[RELEASED] F4F-4 Wildcat | Got Friends

Thanks for your feedback. To Remove the Pilot on Ground, simply click your Seatbelt.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Ah thank you very much!

Greetings, it’s a beautifully modeled plane. Great job to the publisher.

I just have a couple of minor concerns regarding takeoff, landing and stall performance. I’ve noticed that landing requires almost full 100% nose-up trim to have an acceptable performance and this is almost 25 knots over the published stall speed.

If you dip below 100 knots, the sink rate is too high for a safe landing. I can’t get anywhere near the stall speed of around 75 knots, even near empty weight and a minimum amount of fuel without high sink rates below 100 knots. I have to use 100% upward nose trim when I get close to these speeds.

I think once this is patched it will be a perfect plane. She flies beautifully at climb and cruise.


I haven’t had that experience, but you may be shooting for too low a landing speed.

The WWII pilots’ handbook has this to say about landing:

Try bringing it in closer to 90 MPH and see how it feels. That’s what I’ve been aiming for on final with a gradual reduction in throttle once over the threshold with increased back stick.

It’s a challenge, that’s for sure.


This was my dad’s sole criticism after he bought it for his sim. Everything else he seems to enjoy about it, but that effect was distracting and felt out of place. Obviously a small criticism, which means its a great product. Maybe they’ll remove/improve that effect over time.

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Just purchased the Wildcat yesterday, what a great plane. I’ve been flying out of Gillespie field around San Diego in the Commemorative Air Force livery. I’ve seen the real plane fly at several air shows here. You can tell by the unique engine sound when an F4F flies over, you can hear every cylinder.
Thanks to Got Friends for a good job! Make more!


Sim Update broke multiplayer animations, as Wildcat spawns in with folded wings, that’s where they stay when flying… :cry:

It was doing something similar for me before the update (in fact, ever since I first got it!) …at a distance any other F4F’s looked like birds and it took me a while to work out that the wings were folded / partially folded until the A/C got closer …and then appeared normal!