Open up communications with Reality-XP


During the last Q&A we, as a community, have managed to make something pretty awesome happen: We have opened up a channel between Asobo and AIG:

Now, we don’t know where this will lead (hopefully to bigger and better things), but it is a massive step forwards and a win for the community because it was our united voices that made this happen.

And i’m hoping we can do it again.

I think we’ve all run across @CptLucky8, founder of Reality-XP, here on the forums. Considering how active he is, i was left wondering why there is no big, long thread about Reality-XP GTN and GNS units being developed for FS2020. So i went digging. I managed to find the pleas coming from users aimed at Asobo to get in contact with him, pleas that seem to have fallen on deaf ears. And what i also managed to find is this:

A pretty detailed description of not only what the problem is in the way of delivering detailed simulations of Garmin units into FS2020, but also a developer who is genuinely interested in working with and helping Asobo in delivering a better experience for everyone.

This sounds like AIG again. Dedicated developers working for the good of the community that have run into a dead end that only Asobo can open. So i’m hoping we can do it again. I’m hoping we can come together again as a community and try to open up a channel between Asobo and Reality-XP.

So what do you say? Can we as a community come together again and make this happen? Can we bring Asobo closer to us?

Maybe this might help too:


I do really want to see reality-xp product on mfs2020 but how ca we make Asobo tolk to them?


Same way we did with AIG: Come next Q&A, especially this upcoming SDK Q&A, have a topic dedicated to this, vote as much as we can for it to get it to the front, then, if that doesn’t work, we should all request in twitch chat that they approach the topic.

This is one of those corny self-help things: “Be the change you want to make” or something like that. We can’t wait for someone else to do this. We have to work for it ourselves.


Could the lack of communication have something to do with this? GPS for MSFS2020

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Don’t think so. WorkingTitle are the ones partnered with Asobo, not PMS50. But it might be the case that Asobo want that the best GPS for FS2020 come from them, and not from someone else, but I think everyone would agree that this attitude, if it exists, is highly damaging to everyone. Users who want the best should be allowed to have it.

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But PMS50 must have gotten all the detailed pertinent information from ASOBO to already have a working beta product out there for the GTN750, which unfortunately Reality XP was not able to do, no?

I don’t know if that’s the case. It may be that PMS50 learnt how to do it by looking at WT’s G1000. No idea. But the thing is that all units made by WT and PMS50 are built in native code. The Reality-XP units rely on the Garmin Trainers which are built by Garmin to work exactly like the real things for training purposes. So that is as real as it gets. Even thought the WT and PMS50 units are very good and much better than the default, are very far from the real thing. And i don’t think Reality-XP needs any information from Asobo to implement anything. He needs functionality that isn’t there. He explains it better in the link i posted in my original post: GTN650/750 updates? - Page 4 - Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - The AVSIM Community


So, how about it, everyone? Can we make this happen?


I’ve moved this to the whishlist, maybe it gets a bit more traction.

Hi @CristiNeagu ,

Please edit your Title to better reflect what the Wish is, and please make sure it’s as focused as possible in the first post’s explanation. It can’t cover a wide scope.

Also, just a kind reminder to avoid a flag later on: No topic bumping, and no vote solicitation, either here or in the other sub-forums. Thanks.

Noted, thank you.

OMG NO !!!

The GNS530 / GTN750 has had an uphill struggle to develop these Realistic GPS Gauges, with little or no help from Asobo. There are so many functions broken or missing in the MSFS Kernel that he is waiting on ASOBO to fix, with little ability or any formal ways to communicate with ASOBO, apart from through ZenDesk – which has proved to NOT help in any way.

ASOBO cannot claim to have helped this developer in any significant way, as they have Aerosoft or WTG.


MFS is or will be with future updates (within the next 9 years) better than its predecessor in all aspect.

The only one that will still a regression if things remains as this is garmin GPS modelisation.

A modded gauge will NERVER reach the fidelity of the trainer found in F1 or RXP products compare to the real unit. Never.
Complexity of taws calculation, approach, autopilot, obstacles, charts, flight plan management, screen functionnalities (especially for GTN) etc… will be friendly, perhaps nearly for somes, but not at the same lever we have known with RXP and F1 products, not the fidelity level the simmers like to find in a product called “simulator”. And that a regression compare to previous version and concurrent products.

I hope sincerely a way of communicate and, why not, cooperate will be found between people sharing the same love for flying and having the same goal, enhance the customers’s experience.


I’d like to see this, but I hope the developer can find a way to use either the stock or navigraph database instead of the garmin trainer.

The Garmin trainer is a lot more than just a navigational database.


Yeah sorry, I meant a navigational database that can be updated monthly similar to stock or navigraph. It’s my understanding that for this product to be updated in the other sims would require an expensive garmin subscription.

I can’t speak for him, but i think this might be something @CptLucky8 is looking into.

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@CptLucky8 has provided many good suggestions and solutions for the improvement of MSFS. Ignoring him is actually detrimental to our sim. Please communicate with him on regular basis @Jummivana @RoyalTot @Skeedorr

Also why is his marketplace application still pending? Bredok and Deimos are approved while RealityXP is not?


I’m okay with this thread as I believe it’s good for the community to come together for requests like this if they believe certain partnerships would be beneficial.

However, regarding the status of anyone’s Partnership Application, I unfortunately do not have much insight into this. The communication line is open between the two parties, and the Marketplace team will reach out if/when it is appropriate for them to do so. I have bumped the message up to them to let them know, but that is all at this point I feel like I am able to do.

Instances where Wishlist topics like this such as the AIG group and FBW, for example, did get some traction, so I won’t be closing this as I think it’s relevant to the community, but keep in mind that I won’t be able to discuss Marketplace applications here. Thanks!!


Hi all,

I just saw this thread via some associated threads on this and other forums. Coincidentally I actually did mention Jean-Luc (@CptLucky8) this morning to the team as well, so, you have more friends in your corner!

However, one thing we should make clear is that the current method by which the addons utilize the official Garmin trainers and pipe direct communication and draw direct into simulator display surfaces using hardware GPU access and native DLLs is not supported and support is not currently planned. I would definitely strongly encourage addon developers who are interested in building instruments for the sim to consider alternative approaches such as the JS/HTML framework or C++/WASM and avoid external executables. If there are roadblocks to crafting specific instruments wholly within those frameworks, we would definitely like to understand what those roadblocks are and enable those use cases, if possible.

-Matt | Working Title