[OFFICIAL] Weekly Dev Update Screenshot Challenge - Two Years of MSFS

It’s time for another screenshot challenge! The idea is to collectively explore different parts of the world together - areas that may be very familiar to you or perhaps a new place you have never flown before. Feel free to find others to fly with to capture the challenge, or go solo!

Last week’s winner from Aviation Safety: IronWings_VP from Twitter

This Week’s Challenge

Two Years of MSFS: It has officially been two years since the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. We’d like to make this challenge WIDE open - capture a screenshot of the absolute best memory you’ve had flying in the sim over the past two years. Let us know why it’s so meaningful to you, too! Thank you so much for being a part of this amazing aviation community. Cheers to more years flying together!

If you have any screenshot challenge ideas for the future, send @Jummivana a DM!


  1. Any time of day
  2. Any type of weather
  3. Code of Conduct appropriate liveries
  4. Default aircraft and scenery, or aircraft and scenery from the MSFS Marketplace
  5. Up to 10 entries (screenshots) allowed

The rest is fair game! Use your creativity! We will pick the top 11 shots. 1 will be featured as the main photo of the next dev update and the other 10 will be featured in the community section.

You may also add a watermark or username to your image if you wish.

How To Submit Your Screenshot

Just post them below here in this thread, or if you’re on Twitter you can tweet your photo with the #MSFSchallenge hashtag!

Note: This thread is for screenshot submissions only. Unless you have a particular question about the challenge, please do not engage in casual conversation here. Thank you!

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“Good morning aviators! This is your Captain speaking”
Unforgettable phrase from an unforgettable movie relive by the amazing MSFS TopGun: Maverick DLC


This picture, while not taken on Day 1, shows the amazement that I had on Day 1 at how beautiful the world is and how relaxing it is to just hop into a small plane and watch the scenery, urban or rural alike

And this picture shows that on top of the incredible world to explore, this game also has fun and extremely detailed airliners and mods in general that make the whole experience even better!


Not only did it float well, it also behaved as you would expect being taken by the current down river. Unintentional yet somehow impressive. Bobbing along. At one point the tail hit the bank and sure enough the plane turned in the water as you would a floating object to do. Quite mesmerising.


Still one of my favorite screenshots. Pearl Harbor by the WW2 USS Arizona memorial. Very realistically modeled as I found having visited there once in person.


Two iconic images together.





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My first flights with MSFS were recreating flights I’d done IRL.

One of my first navigation flights was to fly from Tyabb YTYA where I trained to Moorabbin YMMB.

It took years of flying to get into a twin, and what a twin! The C310 took me across the West Australian desert.

Taking the Minister of Education to Uluru, so she could have a 5 star resort to sleep in was definitely a highlight! And we got to see the rock with some rare rain!

I soon learned that landing on the side of hills is really fun, like this! Getting steeper and steeper with the Graavel I found it can land on slopes of about 50 degrees! That led me to make the Rockfall Challenge strip. It pairs wonderfully with that aircraft!

And that led to me falling in love with the Alps, especially on the French side with their awesome Altiports! I modified the DR400 into the DR250 Capitaine taildragger to have a different, not so overpowered, type of fun with these.

Finally, once Covid started to settle down, I’m getting deeper into the sim so that I can do my sim study with MSFS with my new PC.

My passion on this sim seems to also be taking screenshots! I’ve had a good number published already. Here’s a few that I love:

And something fun that I’d still like to work on…

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I’ve been using Microsoft Flight Simulator for over 11 years and the day I took this screen shot I spent some time looking at this image and absorbing all the information. I never thought a flight sim would reach this level. And in that moment I realized how satisfying it was to be able to distract myself in the simulator. At that time I was depressed because of the pandemic and this Sim helped me a lot in difficult times





Lake Ryan, Washington, U.S.A

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, U.A.E

Out of the world experience!

Sundarban National Park, Bangladesh


Brighton Palace Pier, UK.

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Papua, New Guinea


My nicest memories are first landings… my first Blériot landing :hugs:

A proper landing on Parorng’s LS-60 slope… this was also early 2021,

Funniest memory was taking off backward on LS-60, with KitFox-STI


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woken up by the sun after a long flight home

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