Lights are missing on VATSIM AI aircraft

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Lol why didn’t they address this themselves instead of us having to download this additional mod to fix it? This is my issue with asobo they don’t prioritize anything that WE need fixed.

I don’t even fly on vatsim at night anymore cuz I can’t see any airplanes due to the lights not working.


Besides the lights issue, my main problem is that some planes are not visible at all. I have read about that but before and on my last attempt to use vatsim it happened to me too. According to VatScope there where several planes parked around me, but just one was visible for me.
Is there any way to address this issue?

Is the altitude bug still open?

I was busy and couldn’t do much Vatsimming and therefore could not test. Last time the controllers just went with it, but it would be great to have it fixed for good.

I think it is fixed. Asked one controller to confirm my altitude and they gave the exact altitude that I was at.


Thx. And was it with local QNH unequal to standard?

Yeah, was around 3000 feet about to intercept at Gatwick

At which QNH?

Because the bug (used to?) appear when the new MSFS atmosphere model differs from the standard ISA atmosphere. In order to fix it vPilot needs to pull in a different altitude variable (without going too much into detail here ).

Can’t remember exactly, but a few weeks ago, I’d say it was something around 1006. It was below 1013 though

That would be great.

Because a quick look at the vPilot / Vatsim forum says the opposite nor did I find any hints that it would be fixed elsewhere. Please correct if I overlooked sth

This thread may be old, before the fix was done. I’d say the best way then to confirm is to connect and check with ATC. They’ll give a definitive answer.

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Yes. Thanks.

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Well… do you remember a General Discussion section where people would open a question like this with a title “Aircraft Lights off on VATSIM ?” And provide some proper description of what is going on ? instead of a clickbait title imposing an opinion on the reader and two lazy picture submits ? This is old news,

Sometimes I wonder if some users actually want MS/Asobo to solve issues in MSFS. Or just whine around and be pityful, begging true simmers for likes and sympathy… no offense… @Salem978 thanks for posting the repair.

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There is a reason I put this post in General Discussions. It’s not really a question to be answered.

The only thing that has been consistent since the game release is that THE NUMBER OF BUGS ALWAYS GOES UP WITH EVERY UPDATE. Yes, I want the bugs to fixed because I payed money for this piece of software. But if history is anything to go by, the number of bugs will keep going up

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That happens always, with every software program in the beginning of its life cycle. This is a 8-10 year project, things are still changed, with every update. Users find new bugs… developers cause new bugs…

This IS a clear bug, I acknowledge that, no discussion needed… why don’t you just vote ? There is a topic…

and this…

I’ve already voted.
And as far as I know creating general topics in “General Discussions” is allowed and there is no limit on the number of topics that can be created on a certain subject. So that being said, if you think the topic is not for you, then just ignore it, you won’t lose anything.

Of course it is ALLOWED pal… there is no forum rule that sais you can’t submit general complaints and general grievances about MSFS. But there are a lot of these topics… and I’ve seen experts (pilots) leave this forum because of the endless, undirected negativity. Do we really want that as members ? Experts leave because interesting topics are undermined everywhere ? not everything should be in rules… members have a responsibility too.

I fly on IVAO and VATSIM regularly, no issues so far except for the plane leaving the flight plan when introducing the STAR, which is easily solvable by doing a direct to the next point.

And what do lights have to do? That is an issue with an addon, you have to update it, the new version of FBW has solved the issue.

EDIT: Oh you mean live traffic missing lights? Why would you use live traffic while on vatsim? You should turn it off or you will see tons of planes that are not actual players.

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Hi, thanks for the comment but I think you misunderstood. Go through the comments in the thread

People can do whatever they want, I wont be afraid to post something on the forum just because some “expert pilots” threaten to leave, sorry.