Tobii Eye Tracker 5


I was wondering if anyone uses the Tobii Eye Tracker 5?

I never wear hats and I rarely wear headphones when I am gaming especially in single player so the Trackir is pretty pointless for me.

Yes I use the Tobii Eye Tracker 5 and it works great even with glasses. Until there are more configuration options inside of MSFS(please add your vote here: Tobii Eye Tracking needs configuration options) you can use FaceTrackNoIR to get 6DOF and tweak sensitivities.

There are also plenty of other people who use Tobii Eye Tracker:
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The reason I’ve steered clear of the very popular TrackIR or all hacks that use hats/headsets with LEDs.

Also since I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on Tobii tracker just to realize it doesn’t work for me, I did some preliminary tests with a lowly 720p webcam, Opentrack, AITrack (both are free and can be found in Github) and some Opentrack profiles from

I had reasonably good results. With Opentrack alone everything was a mess, but when I installed AITrack in front of Opentrack, tracking input was normalized to very acceptable limits. It even worked with low light conditions and obviously it doesn’t require any peripherals, hats, LEDs etc other than a webcam. However it takes a bit of effort to find a sweet spot for the settings if you are CPU bound but in any case my tests were successful with a 9-year old 2500k CPU. Also the tracking curves are not ideal, hence the need for Opentrack profiles from Flightsim.

My main gripe is that I’m constantly moving and realigning myself left and right and back and forth on my chair, so this affects camera movement a lot and I have to reset it frequently (via keyboard).

It’s not better than Tobii tracker but it’s cheap.

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I haven’t used Tobii, but I do have a spare smartphone that I use with SmoothTrack. The state of face tracking systems these days is very impressive. I’m not sure how much the eye tracking part of the Tobii system brings to the table, but at the very least it should (according to reviews) deliver extremely accurate face tracking.

IMO, the IR-based solutions are going to be considered obsolete within a few years.

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