More Physics, More Real Winds

I should have known better, sigh.
Not only is your reply for a large part incomprehensible and it doesn’t make sense, you have again, as usual, not answered my question.

But I am, I am trying very hard to understand your perception of reality so that we will have a better simulator… And you are an airline captain I suppose… I see no question… I am sorry, please do help me to comprehend what you think is incomprehensible, that way will have a common understanding the profit of our time… But I am quite sure… when you feel more peaceful and more analytical, Thank you for your time… Soon you will have even more money and profit to enjoy Flight Simulator like me, in the forum… you are all my best friends… And when this simulator will have more forces to present, you watch the following landing and tell me what do you think about it…

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The answer is simple. It is the shape of the airframe. But the shape of the airframe, and the model that the game displays to you are two completly different things. If the model and the shape of the airframe that the game is using are the same (as they should be for actual aircraft) they it will seem realistic. If you use a donut model, while the shape of the airframe is say a Cessna 172, it won’t be accurate. But the donut will fly exactly as the cessna 172 does.

Hi guys, I created a couple of bug reports over the last couple of days based on the discussions in this thread. If you have anything to add, feel free to comment:

I will be less active in the foreseeing future as I’m currently running a project to set something up for the airline I’m working for. All the best!


This is not correct. Or it is correct a little. MSFS 2020 ALWAYS use the 3D model for the “virtual windtunnel” - search for this if you want to know the details. The “legacy” flight model is only a castrated modern flight model, same rules apply.
Now you CAN fool - to some extend - the virtual windtunnel if you enter e.g. wrong *_pos_apex_lon and *_pos_apex_vert values. And for a biplane like Pitts S2S you have to cheat because MSFS 2020 does only know monoplanes.

But can you and every other sane person stop with this “MSFS 2020 flight model must be the FSX flight model” stuff? Please!

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Glad to hear you’re still employed and doing well during these ridiculous times :+1:t2:

That alone is enough workload.

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I think I will die waiting given the current progress.

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Yeah, You are very right Sir, There are many forces not present in the simulator… But “Many” forces is too general word. We need to focus on Few of them first, and present videos to prove their absence. In that way the community and developers who care, can make a list of them, and start working on them.

And if you please, you can make some video’s of the more obvious one’s you can see, and bring them to our awareness… I will be very happy to see… Thank you for your attention and contribution.

I would like to show you also, a video of my previous landing, but not from the cockpit, rather form the spot view, so that you can compare the difference between what we all can presume about how perfect the landing was, and what actually occurred while touchdown. That is very relevant to what is also missing in FS2020, The level of accuracy, of pressure on the gear, and to experience the view of the gear pressure, is a different topic…

We all can view the touchdown as not being perfect, The aircraft bounces once after touchdown, and only on the second touchdown it sinks onto the runway, but from the previous video, of the landing the pilot can’t experience what occurs, and the Simulator should enable the pilot to experience the movement of that aggressive pressure even if it was very slightly seen on the touchdown.

Please state WHAT you think is wrong.
Also, you’re using a poorly imported FSX model to make your point.
I know you’re keen to learn, but this is not the way to do it.

Please just go and enjoy your beloved sim.

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That’s an understatement, but what stands out (besides the just barely avoided tailstrike) is the application of more than idle reverse while the nosegear is still in the air. A big no-go.
As an active real world 737-900 pilot you should know that.

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What is wrong, is very simple, If you compare the two landings the one in my previous video, and the one in the FS2020 while not applying the ailerons or rudder, and if you hear clearly at the rate of descent, “50, 40, 30, 20, 10,…” The pilot hears the rate at which the aircraft is touching the ground, but even when it was too fast, you can see the aggressive shark to the aircraft, you can’t experience the aggressive vibration on touchdown, Look again at the Video I presented in FS2020, and pay attention to the details…

So what’s the problem? You dropped like a brick. Of course there will be a shock to the aircraft. :man_shrugging:

Try keeping a little more speed. Another 5 knots or so.
With the A320 you may need to select idle thrust later.

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Yes, Thank you for improving my pilot skills, but my pilot skills are not in question here, even if it’s hard for you to pay attention to the reason why I choose to land in that aggression so that it will not be viewed from the cockpit but only while watching the spot view and paying attention to the details, suddenly you will see the difference between the two simulators, and what is missing in FS2020…

My Pilot skills are to a very high level, I would love to see some serious analysis as to what you can improve in FS2020, and show serious videos, which will contribute a great deal of QA for Asobo…

And still, after DAYS, you have not said WHAT is missing!

So WHAT is missing?!?!

Thank you for your response, Dear Sir, I know that my landing was aggressive, but it was aggressive in order to prove that the simulator is not responding correctly, the physics is not showing any bounce, even with that aggression there was no bounce, while in the other simulator, the aircraft was landing very softly, and even then the bounce was visible only from spot view… It takes a very precise artist which is a very detailed pilot to pay attention to these details, and to see them clearly… But as pilots can accurately evaluate these conditions, but it needs a lot of paying attention…

I am sure you had more than 2000 landings in your whole life as a pilot… And out of those 2000 landings, I am quite sure that 0.1% of them were hard, do you remember how it feels like when you land too hard? if you do, see the video again… and then you can tell me what is wrong… in FS2020.

No… :man_shrugging:

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