SU5 graphics quality

Whatever the reasons, Asobo code changes or NVidia drivers or even Windows updates, there is a very visible bug if not for all, at least for some (follow the link for videos) which you can try to repro like this

I also believe this “shimmering” bug is a byproduct of the rendering engine implementation

It is just that with SU5 it is more visible and most likely because of an overflow computation of some sort, or just this bug in the Shader code

NB: you can also see the same bug in a different way:

  • set the game to early morning with the Sun about 10deg up on the horizon
  • go to external view and lay down the camera as close to the ground as possible to see the reflections from the sun opposing the view (i.e. in front of view)
  • do you see shimering on the ground highlights?
  • do you see lots of shimering as soon as you slightly move the camera?
  • do you notice the shimering attenuating over a short period of time?