Buildings much too high still in Patch

Yes, MSFS has been restarted. I don’t have the Japan add-on installed, thus only one file to amend.

Anyway, I will restore the original file and retry tomorrow with a clearer mind.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Although it is nice to find a workaround here, it should not be a paying customer’s task to fiddle around with the code.


I have the Microsoft Store version of MSFS. I can locate those files buried 12 folders deep in the directory structure (C:/User/User/AppData/…). I can rename the file distribution.toml (to add “.txt”) and edit the file but I can’t copy and paste it anywhere (and neither can I copy and paste any other file from that folder). Any attempt to do so causes File Explorer to hang (the copying process hangs at 0%), and cancelling the copying process causes File Explorer to crash to the desktop!

I’ll check it out in my SIM right now

It wouldn’t surprise me if you have that directory anyway, without the actual Japan data.
\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Official\Steam\microsoft-pgg-japan\PGG
There is no actual data there, dunno where that went. It’s just the config files there

I’ve now made a community folder patch which is working and doesn’t require editing any file in the OneStore folder. Furthermore, a single “distribution.toml” file works for both global and Japan!

  1. Download the file then remove the trailing .pln extension.
  2. Unzip in your Community folder.

Buildings-Fix-DfltLod (1.9.3).zip.pln (13.9 KB)

For those wanting the “Skyscraper” fix and experiment with the forced LOD10 buildings use this fix instead:

Buildings-Fix (1.9.3).zip.pln (13.8 KB)

This one forces all buildings to displaying higher details even at a distance. However it appears it is replacing airport terminal buildings with generic ones and is not recommended, it is just experimentation.

PS: for those looking to some other tips, especially if running with a 2070S in 4K, you might want to also read this, it might help you (or not): My 2070 SUPER 4K Settings and Suggestions


Yes, only editing the default files doesn’t do anything. It seems the Japan one overrides it
\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Official\Steam\microsoft-pgg-japan\PGG\distribution.toml

Thanks, I going to do that since I am weirdly unable to backup the original file (since copy/paste from the original folder crashes File Explorer)!

Hey, you definitely did something wrong. Everything works fine for me. I also checked the neighboring airports.

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This is why I love flightsim! No problem too small you guys are geniuses!!


Genius. You just made the quality of this game skyrocket for me after this new bug ruined it from Patch 3. Thank you!


Euro Track Simulator 2 :grin:

Yes, that’s also true at Schwarze Heide (Kirchhellen), high-rise buildings at the airport are now … terrible and at Wesel at the airfield … cruel! LG from Oberhausen they have to fix it quickly!

you might want to read the discussion before posting (and in English it is easier for most) because there is already a solution just a few posts above yours…

These are great screenshots! Thank you for sharing!

Yes, now the views are beautiful and picturesque, without these skyscrapers


Fantastic fix. Thank you CptLucky8 !


Ha, I was thinking the same thing earlier why not work on patches for another week or two, such a silly bug to have 3 patches in.

CptLucky8, if you have paypal, would you mind sending me your email address via PN? I think your efforts should not go unrewarded.