Stutters after 1.12.13

Since the latest update I have been suffering stutters - prior to that I had no issues with Ultra and max 60fps set.

I have tried all aircraft including glass and analogue panels.

Have updated Nvidia driver to latest version.

The stutter is a single stutter every few seconds. No freeze.

Yes, it is terrible for me as well since the update.

You’re not alone


good to hear - hopefully there will be a fix shortly

By any chance, are you using a VPN?

No I’m using fibre broadband & wifi

No issues before the latest upgrade

Even though I’m also facing degraded performance, but in a different way while your issue sounds a bit strange. Connect to the fastest server if not already done and reset the rolling cache. Other than that, try resetting the app from windows settings if on MS store version (not sure about the reset procedure for steam version)

Seems to be somehow related to the VR update… even when not running in VR at all, in task Manager i noticed a „VR Server“ task coming up in the Flightsimulator task group, whenever the sim stutters and vanishing just shortly after. That task seems to be no big load, though …

After noticing that, i tried to uninstall SteamVR temporarily … and had no more stutters in the next flight.

Too early to say this has been the solution… have to do more flights first. And even if so … i want to keep SteamVR of course.

Thanks for suggestions - I tried re-setting the rolling cache but no effect so far. I have the box/CD version BTW

Interesting - this maybe the issue then. I don’t have VR and I am not on the Steam version. I have the box/cd version so not sure how to ‘turn off’ the VR update?

Im also not on the Steam Version of MSFS 2020… just have steam installed on the sim machine and installed SteamVR for other VR Games i play. So to clarify i didnt uninstall the VR update of MSFS 2020 somehow, but just the SteamVR software in my Steam library, because that „VR Server“ task my sim was constantly starting, was actually an .exe inside my SteamVR Installation folder.

Update after some more testing: Have been flying stutter free (non VR) flights after uninstalling SteamVR … reinstalled SteamVR, stuttering again.

Paused flight and uninstalled SteamVR with Flightsim in Pause … Stuttering instantly gone.

So at least for my configuration something is wrong for the sim, when SteamVR is even only present (did not Start Steam Client or SteamVR)

For use with non VR systems. Use DDU utility Follow instructions, uninstall Nvidia display drivers (make note of Control Panel custom settings if needed, these will be overwritten), restart system, should be done automatically. Manually download driver version 452.06 here and install. After installation, go to Nvidia Control Panel, set Power Management Mode to “Prefer maximum performance”, Texture-Filtering -Quality to 'High Quality" and lastly set Max Frame Rate to “30”, click apply and all stutters should be gone with the sim performing silky smooth. Please do not enable vsync in game or use any third party fps limiters, this will cause the sim to stutter even more.

Ok that’s interesting. I’m not sure how that maps to my situation as I do not have Steam on my Sim. Will spend some more time experimenting tmr

I am having this same issue after installing the VR update.

Hi guys,

I think i found a solution for the stutters. I did quite a few research in the sim by loading aircrafts in various situations and at various airports. For some reason when you load a flight from cold&dark with or without creating a flight plan in MSFS menu, we are getting spikes in CoherentGTDraw once the aircraft starts moving. Thus causing the overall stuttering. For e.g. here is the spike i was talking about in FPS display when you start taxi.

Stuttering on ground:

BUT, if you reload the aircraft manually from the developer menu, while at the gate before entering flight plan, then load a flight plan and taxi. 90% of the stuttering is gone and the sim is very smooth. For e.g.

Reload the aircraft at the gate:

While taxing:

Solution (Try this flow):

  1. Spawn the aircraft at the gate. Do not create a flight plan using MSFS Menu. Just select the departure airport of your choice and the gate.

  2. Once the aircraft is loaded at the gate, power up the aircraft. I mean turn on the batteries and the external power.

  3. Now enable developer mode from the Options -> General -> Developers. Skip this step if it is already enabled.

  4. From the top developer menu open aircraft selector from Windows -> Aircraft Selector.

  5. You will see a popup opened as in screenshot 2, now click the load button. Do not select anything else in the list or else you will end up loading a different aircraft or livery.

  6. Wait for the aircraft to reload, note the aircraft and the virtual cockpit will disappear for a brief moment.

  7. Once the aircraft is reloaded, it will by default configured for take off state. So turn on the external power or APU, then turn off the engines, bring the flaps up and reconfigure the external and internal lights to before start configuration.

  8. Now load the flight plan, push, start, taxi and fly!.

Now if your are planning for a 2nd leg, just reload the aircraft once parked at the gate and start over again.

Please let me know your comments, i have tested this in 787 and A320 FBW Mod and the results are the same. I haven’t tested this in any GA aircraft, since, i am facing this issue only with the airliners. The screenshots mentioned above was taken at JFK airport with custom broken clouds weather preset. Here are my PC Spec and sim settings, just for your reference. I would recommend, try the above solution without changing any of the below sim settings to see if it really makes any difference with your current sim settings.

AMD Ryzen 3700X (No OC running at 4.1GHZ)
Nvidia GTX 1070 8Gb Graphic Card
32 GB GSkill Trident Neo (3600 Mhz) memory
1080p HD monitor running on (1920X1080p) resolution
MSFS 2020 is installed into 1TB SSD

All of my sim settings are in High. Except the glass cockpit refresh rate is set to low.
VSync is OFF
Photogrammetry is OFF
AI is OFF (Only static ground traffic)
Multiplayer to OFF
Rolling Cache to OFF

I have configured the max frame rate in nvidia control panel to 31 FPS, to further smoothen the experience.

Known Issues:

  • Push back tug will not appear when you try to push back from the gate after reloading the aircraft. The solution is to keep the parking brake on, press [Shift+P] twice. This will start and stop the pushback immediately. Now press [Shift+P] again, you will see the push back tug coming in and connects to the aircraft.

Please let me know your comments.



Very good tip, but how does the ATC know where you want to go :face_with_raised_eyebrow:?

The only reason for the micro laggs is a flight plan with many waypoints. Without flight plan ive no laggs. There are many reports with this issue.

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Yes, the more waypoints in the flightplan, the more stutters. Why is that problem still in the game ? Makes long range flights impossible…


Let’s hope tomorrow when Asobo are back in work they will quickly address all the issues arising from the last upgrade ?


your solution was a the fixed I needed cheers

It must be reported to @zendesk

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