Official Discussion: October 14th, 2021 Development Update

Weird - still not showing up on my side.

That is odd. Have you done a reboot? I’ve only just had three achievements arrive several days after I cleared them!

Amen. Them getting bugged planes in and refusing really solid products is incomprehensible.

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You’re absolutely correct, they have zero control over those factors. In this case Just Flight did in fact try to publish the Arrows, both on the marketplace and with Xbox compatibility. They sent their files back in August. So there is no excuse for those not being published at this point in time.

This has nothing to do with Xbox users wanting MS/Asobo to force 3rd party developers to make products compatible. It’s about quality 3rd party developers like Just Flight and Milviz who have decided to go for Xbox compatibility not being able to get their products listed at all.

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To clear up the Carenado sale,
There are 4/7 of the planes on Xbox:
CT182T Skylane
PA28R Arrow III

Three of them are unfortunately not available on Xbox yet due to issues being investigated. Those are:
M20R Ovation
PA44 Seminole
PA34T Seneca V


The response to my support ticket about lost achievements was that they couldn’t be restored. I did point them to the topics on the bush trip issues and they indicated it was being added to their internal bug tracker (these should be dead simple ones to reproduce).

Edit: None of these have been marked with “bug logged” yet:

Another really good point - these were great and I’m sure the xbox folks would appreciate them too.


I rely pretty heavily on marketplace user ratings. I realize they are not always reliable, but I usually don’t take a chance if an add-on has lower ratings.

I am currently not at home. Can anyone post the prices of all Carenado planes?



Wait. Actual achievements lost or just progress towards achievements?

Both are pretty serious from the perspective of a game that wants to open itself up to a broader and more casual player base but they also have very serious implications for any multiplayer DLC (like Reno air race) that they plan to release.

What’s the point in having either achievements or a league table if the code/cloud integration is so shonky that it can all just get lost like that?

Finally …

The implied loss of data not being recoverable also has implications for marketplace purchases which is why I won’t touch the marketplace with a ■■■■■■ stick until they provide proof of purchase receipts that can be used in event of data loss like this and any associated dispute.

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Actual achievements unfortunately - all my bush trips (including all legs) completed prior to SU5 were reset to 0% complete.

I believe there were some bush trip-related bug fixes mentioned in earlier release notes, so hoping I can at least re-fly them post SU6.

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Will these be available on Xbox before the sale ends? Will they go on sale once they become on available?

I understand this may be a technical issue but it feels like Xbox keeps getting left in the dust between bug fix priorities and add-on support by a title published by Xbox Game Studios. Missing out on this sale would feel like another slap in the face.

I would add the aircraft missing from Xbox are also among the most well received and most popular of the Carenado products adding insult to injury.


It would not shock me at all to see the sale come and go followed by those 3 being released on Xbox. They know exactly what they’re doing…

It really feels like it. Am I supposed to enjoy flying a weapon less $9 Mig around a bunch of civilian airports? Serious question, what percentage of add on aircraft for Xbox are cheap military jets? It’s clear representation of the current view they have of Xbox users.

It’s like they can’t comprehend that if they maybe approved a JF Arrow or heck even the Seneca, more users might end up spending money on airports or scenery to use with those aircraft.

And man I miss Star Fox :grinning:


Search YouTube for Su-57 Xbox and read some of the comments - you might be surprised.

As you said, but in a different context - they know what they are doing. I’m sure Deimos spent some $$ - likely on consumer data, however, not researching the Su-57 :rofl:

But I think we need to start asking if Xbox is really a ‘games’ brand anymore…

I reckon you already know the answer to that one, mate. Unfortunately.

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Probably, but worth a shot to at least bring up the issue. Maybe it gets mentioned in a meeting at the very least in the off chance it results in something.

I’m either gonna buy what I want or get fed up with the shenanigans and leave either way.

Not just…

Could any of the mods / insiders comment what preparations may need to be made to aid with a smooth patch rollout (outside of clearing the community folder and installing the Xbox app). Things like deleting rolling or static cache in advance?

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Can anyone confirm if PAKT or PAEN is available in the XBOX marketplace as shown in the 10/14 release notes? I don’t see either of them.

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