Promoted To Mainline!

In the latter part of 2022 we started our airline pilot career with VAC ( flying the CRJ for Jazz.

With our last promotion we are now starting to train in the Airbus A-320.

Allot to learn before we’re ready to start moving passengers but very much looking forward to it. We have a bit of downtime before the training starts so taking the family on vacation in the 414 that we picked up while working in Alaska

More to come soon!


We’ve wrapped up our A320 training and are ready to start flying passengers out of CYYZ!

Night Ops training!


Our first flight with passengers was from YYZ to YHZ and we had some special guests (friends and family) onboard.

And before long we were on final!

And since then, we’ve been knocking off all the Air Canada (ACA) Mainline routes out of CYYZ and CYOW.

And just one of the perks of moving up to Mainline over Regional (Jazz). Hot destinations!

Regardless of the airframe, the sunrises are always beautiful!

SamScene3D Toronto looking great!

VATSIM + AIG Model Matching makes for an awesome airport experience!

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Miami & Fort Lauderdale night lighting bringing the city to life!

And GSX helps bring the airplane to life!

And once in awhile, in a small airport like KDEN (heavy sarcasm) it’s hard to find an empty stand, so someone parks inside your cabin.

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And with this mornings flight from CYOW to CYVR we broke the 900 hour mark!

We also hit the 10,000 PAX mark for the VA!


We’ve put many more miles and hours behind the A320 since the last post, hitting every destination out of YYZ.

It was around this moment, I found the “save uncompressed” option for Screenshots in the Steam client. So going forward, much nicer quality.

And GSX just takes the Pre and Post flight to another level.

Anyone have any orders coming into YYZ on April 10th? They arrived safely!

Love the longer range over the regional CRJ and being able to hit the islands.

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Somedays I spend more time doing pre and post flight then in the air en route, but I love it.