Ctd hell!

I have a dedicated PC that’s only used for Flight Sim. I get CTD’s every single time I try to play. I’m almost to the point where I’m going to leave the game alone until WU6 hits. I get CTD’s in the landing challenges, in the bush trips, in free flights. Type of aircraft seems to make no difference. I’ve tried it with Community folder completely empty. I’ve done a complete MSFS re-install (that was a time consumer). It’s too bad that MSFS doesn’t have a way for us to create a user dump and send it to them for analysis. :frowning:

Same thing happened to me the other day.

I ran the MSFS app repair in Windows Settings and believe it or not, it fixed the CTD’s.


You’re not alone guys…during last year, i had ctds here or there…ONLY for the sim, i bought a new computer (1500 euros), new monitor 3440*1440 (350 euros), i got a new cabled connection (box direct to comp), because of some issues with the comp itself, because they put only 400 w on a gaming comp, i replaced it and put a corsair 750 W, and and and…and still, having ctd…again, ctd can be caused by a lot of things…i m not that tech savvy, but to in my case, it happens with certain liveries, or airports, like yesterday, it was in KSAN…it is, of course, very frustrating…but i dont want to complain to much comparing to some guys here having constantly ctds, or game even not launching etc…so, every day, you are flying and just hoping for the best…coz you prepare the flight, simbrief, cockpit preparation, etc…ready to fly, …you fly…sometimes you land, sometimes not, you go just grab a coffee, and frustrated, you put the sim on the side until next day…not excited about SU or WU, because we know, some points will be resolved, but other things will be broken…well, what to say the, just remain patient ? dont know…just wanted to share this with you guys…cheers up

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yep, same here, yesterdat it was to knob between eng 1 and 2…three times…pffff

The last week i have not a single Ctd even with overclocked Cpu and Gpu and lots of mods.
The week before Ctd-s every flight.
I dont get it.

Why split the votes? And provide zero information for anyone to help?

Are there? How do you know? See this poll:

As I post this, there are only 335 people who have voted - you’d think there would be a lot more if “literally THOUSANDS” of people had this issue and “All the forums are complaining”

In terms of statements, try these - they all mention the work they are doing on CTDs:


Just a quick thought: I noticed that, in a particular 3rd party plane, I couldn’t turn off the Magnetos and it turns out that some of the attributes for them, in the generic xml code for cockpits, had been altered since SU5 - could it be that you’re flying a 3rd party plane whilst experiencing this?

it might be well the reason…i tried then another livery, and again and again, even other airport…still the same…i was fed up…i fly with the fbw…i should have tried the default 320…i didnt…but next time then i guess

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even with the new installation …may be not the topic here, but every single day, after like 20 min after being on the comp (not the sim), i m getting a freeze, so i have to manually swith off and on again…i thought before it’s beacuse of a lack of psu, but even with my powerful one, it happens…i m wondering what could be the issue then since it thought the psu was the problem…i m wondering now, if it could be my AVG sofware (from AVG brand) ?? what do you think ?

Coincidentally, I’m running the free version of AVG (complete with ‘nag screens’ that pop up now and again) but I’ve not experienced anything so far with it.
I did have a continued series of CTDs a few days ago - it turned out that I thought I’d moved my system’s pagefile.sys file from one SSD partition to another but I’d actually removed it completely! Turning it back on solved the problem - I guess that MSFS called on the system for some extra space and crashed at that point. It got me wondering if people’s problems are related to the page (aka swap) file in some way but I’m not sure what to suggest.

some people say also, that all these kinds of avg are kinda useless and causing a lot of issues in the normal operations of a computer, and that the windows 10 defender is more than enough to get protected…but i m surfing a lot, a lot of buying online, etc…and i feel more “secure” having a proper avg software…i wonder if i should uninstall it (i have the paid AVG softawre and anti track add on)…because now my main issue now is the random freeze on the comp even not in the sim…

I know what you mean. I’ve had the bare bones Defender in the past, and I’ve tried Bitdefender, AVG, and a few others too (and even paid for one in the past).

That doesn’t sound good :frowning:

BTW, regarding the PSU: I’m running an XFX 750W 80+ Bronze Certified Single Rail PSU to drive my system and I’ve got an RTX2060S and an i5-9600K with 6 drives and 6 fans - I always have an eye on the potential power draw of my GPU when I’ve upgraded but it never comes close (even when I had a pair of GTX560s).

having the corsair 750 W 80+ gold…gtx 2060, and I5-10400…random freeze but not with bizzing sound, as before…the fan is more silent when using the sim…so the psu fan is more efficient i guess, and oh i forgot sometimes the sound is gone, i noticed that the realtek driver is gone from my manager (under sounds and control)…i m really confused…tried to get help from internet, but so many advice and opinions…getting lost in the whole thing…only swith off and on the comp for now

btw, i put an additional 16 gb ram…(initally 16 gb ram), so now 32 gb, to get more power
thats a crucial 16 gb ram…both installed on slot 2 and 4…coudl it be the reason ( i think i read some stuff that i could cause)
but i m afraid that 16 gb is not enough to rum the sim with my configuration…

I’ve only got 16GB and even with my humble RTX2060S I am running Ultra on most things since SU5 (and manually adjusted LODs) though I fly over countryside and avoid cities (and I only have a 1080 monitor). It has also been pointed out that the alledged ‘dumbing down’ for XBox in SU5 has dropped the memory requirement to 8GB and a lot of people with far more powerful systems than mine are understandably annoyed.

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Apologies for promoting my own thread, but this really helped me, & it may possibly help some of you.

Same here. Constant CTD in world map during 1 month now and no solution. I can’t even start a flight.

That sounds just like the issue I was having when I’d accidentally removed my page/swap file - the world map would move just a little then freeze, or if I went to fly via an ‘activity’ the flight would get about 80% loaded then crash with an error.

I just CTD’d on my way to Sochi. Probably for the best, I was way too high because ATC had not directed me to descend properly. This may have been because they spend most of the flight telling me to expedite my climb to FL290, which I was already at. I look at these more like features. The sim realized I was going to have a very terrible landing and just said “well, you’re done”. Just trying to adopt a more positive attitude like some of the others on here have recommended.

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CTD loading a flight in the pre release FBW, no addon scenarios in that region other than the aircraft without liveries. Just had configured flight plan on map, set to start cold at a gate, but 85% into the loading screen I was back at the desktop… I decided to insist one more time before changing anything and without even restarting the pc I reopened the sim and this time everything worked as “expected”. This shows how bad the stability of this platform is after SU5 and the two so called “patches” that were provided. Flight experience was this SU5 wonderland with with clear visibility but full of thunders, positive temperatures at FL260 with ATC asking me to expedite my climb to FL240, the beacin and landing lights that no longer work since as FBW informed came mistakenly reverted by the update, and the list goes…
I would be extremely happy at this point to just receive an offline installation and license of SU4 that I can use with addons and never connect and use the Azure Bing online world with weird Xbox and other one time players constantly crashing 747s in Lukla and Courchavel, Rio and where not, and waive Asobo need to provide me any further fix for anything in their development roadmap, including the world updates which are a waste of development resources in my opinion. If you can’t provide different versions but attempt to provide a platform claiming to support 2 flight models (modern and legacy) which to my best knowledge noone uses, changed the mouse working mode a year after the product launch and also kept the new legacy mode somehow working in a messed way for everyone to continue using, things are clearly not going to improve. And what really hurts is that they were already very very good before this update. Yes people had to use at least a 3080 to really enjoy it with VR, and that’s life. By forcing everyone to run the same code supporting such functionalities in a console is wrong, and I hope Asobo and Microsoft really get their #### together on this delayed, hopefully for good additionnal reflection about what happened on the last months. We’ll soon know. I am updating other sims and preparing other games to replace this HD space if that doesn’t happen and that’s it at least for me. With a lot of sadness, but it’s just no longer really flying anywhere now…