Official Discussion: Sim Update 10 - Wednesday Sept. 21st

is the latest

516.94 is the latest game-ready driver so far.

Others may have already written about this, but FYI.
In the release notes PDF for the released nVidia Studio Driver 517.40, I found a mention of a memory-corruption fix in MSFS/DX12.
It is not GamereadyDriver yet, but I am sure there was some kind of fix.


Yes, I mentioned that in an earlier post:

I suspect the fix is the same as what else might be in the GRD driver, so it will suffice for today.

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But the rest of us have to wait longer for Thursday :relaxed:


That is actually quite funny if you think about it.
The software goes online at the same time worldwide, the only thing is that you live in the future…or was it the past…darn twilight zones hahahaha.

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I never signed up for or otherwise used any Beta. That’s what leaves me wondering.

That’s strange, at least you have a fresh install now anyway lol

So it looks as if Asobo have given up waiting for the bugfixed driver from Nvidia and are releasing SU10 without waiting.

Guess that means they’ll fix the issue in SU11. That would explain why there is no new beta: there is no new code to test.

It’s been mentioned numerous times already, but the Studio driver does have the XP12 image corruption issue included, so you can install that driver.

In fact it was mentioned only a couple of posts above yours if you look.

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Suspect this is true. The nvidia driver fix only helps if the memory optimisation is added back to the SU10 code.

Given Asobo are on a schedule - WU11 end Sep and 40th anniversary edition end Oct, they’ve probably run out of time to include this in SU10.

They’ve got opportunities to fix it coming up though in either of these updates (although they may not want to include code fix in the WU)

Great… I wonder why nobody posted in News and Announcements …


From my understanding… if you want the “live” version of SU10 that everyone else will be getting you need to leave the beta.

But wait until its hits the servers first. If you opt out before hand it will want to put SU9 back on again.

So when the SU10 drops, should we automatically click on update ( if we participated the beta) or just leave beta and do the update ?

just update, don’t leave the beta first.


Thanks a lot !

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Less than 3 hours left. I feel positive vibes regarding this update :slight_smile:


Typical behavior, sadly.


This is a link to the instructions that were given when SU9 was released. Unless there’s been a change, I would expect the process to be the same. When SU10 is released in a couple of hours, I’m sure there will be a similar post. Read and follow it carefully when the time comes.

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