Voting system is flawed

I see your point of view. And if Forum wishlists were the only source of how the Community Team reported how simmers feel, then I absolutely would agree here. However, Forum Wishlists are just one part of what we bring back to the dev team. A Wishlist represents the top specific feature requests from the community. Outside this and the other feedback snapshots, we provide a robust report on trending threads (like this one), current sentiment, and more. We too see when updates have more problems or when the community reports concerns along the lines of the topic I closed from the Wishlist section (better and more accurate testing) and the team sees this and actions this feedback.


@aracines but you did not pay 10.000 dollars like professional software customers do ! At my workplace, I sometimes use design software licenses that costs 2-3 times that amount. When something goes wrong, I go to the support person that is assigned to us… and pose direct questions to him, describing the issue accurately. It is answered promptly, with a personal “thank you, we will look into this on the next release”… for a product like MSFS with millions of active users you can’t expect that. And I won’t bother our support person with general and unpleasant remarks like “pal, do your testing”. When I’m really angry I put “please make sure you test this issue thoroughly before release” or something… but as a standalone topic… it’s useless. The support person does not know what to do with it, without any context.

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One problem with wish lists is that we’re not sure if they’re even technically possible considering the direction the developers are taking.

For example, “give us the option to back off updates” and “split the code between PC and XBOX” are perfectly valid ideas, but if Asobo will never do that because of their current direction, the users need to be TOLD that. Asobo can always later reverse their decision and open it up for debate, but I’d like them to at least come out and say “Sorry, that ain’t gonna happen” so we can move on.

As an example, I wish flight logging was an option (if only to turn off that !@#$ message after shutting down the engines). If I suggested it and it was not possible due to some complication, I’d love for the moderators to reply with “Sorry, but due to the requirements of (whatever) the current configuration doesn’t allow for logging to be turned off.” Hey, at least I would know.

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Just watch the feature presentations - that is all I’m expecting, not being unreasonable.

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It is reassuring that you provide robust reports on trending threads and current sentiment such as the concerns over inadequate testing procedures.

However, frustration and resentment kicks in, as we have only recently seen with SU5, when these sentiments do not appear to be acted upon and when we see the same mistakes (such as buggy and inadequately tested updates) keep on being repeated. SU5 isn’t the first instance of a buggy update by any stretch of the imagination.

Reports are all well and good but customers also like assurance that the issues being reported upon will be rectified and that procedures are put in place to avoid similar recurrences happening again in the future :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Ok… now suppose you’re looking at an icecream commercial. Beautiful lady, all smile, sais this icecream is delicious and costs 2.50. You buy the icecream, it tastes awful to you. Will you get back at them and reclaim your purchase ? or put protests everywhere on the icecream support website, because you don’t like the icecream ? Since Hotfix2 I’ve read a lot of happy messages here.

(rest my case, this line is off topic here and I’d like to participate in vote conversations, if you don’t mind)

But credit where credit is due, there was a steady improvement in the stability and in terms of new bugs of the updates between autumn last year and sim update 4.

It has gotten better and I’m sure a good part of it is the community with all the feedback.

People tend to immediately forget anything good as soon as something bad happens. But in my opinion they have shown that they are able to improve.
SU5 was a setback and everyone knows that. It was a release that had a strict release date and it’s obvious that it wasn’t completed (just like the initial release).
With the next updates this special scenario won’t be the case, so why don’t we wait now and see how things develop?

In German we say “Das Kind ist in den Brunnen gefallen” (the child already fell into the well), we all know it fell, so let’s see how we can help get it out of there (like we did last year) instead of repeating the very same over and over that has been said the last two weeks already.


A few examples to illustrate:

And countless more like these, though there are knowledgeable people and 3rd party devs strongly willing to help but it seems we’re mostly ignored (not just RXP), if not blatantly accused of illegal activities. This can’t be right, and this doesn’t instill a fruitful dev to dev feedback spirit either.


Das Pferd hat den Stall schon verlassen. Agreed, press on, get it fixed. I’m still waiting for the dust to settle before I even attempt to reload it…

Totally agree with you, and thanks for saying that, many truths in this. The Devs don’t get enough credit, proportionally to the rants, and I just love the guys, I want them to succeed so much. In dem Sinne, wünsche ich uns allen eine Gute Zeit, und hoffe still und heimlich auf Besserung :wink:


LOL! It’s OK, you don’t have to be quiet about wishing for improvement, that’s evident by this forum… :laughing:

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**[quote=“Coppersens, post:67, topic:439430, full:true”]

With the next updates this special scenario won’t be the case, so why don’t we wait now and see how things develop?


Don’t get me wrong. I think the sim is fantastic and for me there is nothing to touch it so obviously that says a heck of a lot in itself.

Being honest, I just get frustrated when I keep on seeing the same mistakes repeated time after time. I do have empathy for ASOBO and the horrendous deadlines I suspect they are working under (been there myself) but I just want them to show us that they are learning from the things they keep on doing wrong.

Fortunately the sim is working very well for me personally (apart from a few known issues) and I accept that it is great that we are getting a bucket load of free updates.

Yes, ASOBO have a lot going for them. They just need a much better beta testing process.

Anyway, I am very happy, as you suggest, to wait and see.

Fingers crossed :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


One thing is for sure: once we’re out of the troubles and we got a stable sim, this is going to be beautiful to look back on. In the end we’re all just a passionate bunch of people that just want this to be the absolute best it can be. Passion can make you say things in …very special ways XD We will get there.


Yes, agreed :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Nobody here is saying that MSFS is all bad. Yes there are many good things about MSFS, but there are more basic bad things than basic good things.

The problem is MSFS fell into a well 10+ times. When will it fall into a well too many times? When will an update not have obvious flaws/setbacks/regressions?

I’m willing to do that; for the 20th+ time.

But I would hope that you ask yourself:

When will it be required by you, that the MSFS team delivers an update that is fully an update, and not another give and take?

Will you ever hold the MSFS team to a high standard of quality? I mean break ATC (altitude awareness) with an update and not fix that for another month, is that quality? Or should that be unacceptable?

ATC could be totally excellent (as claimed in the feature presentation) next year, only to broken the next year after that, for an entire year; would something like that be ok?

What I’m getting at is standards. Eventually the voting system could set a standard for what customers expect and accept. But if votes get shut down there is no customer standard, but eventually even you will be furious with this project if you start getting random CTD’s for months, right?

There must be high standards or this project cannot last.

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I for one got many updates that brought many good things this year.

I did have random CTDs for a few weeks in February. But I didn’t get furious, tried to narrow it down and discussed that in some threads.

It all boils down to which action of all will bring a better result. And I favor the constructive way.
I got your point, I just don’t agree with your chosen way to deal with it.

And with this I’m out of this thread which derailed again.
Regarding the closed wishlist threads, Jayne already commented on the “why”, I don’t see much to question there - but that might be just me.

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This is not certain.

Maybe this is why the dialog in the forums are more desperate in nature. This project could be cancelled soon or it may just get a few more updates and reach a sudden end of development date with a useless excuse or no explanation at all.

Reminiscent of the 2-3 week beta that made zero sense.

Very little of this whole project has made sense to me, including the votes in the voting system.

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In which case I’m expecting both platforms to be at their best in line with their capability (of course the ceiling and versatility of PC is higher). I’m less convinced that pursuing a ‘PC first’ philosophy or castigating Xbox as an ‘arcade experience’ to be particularly respectful. From the evidence I can see from MS/Asobo and this forum for that matter, both platforms will be treated equally (given their capabilities) from here on and rightly so. :thinking:


Sure, I could’ve worded that better, you’re right. I was overtaken with some grief and frustration while writing that, which influenced my tone. My apology to you in that case. I respect that this is a sim for everybody, and that’s what it shall remain. I just felt a little sad that my sim stutters so much atm. Cheers


What? Cancelled after all that work that went in? That would make little sense, no? A flightsim of such fidelity has never made it to a console, that’s an achievement on multiple levels, and great showcase of technologies, and they even wanna find some way to stream it to Xbox one via cloud streaming. All that trouble for a product soon to be cancelled? I’d hope not…

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