Giving up on simming after update V?

I come from a programming background so it is indeed fascinating to see how they build it. Despite their tripping up (because of time pressure I am sure) it is incredible how this thing works (if only it could work a bit more like it used to :slight_smile: )

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That looks like the morphing issue people have been talking about. I flew yesterday over the alps just because I read people discussing it and it does happen. However, I have been doing a lot less just flying and enjoying and more trying and spotting the bugs and issues the people are complaining about since I started reading these forums.

Yeah, really. If i had one question to Jorg i would ask for a studio tour :laughing:

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The interesting thing is at what point does the system start to exist beyond the developer’s ability to understand what it is doing exactly all the time? Google lost control of their search engine ages back - in terms of if you ask them why does this result appear here they can’t easily tell you exactly why, just that their intelligence that they created using all these rules thinks that’s where it should be. Maybe one day the sim will establish it’s own intelligence and brain wash us all with subliminal messages it feeds us… such as M U S T F l y R y a n A i r… arggggh it’s a NIGHTMARE :joy:


Don’t get too drawn in - it’s good to discuss and to learn but if you’re enjoying flying get out there and enjoy flying :slight_smile:

OK everybody I have replied to BubbaBlitz7348’s PM but I wanted to publicly applaud him for showing me how to bodge the LOD settings in a cfg file that make this LOD loading issue go away. So does my fps but we know that’s a balance - it’s not magic! - I need to have a play with that to get something that works for me and my kind of flying. I’m sure many of you won’t care but I’m hoping that is enough to keep me from bailing out until WU6 fixes this (possibly the magic slider Asobo have talked about will offer control over this?) OK there are a ton of other inexcusable bugs but I’m certain they will get on top of them one day. Thank you again BubbaBlitz :1st_place_medal:

In fact I feel hopeful so I’m going to get back onto my project to design and 3D print new inserts for the Thrustmaster throttle quadrant to shove the detents higher up thus enabling a decent range of manual thrust instead of the tiny (difficult to hand fly) range out of the box. I have a solution from somebody else but I’m hoping I can do a new design that refines that. If I can crack it I’ll post back as a new topic to thank the community for their patience (and help) with this (for me) almost deal breaking release.

I think your understanding of the slider etc due to come in WU6 is somewhat different to what they’ve actually said:

  • LOD Popping and Stutter when Camera Panning – PC Simmers with graphics set to Ultra will experience this when panning the camera around very quickly. We are working on a new option that will allow you to customize how much off-screen scenery will be cached. We are aiming for this to be released on August 24th (World Update 6).

I’ve illustrated the same problem with areas which are under censorship:

[BUG] Ground textures censorship and LOD - a possible solution - Bugs & Issues / Install, Performance & Graphics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

I’d tend to think the best way to serve ground textures for the game would have been to down sample the highest resolution images on demand, or pre-storing them already down sampled, so that whatever the resolution you’re looking at they are all coherent visually. Instead, the game is using bing textures nearly as-is, as the Bing team set them up from different sources without any coherence between LOD levels sometimes. It is fine when using Bing maps on the desktop to plan your next route, but it is not fine in practice in the game like you’ve perfectly illustrated.

The suggestion I made above though is the reverse: because they are altering the highest res textures with generic patterns over “censored” areas, in this case what could work would be to use the last layer with the original image (non-blurred) whatever its resolution and then paint the “censored” area with it. Even if there would be a difference in detail resolution in practice, I’d bet it would still be better than the patchwork of generic pattern.

Of course, if instead of using a generic texture pattern they’d at least censor the areas using a more sophisticated algorithm like Content-Aware Fill* … :roll_eyes:

*you’ll find additional references in this topic:
algorithm - How does Content-Aware fill work? - Stack Overflow

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Ah, thanks for that. I had elevated the slider as a slider to end all sliders. Better
book some time to do some .cfg LOD setting tuning. Sigh.

After seeing MSFS barely able to load the World Map last night, terrible LOD (even with hack), constant drone roll, FSX style graphics at altitude last night, I gave up - uninstalled. I have better things to waste my time on. Good luck everybody, I hope you enjoy the sim as it has now become. Maybe in 6 months’ time I’ll check in and see if a miracle has happened. It was fun whilst it lasted.

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I understand your frustration; however, it is going to improve. My frustration comes from ATC constantly telling me to climb, not handing me off to approach and the tower. I would have just avoided using it, downloading the updates, and waiting for it to improve while I flew another sim. I hope you’ll be back.

I did. My kinda CTD looks like fixed with the hotfix, which thing was introduced to me with SU5, but still unplayable because of the FPS degradation.
now just browsing the forum once a day for some good news or “holy grail” from forumers as usual :roll_eyes:

No, why should simming be given up after a specific update? And I am still waiting impatiently for absolute study-level PMDG 737 747 777 :wink:

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To achieve a drama effect. Because obviously the other sims are way better. /s

But seriously the other sims aren’t very good and that’s why people stay here to complain even after they ‘left the sim for a while’. Because they know that even with all the bugs and missing features there is still no better alternative. Most will not actually ‘give up’ they are just frustrated.

And i am frustrated too because there are so much bugs and they should do way better, but i’m also aware the other sims have virtually no growth left in them (old technology + very low budget) and MSFS has way more potential.


I uninstalled the sim just for drama effect alone for the small number of people whom I don’t know who are reading this thread, many of whom are happily enjoying the sim?

Nope. I uninstalled it because - personally - I am sick to the back teeth with it in its current condition. For sure I’ll check in, in 6 months time, to see what direction Microsoft have taken: did they put back what they took out, did they get control of the plethora of bugs that they introduced, will they continue along the route of gamification, will they make it back into a piece of PC software instead of the Xbox software that runs on a PC that it has become, will they have beefed up their server infrastructure to serve data at a similar rate to the old days so that it is possible to use - even on a Friday night. And if they have then I’ll rejoice and reinstall. I sincerely hope they do.

But if you think I’m going back to P3D you’ve not read the title to this post. No, I’m leaving simming. I think you have a very valid point that much of MSFS (not all, as far as I am aware it was not built entirely from scratch) is a wonderful new platform that enables a great future for simming. However, where that goes from there is down to Microsoft. I’m sure - eventually - they will clean up the bugs (although how many releases do they need to fix the black line through the horizon that makes a mockery of their attempts to produce realistic graphics, release after release after release?) But where after that? Do they drive it forward as a simming product? Or do they drive it forward as a game? Or do they try to continue the tricky balance of making it both (and can they satisfy both such communities?) They’re a business that needs to make money, so that has to be a big factor behind this.

Only time will tell.

I have other things to be doing in the mean time but I hope those that are enjoying it (for gaming and simming) continue to do so and that it only gets better for you all.

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I think they drive it towards more accessible to as many users as possible. Not sure if that kind of differentiation is in the best interests of anyone, let alone that we as the end users should worry about it.

I agree that the more people able to use the sim the better (it generates more money and more money means MS stick with it/invests more, which feeds the system, which is good for all users)

Yes it would be wonderful if people could play top gun flying at high speeds through hills and valleys in it and I can play at flying an Airbus a320 cruising at 36,000 feet - that lack of differentiation would be amazing. Note this is not about Xbox vs PC but just the type of flying that people want to enjoy on whichever platform.

However, there will be many conflicting technical requirements between gaming and simming when it comes to the coding, so I’m sure the team at Asobo will always be walking a line between the two trying to satisfy both ends (of what is in practice a broad spectrum not just “gaming” and “simming”), just as they will between optimising for a PC and optimising for an Xbox, whether we like it or not. Tough job (I think in SU5 they lurched too far one way, hence why I uninstalled the sim, but hopefully in the future they might nudge back the other way)

One might think that there is growth left in other sims… but these engines - the weather engine the rendering method the shading everything is not outdated but almost ancient… like a low budget product from 2005 stuck in a graphics quality time-loop forever no matter how many “versions” and “updates” come and go.
The “forests” are a 2D tree billboards placed every 50 yards and a flat green texture, and the rest of the graphics is a mixture of Flight Simulator 2004 and Nintendo 64.

Only DCS has a lot of potential and has heavily updated the clouds and weather and other stuff currently.

This is true; Same thing happens with golf. I would day at least 30 percent of golfers give up the game every weekend and some of them keep giving up into there 80s

:slight_smile: Good analogy but a better one for simmers might be like meth amphetamine addicts. They know it isn’t doing them good , but they just can’t kick it - one more fix/sim update and it’ll all be OK :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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