Slider to adjust/disable the scenery culling (reduce panning pop-in and stutters)

Updated the main post to remove the (seems permanently) closed discussion thread, and to add a video which shows the terrain morphing that happens when switching views.

It was taken with Terrain Level of Detail set to 200 (Ultra preset). At 10 the mesh does not morph anymore (only textures are swapped), which means outside of the camera view the mesh quality is reduced to the lowest possible value.

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This is great we need more people to vote on this :upside_down_face:


I would also like the ability to “allocate” more of my resources to help with stuttering. Right now you can Crank the LOD in the config file, but the stutter goes up with it. System Memory usage for FS seems to be capped around the 5g mark now. No matter how I crank it, or where I am at (London, JFK, etc) it won’t crack 5g used.

On a system with 32g of ram… please use it, all of it. That’s what it’s there for!


Interesting topic :

not entirely the culling issue, but it does shed some light on the draw distance changes.

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I still say its a downgrade, BUT you can make it up good times, by editing the usercfg file. Change both LOD values until you are happy. I spent a few hours finding the good old settings, and I have to say it looks as good as before, except the pop in, that still exists, you cant turn it off anymore in my opinion. But at least you get back the look it had before by spending a lot of time in tweaking until you find the sweet spot between fps and quality! And yes you get back the full draw distance by LOD changes.

So all what we need from the developers is maybe a hint or an official explanation about usercfg file for all those people that are lost. Additionally, if they add an option to turn off/on the pop in effects were back at SU4 state.

The only improvement I see that you can fly these big birds without losing fps, like before.

BTW, if you have problems with freezing during load, try to clear rolling cache, I have the impression if you press alt+F4 it can corrupt the rolling cache into a rolling crash.

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Thanks for posting! Although I usually don’t fly airliners and haven’t done so in Sim Update 5 so far, I can tell that the LOD distances have changed. I remember a sharp LOD switch at about FL290, and it certainly didn’t look quite as blurry as that screenshot in the middle.

The best thread for this issue would probably be this one.


Here is the official answer to the query

Watch 14:25 the dev has been asked about the draw distance difference bet xbs and xbx
,its all about memory


I’ve seen the topic about settings not sticking at EGNX therefore I’ve tried and compared on my end (they stick though). Unlike what I’ve said previously, some of it has changed now.

It appears Buildings Settings (LOW, MED etc…) is no longer multiplied by Terrain LOD! Building draw distance doesn’t seem to be affected by either TLOD or OLOD as far as my quick test revealed.

Therefore what this controls is just how close you have to be to see the full building details, and I find up to HIGH included it is really close still but workable in VR, but too close and too visible a difference in 4K.

PS: this doesn’t change the fact having both Quality and Distance settings for each of Building, Trees, Objects and Ground textures are really needed so that everyone can perfectly tune these per his/her system and his/her preferences and/or areas where he/she is flying.


I noticed this today while flying in Seoul. Sort of an immersion killer when looking around.

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Is there a method to redraw the scenery several ms before the camera pan to that section?

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GO ChaoticSplendid, GO ChaoticSplendid, GO ChaoticSplendid…

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Totally agree… ASOBO should be fix it asap!

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There is none so far, but this is exactly what the slider requested in this thread would do. For those who are not interested in disabling the culling completely, they could set it to not cull for a small radius beyond the current camera view, which would help with the panning redraw (but probably not much with the panning stutters and the redraw when switching views).

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A little bit OT, but may I ask you anyway what you mean by that? Is there a mesh parameter in the usercfg as well? (At work now, can’t check until tonight)

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Not off-topic at all, what I meant is that the culled mesh is rendering at the same quality it would when the Terrain LOD slider is set to 10. As a result, setting Terrain LOD to 10 means there is no difference between the rendered and the culled mesh, eliminating the morphing when switching views, but of course such a value is unusable because of the extremely low terrain quality. I’ll try to make a comparison video to show what I mean.

Unfortunately, it also means that the higher the Terrain LOD value is set, especially via CFG tweaks, the more obvious the morphing becomes. The opposite of photogrammetry, which seems to exhibit less panning redraw the higher the LOD value is.

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@TheMacallan1605 Actually you should probably ignore what I said about the mesh. I tested several areas and the results at different Terrain LOD levels seem to vary wildly depending on the area.

Olympic Peninsula - Terrain LOD 10

No mesh morphing, only some texture swapping.

Olympic Peninsula - Terrain LOD 200

Distinct mesh morphing all around.

Alps - Terrain LOD 10

Only a little morphing in the distance.

Alps - Terrain LOD 200

Increased terrain morphing again.

Norway - Terrain LOD 10

Very distinct morphing, awful in the distance.

Norway - Terrain LOD 200

Less pronounced morphing, but still quite bad.

My guess is that this is happening because some of the default mesh seems to have the lower levels of detail compiled in a different way. The Norway DEM that was added with the Nordics World Update is a good example, it exhibits exceptionally worse shape retention than usual and I have documented this in the appropriate terrain morphing topic.

Unfortunately I can say that the culling has ruined mountain flying for me, it was already a rough experience due to the morphing, but now it happens so much more often. It has helped a great deal with photogrammetry cities on my low-end system, but I didn’t really need more performance outside of urban areas. A slider is needed.


This is not a problem only for VR/trackIR users. This is huge issue for players like me, who use mouse or joystick to look around to admire beautiful scenery. I hate this new engine. I just bought 6800xt and SU5 experience is worse now than SU4 with my previous rx570. Those awful pop-in and stutter, stutter and pop-in drives me mad. And looking at my gpu 16gb vram to see only 6gb is used makes me more sad.


Thank you for sharing these videos, they are perfectly illustrating the point!

I shall add after watching the interview with Lionel, which I personally enjoyed a lot watching (and I thank Lionel again for his sincerity and openness in sharing these technical details), the problem with the “shape retention” might have a much simpler explanation now.

In effect, if I understood correctly, they are optimizing the rendering of mesh in “skipping” vertices (sorry if this is too technical)! They seem to be using the index buffer for this which in turn would tell the GPU to only render this or that triangle, instead of both (just to keep it simple). In this case, it is no wonder you get non-shape preserving mesh LOD rendering because you’re essentially cutting through the shape, instead of displaying a lower polygon count of the same shape.

Sebastian hinted (I believe around Dec. 2020) they were (re)implementing their task scheduler for handling tessellation in a more effective way. Maybe they are not just done yet with this, or actually what he meant back then was just to handle this “index buffer manipulations” in a task instead of in main thread. Only Asobo knows.

My engineering side is wondering whether they are not using Simplygon because it didn’t deliver, because it is not suitable for this, or because for example they now have better solutions. One thing is certain here, the current implementation is not shape preserving and this is really distracting.

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Now imagine someone with a 24 GB card, who just invested $6,000+ in a completely new rig, dedicated to running FS2020 exclusively. Oh this poor, poor guy… :man_facepalming:


Lets hope that Asobo just hasn’t time to do it properly. I believed that everybody worked on xbox version and just integrated all changes to pc without time to redesign it. So we just got simplified xbox version and just now they are working to bring back changes specific to pc.
Lets hope that Microsoft won’t be pushing Asobo to have both version the same. This would be the worst news.