New camera setting- Home Cockpit Mode

In the camera settings there is a home cockpit mode now which is supposed to remove the VC and lock the view, but it doesnt seem to be fully implemented yet as the VC still renders. Good sign that Asobo have listened and the horizon for home cockpits has moved a step closer


Uooo! I didn’t see that and I can’t try it now. But hope to works properly soon. I’m planning my home cockpit and that feature is mandatory :upside_down_face:

So you say that option does nothing?

It centres the view and locks it but doesn’t remove the VC as it states it does in the free text.

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Mega, I’m happy!

This will be great and thanks for listening to us! Could we also have a HUD option for this mode?

Can somebody let me know when it will be OK ? - I am currently on P3D/FSX and will wait that the option is 100% working.
Another question: Does it solve the problem with multi-screens (see post Multiple screens functionality) ?

It does not solve other issues for home builders: Multi instances / PCs (Multi-PC feature and Multi-channel capability)


It would be great if they include a HUD option for that view.
Even for cockpit view there should be that option too.

It doesn’t remove the virtual cockpit for me either. I opened a Zendesk ticket on the case.


I was just informed by Zendesk they have recorded the bug in their internal bug and issue tracker. So we can hope it will be remedied in one of the next versions.


Hi, with the yesterday’s update i noted this option in camera settings (cockpit section)
How does will it work ? I’ll try to set to ON but the view is the same when it is setted to OFF

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Still not working properly, supposed to remove the VC but doesnt

Is removing the VC related to using triples that could be used as the outside world without a cockpit? The cockpit could be displayed on a fourth monitor?

I am just curious.

Yes, the idea generally is you use 2020 to generate the view out of the airplane and an external program running the avionics. You could undock 2020 gauges but performance suffers.

Excellent. Thanks for the clarification.

Long-term they will get it sorted out. The external avionics program would be a bee’otch to code. With all of the different panels out there in all of the different planes. That would keep a small team of programmers working for a couple of few years busy…

There are loads available now and yes v complex. Project Magenta, prosim, simavionics to name a few of the complex glass cockpit

For a free version Jeehel FMGS airbus suite is very good

I will scope those out. Thanks!

Asobo, if you’re going to move the camera, please give us an option. I’d prefer to keep it in the correct pilot eyepoint rather than shift it to the center of the cockpit.


Even after some updates the useless Home Cockpit Mode is still unchanged, the option is there, but doesn’t do anything.
Please MS fix this or remove this option!!

I haven’t tried the mode but, if you think about what home cockpit builders need, it is, finally, very simple: We need a 360° view without ‘distortion’ that can, like cockpit panels, be detached in popups and be ‘locked’ permanently in specific places of the screen. By ‘locked’, I mean that these windows (view and panels) have to find their places back at each time a game (re)start. As a result, we should be able to see 1) panels in the lowest part of the screen (and putting them in seperate monitors) and 2) the view above these panels. The remaining aspects are managed by other softwares (FSUIPC, MOBIFLIGHT, etc.). Who does agree with my point of view ? Please put a “like” if you agree. PS: Isn’t it Microsoft core task to deal with windows at the end ?


Im starting to lose hope with this platform really for the home cockpit community- it seems positively biased toward the gaming community before the simmers which from a business case is understandable.

There are some easy hacks you can do to achieve the full view by simply creating your own VC model for the lights and stuff but you then need to place the camera way in front of the model or else it gets in the way. Surely a camera setting akin to the “w” key which has been a staple of fsim for years cant be that hard. I struggle to understand why the feature was even removed as even without a home cockpit, admiring the scenery full screen is very entertaining.

I am becoming increasingly dissatisfied with each sim update, but the world updates are terrific and 2020 will always have a place on my HD even if just for some vfr ga type simming