Discussion: December 10th, 2020 Development Update

Why are there fixed items listed on the Feedback Snapshot? What are the next 3 items to be added to the list?


ooo…seasons in 2021! Mix that with DX12 and VR and it’s shaping up to be one heck of a year for the sim


I am curious to see how this will run on Series S. Should make for a nice Digital Foundry analysis.

Anyway, congrats on the award, truly well deserved. Commiserations to the other games and sims. Looking forward to more in the future.

Could you please move the ‘not planned’ wish topics to general discussion or so? Now they take up a spot in the snapshot again.

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Given that the Xbox MSFS release will be built around DX12, then I assume the video trailer released with this weeks blog is our first sneak preview of DX12 (albeit running on Xbox). Maybe it was just me, but I did notice the LOD was quite nice, and the snowy mountains did appear to be more defined than the historic pc launch video equivalent showing the same. Placebo or not? Comments always appreciated :+1:

So… on December 22nd we’re going to have Sim update 2. I’m really nervous about that one!
Hoping it’s well tested before launch!

Just that simmers, forum mods, 3rd party devs and Seb (!) we all have a really nice festive period flying around, rather than screaming about something major that broke. :crossed_fingers:


cant wait to hear more about VR next week

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I think it’s great that Xbox is coming to MSFS. People will finally get to experience flight simming without having to pay huge amounts of money, and I think the sim will be quite good on Xbox (now that the XSX and XSS perform like a High and Low end PC, respectively), especially with real flight sim peripherals coming. They will not be gimping the PC experience for Xbox, I can pretty much guarantee that. I’ll bet the Xbox will just have tuned “graphics settings” (for example, a tweaked High End preset for the XSX and a tweaked Medium/Low for the XSS) that suits the hardware, but it will not effect the PC version at all

This is a great thing for flight sims!

" Under investigation "
They removed / broked / a lot of visuals, and since September, all those options are " Under investigation "

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We were told to keep the team accountable…so here it goes:

I think many people won’t understand the purpose of giving a development update if its just going to be the same as the previous update. If you take out the xbox announcement, the update is more or less empty.

Also, we’re waiting for a month for a patch now, and the ONLY things that are listed for delivery are the Longitude fixes, and autopilot swaying fixes?

What happened to prioritizing the dozens of other bugs in this list? Most of them are slated for Sim Update 3 and beyond…

Alpha Users are STILL waiting for their appreciation livery too…

And for what its worth, if the only 2 fixes from the list are the longitude and the autopilot swaying, you better hope there are zero new bugs…people are NOT going to be happy if yet another broken patch gets released and then all of asobo goes on christmas vacation (as is of course their right :grin: ).

Looking forward to seeing what the update actually contains.

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Thanks for the feedback!

There are a LOT of great things coming in this next release, some of it is under wraps (surprises!) so we haven’t shared at this time in the FS or Dev Update. We give as much detail as we are able in every Dev Update, and will continue to moving forward. The Xbox announce was a big moment for many people wondering and was the main focus of yesterday’s update.


i always love surprises xD

do you know if there is any plan, someday, that we’ll be able to see our(or friend(s)) landing challenges scores without having to do it again?

Hey I hear you - I’m sure a few “new” things will be great as surprises. Nothing I ever give as feedback is meant personally either. :slight_smile:

I do think its worth emphasizing though that the best surprise for most people is going to be seeing the large list of existing bugs addressed in a timely way.

Take it for what it’s worth, but I think the bug list holds little value if the plan moving forward is that engineering team managers are going to simply dump all the “hard” problems onto the backlog or defer them because of their complexity and time cost.

There’s a saying in the industry along the lines of “There’s nothing more permanent than a temporary fix”.

I don’t have a crystal ball into how the teams are organizing their work; But from the outside looking in, it really feels like not a lot of forward progress is being made. I bet if the internal stats for bugs vs time to resolve was checked, we’d see there is a substantial turnaround time and a high percentage of regressions.

And again - There’s still stuff that was committed to pre-launch that isn’t hasn’t made it to release. Thats weak. Haloween pumpkins on runways and other such knick-knacks are cool - but what about all the alpha testers who put sweat into this? When do they get what was committed to them?

All the best!


[OFF TOPIC] Yes, nice game and nice prize, but its impossible to update the sim. Trying since yesterday. Extremely slow download, and it hangs from times to times, forcing me to restart the whole thing. I have 200 mb internet connection and everything else works fine. Tried the DOS commands and the download speed rose to the incredible rate of 3.9 MB/s smh.

Trying again right now and the update process RESTARTED itself. And it forces my GPU to nearly 100% usage.

This problem is VERY frustrating and it exists since day 1, and never got adressed. 24 hours and less than 25% of the update downloaded.

Some people report this type of problem, but it is not something widespread and does not affect most people.

Never had problems with updates and download speed.


Thank you for the latest Development Update, I’m glad to see LOD problems and Night lighting is being investigated, this is encouraging. I’ve just posted the following information in another discussion and I’ll take the opportunity to paste it here so that it helps finding all the LOD issues I’ve documented:


I believe this is all related to the specific LOD bug I’ve reported back in October. In turn, because the windows are fading away sooner than the walls, the illuminated windows are also fading away sooner than the walls:

Facts and illustrated comparison between previous versions and v1.9.3 - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

There are specific LOD problems which all seem to have the same underlying cause: a difference between the distance computation and the threshold value making different objects appearing/disappearing non uniformly.

Part of the problem is the LOD ring algorithm is also factoring in the object size and I suspect the code is doing this unconditionally. This means 2 related objects (building wall + windows, small and large tree at the same distance) will be popping in/out independently.

Here is a detailed analysis of these problems from a user point of view (given the tools available):

I believe there is a bug in the FS2020 code using the Terrain LOD % slider not as a percentage, but as a square root of the percentage which is unexpected.

LOD Problems - Distances revisited - Self-Service / Bugs & Issues - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

If this is a programming error, this could explain:

In addition:

Having both ground texture resolution and object distance controlled with a single Terrain LOD setting is a problem too. In effect, many are reducing Terrain LOD in order to reduce the number of objects (buildings, trees, photogrammetry) in the distance and save fps, but in doing so it is also reducing ground texture resolution too quickly and makes the ground appearing too fuzzy too close to the aircraft. Therefore, it would probably be beneficial you do offer 2 sliders: one for ground texture and another one for ground objects, instead of binding the two in a single Terrain LOD slider.


Hopefully a new free plane is coming too. :smiley:

Were all going to sleep with the speed that problems are being fixed. Next update 10 days from now that fixes 2 problems on the list. Latest FBW A320 has no sway for me with their latest dev version.

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