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Please use this thread for feedback and discussion. Thank you!

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So Asobo is breaking with the concept of alternating SUs and WUs on a monthly basis? I would have expected Sim Update X in June and not another World Update after there’s a WU and the Maverick DLC in May.

We had two Sim Updates in a row (October and November), so this is just a correction for that anomaly. The goal is to have a Sim Update between each World Update.


Good to know. Thanks !

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Hi there, I’m new to this forum, can anyone please tell me how to start a post on a topic I need assistance with?


Concorde is in the house! Get the fire extinguisher, cuz the server is going into meltdown!

Welcome to the forums! Depending on what you need assistance with, we have a #self-service area if you need help from the community, or you can explore the following links to learn more:

General Welcome and How to Get Started: Welcome to the Public Forums!
New to the Forum: New to the Forum and Need Help? Here's What to Ask!
Basic Gameplay Help: Basic Gameplay Help - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
Trust Levels and When You Can Post: Trust Levels and How To Advance

Generally, this page will show you color-coded categories and sub-categories for each one that you can peruse.

Or you can Direct Message a @Copilot who may be able to direct you where you want to go.


Hey, it’s really easy; SCWhisky;
If you have a question; just ask away; here we are.

We’re all really nice people and we all fly in one form or another;
Just ask away; Here we are . . Jump In. Do It!.
Grow the wings on the way down but don’t go VNE!

What do you want to know?


I still dont get it, where are alle the VR related bugs and wishes? Cant fint it in the new updates?

They are now incorporated in the normal bug and wishlist. Because they don’t have much/enough votes they don’t show op in the top #some number#

Thats sad, out of sight, does it get the right attention needed?

any Idea what Short cut Keys to Use to Activate Afterburner without activating in Cockpit please

Small note: it looks like the “web friendly” version of the issue lists is not up to date?

It us up-to-date but it could be cache issue, would you mind checking incognito? Feedback Snapshot - Microsoft Flight Simulator

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