Is MSFS what you expected?

I don’t think the developers define MSFS usage by casual gamers or hardcore simmers, but rather a sim for everyone. Their position is to build a living breathing realistic world foundation with decent aircraft. People introduce and inject their own fear. MSFS is almost purely unrestricted to 3rd party developers that will control the amount of realism desired above a casual gamers needs.

I believe that is what I said.

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Yep - I completely identify with all those sentiments. MS Flight was neither one thing or the other - no incentive to use it after trying it for a month or so. As for Flight Sim World, what a disappointment that was.

I’ve been consigned to XPlane 11 for the last few years with Orbx scenery for GB. XP11 was somewhat better than XP10 in just about every way. However, the graphics demand in XP11 is huge - you need a thumping machine to get a decent frame rate which I don’t have, and the load times were horrendous. The sim wasn’t at all bad one it started, but load times were a good ten minutes sometimes, even longer occasionally. Vulcan for me and a lot of folk was a complete disaster.

So my feeling is that MFS2020 does meet my expectations - no huge load times, it has certainly moved on since FSX, decent amount of aircraft if you go to the top end of the package, and the default aircraft to my mind aren’t at all bad.

I am now flying full IFR - I’m not sure what folk are getting from ATC and IFR, as I’m finding it the most secure base line within the sim without any mods compared to any previous sim in the last ten years. I can prgramme my IFR route in game without the need for third party software. It works. The ATC to my mind is way better than anything I’ve tried before - remember XP10??? Sorry XP, but that was by far the worst ATC ever experienced. ATC in XP11 and FSX was a bit of a lottery if it all worked to plan. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn’t. Programming XP11 was a bit long winded - I did export flight plans from third party software into XP11, but I’d then have to load up the entire plan for ATC to operate - very cumbersome. So far, for me, every IFR flight has gone to plan with ATC keeping up well.

Graphics are most encouraging - for base line graphics in sim, they are close to the Orbx ones in XP11.

Frame rates for me are better than XP11, but I’m all too aware that others have real issues with frame rate, and my system is nowhere near the likes of others who have all singing all dancing graphics!

I respect your view totally - this is not an inflammed reply… :grinning:

I see similar posts - I’ve picked this one because I found it here first in this thread.

Why are folk complaining about the flight models? I’ve been flight siming for years - what is it about the stock aircraft in this sim that goes against the desired flight model expectation.? I’m not experiencing this disappointment, and am left wondering what it is that folk find so bad about it??

Best $119 I have spent in a long time. Can’t remember the last time I got hundreds and hundreds of hours of entertainment (and, some frustration) for $119. Expect enjoyment for years to come. Hard to beat.


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And the biggest problem here is that Asobo, under the direction and instruction of Microsoft, does not and will not allow third party aircraft developers to override the default flight model, meaning they will have to stick with this broken, twitchy and comedy flight model if they intend to bring their aircraft into MSFS 2020, which is probably why we don’t have a single aircraft from developers like A2A Simulations yet.


Then why are you still here?

You speak of MSFS as though it literally broke your computer, stole your wife, and single handedly took every penny you owned prior to it’s release. Yes, it’s got some things that need to be addressed, but those things are being addressed, and quite rapidly compared to what we’ve become accustomed to from other developers.

I get frustrated from time to time like everybody else, but overall I’m thrilled not only with what MSFS IS, but what it is GOING TO BE!!

You speak of poor flight models, but how many of the aircraft have you flown in real life? I’ve only flown a few, and I’ve got way more hours in a 172 (and quite a few in 152s) than anything else, and except for the exaggerated turbulence model (that has been fixed), and the mixture problem (that has been improved, but not totally fixed), it flies pretty much like the 172s I’ve flown and owned in real life. The 152 ain’t bad either, but I haven’t flown it much. Too slow!

I’ve never flown a real TBM, or C208, and I have less than 5 hours in twins of any kind, none of which were a Baron, much less a CJ4 or A320, so I can only speak to what I think they would/should fly like compared to how the MSFS versions do.

So, I’ll tell you the same thing I’ve told others who seem to like hanging out here to complain about a product they no longer use. Uninstall it, put it on a shelf somewhere, and write it off to an investment you never should have made. And stop torturing yourself reliving the horrors by going to places like this where you’re surrounded by people who actually like that which is the subject of your scorn. I can’t even imagine what you might think of us!

I’m disabled and spend most of my days and nights stuck in a bed, and MSFS lets me escape my reality and go back to the days that I actually flew in real life, especially when I strap on my Reverb G2 and experience it in VR. Which is a first release and will no doubt improve by an order of magnitude over the next months and years. It makes me feel like I’m back in the cockpits I used to be in regularly. Well, not the TBM or A320, but the smaller ones anyway. And I love the challenge of learning how to fly a super complex airliner like the A320 or CRJ, and look forward to some Boeings from PMDG (and whomever else might put out some good ones), as well as whatever else may be coming.

But I don’t expect people to put these things out overnight. They’re not as hard to build as a REAL one, but they aren’t easy either, so I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and be patient.

Anyway, that’s my $0.02. I’ve seen you all over this forum complaining about a product that you hate, and I don’t understand why you’re wasting your time and torturing yourself. But, hey, if that’s what gets you off, go for it. I guess.


It has exceeded my expectations. I was at an official Flight School’s simulator department when the question was asked of those working the sims there, “so, have you guys tried the new Microsoft Flight Sim?” Their response was a bit condescendingly, “it’s a game…” I couldn’t disagree more. With Virtual Reality now in the picture, the way the Cessna 172 floats above the runway, the way you can take this sim as seriously or as not seriously as you want, the photographic realistic scenery, I will say MSFS 2020 has pleasantly exceeded my expectations! I own other simulators, but haven’t fired them up like I’ve been this one :slight_smile:

Well, at the risk of butting heads with some people around here I’ll say…

…that it’s a mixed bag for me.

Long text, so the final verdict is summarized in the last paragraph.

The visuals are phenomenal and just the fact that we have the entire world reasonably modeled to far greater detail than ever before is pretty crazy. Now that there are helicopters available for the sim I took the time to revisit places in my home city and am quite amazed at how well they are modeled. Landing in front of the local city hall was nice. A friend of mine and me also visited famous places, tried finding Steven King’s House up in Maine, etc. Sure, photogrammetry has some limitations but overall it’s stunning.

The first time I got lost in the volumetric clouds I was yelling excitedly at my monitor because everything went pitch-black around me and IMC felt so much more real than I expected. While it ended in CFIT and the weather was not correct for that place and time, it was still great fun.

But then there are the much-discussed issues concerning flight models and engine models. While Asobo simulates the engine internals at great detail or so they claim, some things are just downright wrong. It was very disappointing to see that the turboprop model was again upside down. So I am glad this is being addressed now with the next updates.

The supplied nav data is also not great at times, missing some waypoints and constraints that are wrongly implemented.

Overall my biggest issues with MSFS lie in the lack of progress in certain areas that might be considered secondary or low priority to some, to my surprise. While the ATC is the best in the market (out of the box), it’s still rudimentary and I expected some improvements in that area. At least this is getting some makeover as well in the next sim update.

Also, the usability has regressed in my opinion. While the world map UI is a nice feature, it’s somewhat cumbersome to use. I want a field to type/paste my flight plan into and not play “connecting the dots” for 20+ waypoints. Earlier versions of Flight Simulator allowed to change time and place in-situ and had many small features that came from years of experience by the ACES team.

I am sure the current technical issues like memory management and all that will be resolved over time and overall I am fairly happy that Asobo works with the community to remedy the bugs and errors that are present. The simulator was released too early, in my opinion, but it seems that the promises of ongoing support will be honored.


Overall it did not live up to my hype, but it could have been much worse. I still have lots of fun using the sim when it works after shelving FSX years ago and rekindling my interest in the flight sim hobby.

Flight Simulator was always the market leader for good reasons and this is no exception. Give it a few years and we might see the full potential of the new technical base unlocked.


Watch all the original marketing, technology, and partnership videos.

Make note of the features shown in those videos and combine that with expectations of officially branded items like Garmin nav units.

Now, compare that with what was released and its current state, without any consideration for any third party contributions whatsoever.

That should give you a fairly objective answer…


I agree. I fly about 3-5 hours most days, and I can’t imagine better entertainment for the money. I’ve been using VR mode for the past three months. The realism is incredible. Great job Microsoft, Asobo, and others.


It’s been awesome.

Been on the Sim every day since Alpha Day 1. Found a couple of really nice regular flying friends overseas. Am totally addicted. Have had very few problems compared to many others, but I am a bit bug-tolerant. Still have XP but hardly ever use it. Sim probably about what I expected, or a bit better than expected. On- going commitment by developers exceeds my expectations. Bit disappointed that so many add-ons are still required, but fully understand the reasons why. Cheers.

Yes and no.

I was expecting the sim to be in the state it is. It’s a massive project. I was under no illusions that it will work perfectly from day one, nor did i expect it to progress at a rapid pace.

What I didn’t expect was the direction it will go in. I was expecting it to be a very open platform, very friendly towards developers. Instead it aims to have a pretty rigid development environment, with safeguards left and right. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing we shall see in the long run.


That flight sim exceeded my expectations by far.
They created something really big.
Thanks to Asobo et al.

The graphics? Absolutely

Everything else? Not so much. I’ll be honest if it wasn’t for the amazing work of working title and flybywire I would have dropped msfs 2020 ages ago. Sure their products are not “study level” but they are getting closer everyday and the progress they put into their works puts this simulator into another level.

Not to mention the amount of game breaking bugs Asobo releases with their updates and then modders in some cases having to fix Asobo’s bugs for them speaks volumes about them especially quality control.

As a person why flies regularly on Vatsim realism of aircraft is a big selling point for me and the default aircraft along with the sometimes questionable flight characteristics are just not cutting it for me.

The fact the matter is that msfs 2020 looks amazing outside but not so much on the inside.


Short post and you are not reading properly the second line, I knew perfectly the simulator when I PRE-purchased it because I participated actively in the alpha and beta, for instance reviewing about 47 airports.
The fact that I EXPECTED more of MSFS does not invalidate that it is the best.

What is FSX?

If I understand @SlippedSheep437 correctly he/she entered the Alpha over a year ago, about the same time as me.

FSX was Microsoft’s last Flight Sim before this one.
Microsoft did bring out Microsoft Flight after FSX, but it was poor, and very soon disappeared…after a month or so, I gave up on it…
FSX for its time was pretty good.

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