the people btw.


Actually I am a very high end PC user and reporting “very specific issues” would be the same report that has been given over and over. Some have no problems, others have many. It is not up to me as a customer to figure out why my very over built PC that exceeds maximum specs for this software can still not run this program. If I was the only person who was having problems, no problem I have an issue on my end. But I am far from it. To me this sim working for some and not others is not acceptable and needs to be fixed period.


In some topics for nearly 1 (ONE!) year now.
In some other topics since release!

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While testing SU9 beta we saw a lot of different performance related issues come up. We tried helping the best we could to get them noticed by someone at MS Asobo.


Yes, it is. Like hundreds of thousands of other people, I am enjoying just that.

I appreciate how frustrating it is when it won’t work, but mostly it really does work, and I’m sure it will for you when whatever is wrong with your setup is fixed.