Mappable controls to toggle POIs (landmarks, airports, cities, fauna, etc.)

Also note that there is a community mod that adds a workaround:

Works quite well, just that new nametags start popping up again once disabled, so one has to disable them again.

Still, an out-of-the-box solution with key binding would be nice.

Also vote here for a toggle of the taxi-ribbon toggle since this cannot be done via mod so far:

Thanks for the merge!

I too think we need ingame toggles for all these visual aid markings. (both pois and taxi ribbons)
Preferably both as a possible key bind and a new box in the ‘hidden menu’ at the top. Of course each poi and taxi ribbon should be a separate option. :smiley:

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it’s already fixed with latest version of mod. And one button toggle

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Here’s a mod that does exactly what you want. It lets you toggle all kinds of HUD & UI elements with the backspace key.

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Thanks so much for this! :blush: It even gets rid of the little white marker above the toolbar that appears when you move the mouse, which often plagues screenshots - didn’t see it listed as a feature but it does it :wink:

I’m trying to keep MSFS fairly mod-free while they’re making frequent updates but I had to get this one. The new tooltips are also much better for a PC screen; the originals are a bit too large at times.

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Keyboard command for taxi labels in-flight would be very nice. Same with other in-game labels.

I agree. You can always leave a comment on the mod above and hope the author agrees too. =)

Here to show support for this. In my case I thought this would be very handy in VR where the markers are sometimes useful but usually immersion breaking. Jumping into menus is even more immersion breaking

Voted. There are times went I don’t want the labels on. DCS has a mappable button to toggle labels and its nice to have the option

Check out the mod linked a few posts back in case you didn’t see it. It does just that, if you install the right parts (it’s a bundle of several mods, not all are needed). Now I can toggle the POI & traffic markers with Backspace and all is good in the world. Well, apart from the other hundred minor fixes we’re waiting for…

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Either having to pause the flight to turn on POI pointers or having them looming over the terrain when you’ve turned them on are immersion-breakers.

Please add a toggle hotkey.

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Yes. It would be good to have a toggle key for items such as Taxi guidance Airport markers and POI. It is crazy to have to go into the menus each time you want to select one of them. FSX allowed you to toggle taxi guidance from the ATC menu.

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Considering how useless is the VFR map, it would be nice to have key bindings to enable POIs, cities and airport markers. It is interesting to know which place or landmark we are flying over from time to time, but it’s just too annoying to interrupt the game and enter the menus.
It’s already been discussed, but the first key binding I would add is for the taxiways of course (we had it in FSX 15 years ago and maybe even before!)

Please please pretty please can you add a POI toggle key?

It seems like such a waste to add so many POIs in each update then have them be missed by users who don’t want the immersion breaking icons.

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key binding would be really useful!

Can’t imagine a POI toggle key would be too complicated to create, considering all the other wonderful stuff the devs have managed to come up with.
Please make it happen!

Agree ! I’d like POI, Airport and Fauna markers in the keyboard assignment list. You don’t have to assign, but it would be handy if you can assign these as keys.

Exactly! Well said!
It shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

Add the possibility to assign a keyboard key for enable/disable Navigation Aids as POI makers.

This would avoid manipulation In flight → Escape → Assistance → Navigation Aids → POIs on/off.

The POI toggle is essential for the weekly screenshot contests. You need them on to find the POI, then off to snap the screenshot, then on again if you are doing more than one POI per flight, etc.