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I’ve seen some people posting photos with other planes with their real liveries. Is there some sort of ai addon for msfs with actual planes and liveries? Currently all we have is yellow and green a320s.

You need to fix this in your data settings for AI traffic

Real world AI schemes have been announced as being included in Sim Update 3 in the France region at least. The Asobo developers have said on several live streams that they have been working with airlines around to world to acquire licencing of their branding but given the current global aviation climate, this has been a low priority for many of the major operators.

There’s a janky workaround that will allow you to replace all the generic twin engine planes with the full on A320 model and have it use liveries (correct when possible) that you have installed on your system. It involved going in and editing aircraft.cfg files in your official content folder.

It seems to work for most people, but I found that it ends up being a huge performance hog in the process, so I’m just going to either wait for Asobo to implement it, or wait for one of the couple of 3rd party mod teams currently working on such a project to launch their wares.

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If you want to try it out…

This is comment which I find puzzling to some extent and I’ve commented about this a few weeks ago:

Having said this, I strongly hope and wish Jorg will be able to secure licensing rights from all and every single airline company, but in the meantime, if this is only to get a handful of liveries per-region every 3 months… And if this is Air France we’re talking about, what will aircraft look like at KSFO for example: Air France 747 in the middle of yellow A320, or will it be limited to traffic showing up within the France World Update boundaries?

And then what about accuracy of model/liveries matching? There are some companies not operating certain types of aircraft and this is a long time resolved question with most of 3rd party libs and solutions already, but what about FS2020?

Now let’s add on top of this 3D model optimizations and variety. Again a question already solved in the simmer community for a long time with very complete libs of models. But what about the standard models in FS2020, which can’t even display their landing gears beyond 50m or so?

Really, I believe in the vision, but I fear execution will leave a sour taste and this makes me wondering what would benefit most FS2020 from a simmer perspective (maybe not from Microsoft perspective though), between investing time and resources securing assets and liveries and models, vs investing time and resources building the necessary SDK feature for 3rd parties.


I had to mod the game files myself to give me Live traffic with working liveries. It’s a painful process, but I’m slowly populating my livery collection to be usable as a working air traffic.

I’m not too concern about the aircraft type, so I’m not using external airtraffic model. So instead, I force the sim to use the default A320 for every live traffic as a generic model, and I assign the livery and match the ICAO airline code. Then voila, every live traffic in the sim is an A320 with a matching livery, regardless of what their actual aircraft is in real life.

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