New Simmers: Introduce Yourself!

Hi, my name is Joe. I am a returnee to FS as I haven’t been involved since FSX!
I have FS installed on my PC and I am using Saitek (now Logitech) yolk and throttle quadrants mounted on a Wheel Stand Pro S with a multi panel and switch panel on the way.
I look forward to exchanging ideas and hearing advice and maybe sharing a little from my experience.
I am a retired ARTCC and TRACON ATCS (Air Traffic Control Specialist) and former DC3 jockey.
Thanks and hope to communicate with you soon!


Hi everyone!
As a future MSFS adopter, I look forward reading and participating in this forum. I have an old PC and will get a shiny new one for sure in the next month to use MSFS as a support tool to keep my private pilot license alive for the next years. I have yet much to learn about this game, the hardware required to make it run smoothly (including low level VR) and the accessories (yokes, rudders and panel) to immerse fully and get closest to real flying experience.
Thanks everyone!


hi, i am unable to create new posts ? is this because I am new, what do I need to get access to start posting on the forums ?


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Hi @ScannableRo

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Hi there. Happy to be here. I am new to FS along with a new PC. So far things are going ok for me. It’s a big learning curve as I am retired and enjoying a couple of great planes. TBM 930 and Kodiak 100 amphibious models. Wishing you all the best with your flights.


Hi folks.

My name is actually Bruce but on most of the gaming sites on which I am a member my handle is Bizz…short for Biznawich.

I’ve had some version of MS Flt Sim on my computer(s) since the early 80’s (Tandy). I only just purchased the 2019 version…waiting for all the bugs, fixes and patches to be done with. Also, I bought a new laptop with enough muscle to run it (and a few other online games I immerse myself in) on ultra.

I am (was) a private pilot with slightly over 11,000 hours though I was asked to relinquish my ticket when my 2nd class annual turned up type-2 diabetes in 2012.

Oh well, I still retain the knowledge/skill and old friends allow me tag along on occasion, and while it isn’t necessary, I do maintenance for them in return for free or at significantly reduced cost relative to the local FBO…my A&P is forever (or until my demise cancels it). :wink: It tends to keep my dexterity in condition…I’m presently 67 years old.

Nice making all your acquaintances.


Hello my name is Luigi “Gigi” I have known this simulator since it was born, it has made great strides and I have aged


I am new to this forum, but not to MSFS. How the blank do you post anything? I am not dumb, but I can find nowhere to post a new (as opposed to reply - like this) message. Is there a button I am missing? Do I have to have the Pope’s imprimatur first? Baby talk me through this, please.
Modal Tub20

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Hi @ModalTub20
New users are not allowed to create topics to prevent spamming. Take a look here: Trust Levels and How To Advance

Thank you. Guess I will have to read a few posts randomly, etc. I assume that once I hit that magic “trust level” (I know, I don’t want bots or spammers either) there will be some button that says something like “New Topic”.

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Hello. Not exactly new to FS (on PC) but this is my first xbox, so I’m just gonna look around and absorb as much as I canand know that there are such things as dumb questions.


Hello, I´m Alejandro from Argentina, I recently bought FS2020 after 4 years on X-Plane 11.
I use the PC version on Steam, and entered the flight simulation world because since I was a kid I´m in love with planes :slight_smile:


Hi I’m new to MSFS2020. I need all the help one can offer please in the intial setup and then which downloads to get to improve the sim.



Welcome aboard!

I would suggest following the installation guides available (depending on which version you own)✓&query=installation+guide

After you’re up and running you can check out some of the forum posts here on must have add-ons. There are several topics actually.

Happy flying!

Hi, this is Mali’B. Love playing MFS on Xbox Series S. I have been playing the game since it was launched. This game helps me to boost my knowledge in planes and how they work.
I even did a review about the game (@XboxTrends on YouTube)
I wanna buy a pc so that I can experience and play the game to its full potential.


Lawrence Sweet fs9 and now 2020



I am a real world pilot and part owner of a Cessna 340 and Cessna 441. Avionics are G500/G600 TXi with GTN 750 in both airplanes.

My sim setup is 3x55" TVs + 2 15 inch touchscreens, honeycomb yoke and throttle, and thrustmaster pedals. I plan to switch the virtual panel to 2x22" touchscreens and one 15" touchscreen in between the seats. I currently run an AMD 5900X and AMD 6900XT, I am planning a 7900X/4090 mini-ITX build.

I also have an XBox at home with MSFS. Interested to see more home cockpit features for MSFS!


Welcome to the forums @MaliB9929, @InnerMantella56, and @john330303! We hope you have a pleasant experience. There are many people here who are happy to help guide you around or answer questions to don’t hesitate to start exploring!

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Hello all,
My name is Lance but go by Landskull and currently trying to use the sim on an Xbox Series S cloud streaming version. New to sim but have flown radio control for years. I am having quite a few issues with the sim right now but hoping I can det some answers now that I’ve found the forum. I look forward to chatting and the sim.


Hi, you can call me: Sergio
I am playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on: PC
I want to try flight simulation because: I`ve already played this kind of simulation a long time ago and I would like to retorn to play it again.
I would like a help about the compatibility with my system:

NVIDIA GeForce MX110
Processor Intel(R) Core™ i7-8565U CPU @ 1.80GHz 1.99 GHz
Installed RAM 36.0 GB (35.9 GB usable)

is it possible to play with this hardware?