PSA: Performance problems with latest update might be rooted in Trees (calling for feedback)

Just a quick recap for the time being:

a) Most of you don’t see any change with Trees LOW or ULTRA:

  • Either there is no real need for this setting because in practice Trees are so lightweight to render, or,
  • Regardless of the setting it takes as much resources which would indicate a bug, because LOW is supposed to take less resources, but your results seem to indicate they are taking as much (even if low).

b) Some of you do see a change of performance which can be significant:

  • I’ve not looked in details where you’re all flying to, but there is a LOD Distance Ring bug where the closer to the equator, the farther the trees (COS(LAT) factor).
  • It is possible your hardware is overall just “below” the hardware of the ones not having a perf difference.

c) I’ve only tested and evaluated this in VR, and in this case I’m observing the reverse:

  • Trees LOW are changing shape every frame like in the video above and are causing more micro stutters
  • Trees ULTRA are not changing shape (at least not as much) and there is much less micro stutters, even none, very often.

This is not scientific a test condition nor exact reporting, but I hope this little experiment reports will be sufficiently enticing for Asobo cross-checking the Trees rendering and settings, because they seem to be affecting users in very different ways, while one would expect they’ll be affecting most people the same (i.e. LOW = better perf, less stutters / ULTRA = lower perf, more stutters eventually)

Thank you all for your time with this, and don’t hesitate reporting more of your findings!

There are a lot more LOD problems to take care of