Cessna Citation Longitude Performance issues

Without having to recreate all of the comments in this thread there are engine, fuel, and flight dynamics issues with the Longitude. UPDATE and the 1g stall speeds and fuel flow are still off.

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Pretty cool plane, no issues like all others after latest update, so i am gonna stick with this until DEV fix all others

…but you still get the wrong fuel capacity?!

I tried KSFO to KBOS at 40k feet. Made it to KCPR (cause it needed CPR :rofl:) with 10% left. This plane needs so much work it’s hard to believe they even consider it a premium aircraft…


If you pun unlimited fuel, will it works? When i land to Quito from Bogota, and leaves runway engines shuts down, and i put unlimited fuel

The model feels very overpowered, I don’t know what a real Longitude feels like to fly. This one feels like it has afterburners on take-off! It would be great if a Longitude pilot could comment…

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So the 24 September Dev update reckons the performance for this aircraft has been improved in patch 2. And I would like to confirm that is absolutely not the case. I do hope this stays on the known issues list until such a time that it is fixed.


i’ve still got fuel flow issues.

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since it is lilsted as resolved, maybe use another voting-thread: Please fix the Cessna Longitude's short range

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It’s marked as IMPROVED. Although some might even debate this. I hope it stays on their list.

They need to take those things more serious and not just turn a knob and call it improved.

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Fuel is one of the issues, both fuel burn and the fact the actual Longitude has over 14,000 pounds of fuel capacity while Asobo’s version has just under 6,000 pounds (in fact the exact same fuel capacity as the CJ4.)

At this point, I wish they would just unlock the .cfg and .XML files as the same guys working on the CJ4 and G1000/3000 modification have expressed interest in working on the CE 700 Longitude if Asobo would unlock the files.

3 Likes UPDATE and most of the issues for the CE 700 Longitude still remain UNSOLVED.


Agreed! They need to unlock it for us in the meantime while they work on their own patch.

I wouldn’t call it improved at all given how bad it was and still is but I do think they made some small adjustments as I’ve noticed being able to fly it slower on approach than in previous versions before the stall warning begins, even though I’m well above the ref speeds for the weight per the AFM.

That’s funny, I did almost the exact same thing in the Longitude the other day: KSFO-KJFK and got to KCYS a few miles south from you.

Did I understand it right? No work on the Longitude before update 9?

also NO correction in the total fuel capacity? Come on, Asobo, its only 1 minute to work to change one number in the .cfg!!! :rage:


These fixes could be made by the community if they unlocked the .fsarchive file structure for premium and deluxe aircraft.

I added this as a wishlist item: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/unlock-fsarchive-files-for-premium-and-deluxe-aircraft/297881

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Add the PFD freezing up that patch 3 broke.

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I though this would be the perfect aircraft for me. A transatlantic business jet.

It was a big reason I spent the extra $60 for the Premium Deluxe edition. I knew it would not be study level. But I did expect more.

I would really like to see Asobo find a different way to implement DRM with this aircraft so it can be more easily community modded.