SU5 graphics quality

No prob. Mine runs at 6-10% when I do that.

It is the statements like this that are the issue. If your graphical quality has degraded by 50%, then there is something seriously wrong with your machine.

Aside from the acknowledged issues, the differences that are being discussed are subjective - so much so, that the vast majority cannot even see an issue. There are thousands upon thousands of people using the sim everyday (well over 2 million registered users) and yet it is always the same few that are on here complaining. Even if there is a problem (which I don’t personally see, beyond the issues acknowledged) those that claim to see it are a fraction of the user base. Admittedly, they make the most noise on here, but they are firmly in the minority.

You keep harping back to your system using less RAM, yet you have been shown MULTIPLE TIMES that the sim can, and does, use far more RAM when it is REQUIRED - it just doesn’t NEED to do so any more, which is a major plus point.

These images were taken yesterday. Are you seriously saying that the sim has EVER been capable of producing images 100% better than this?

Personally, I have never seen any images that are graphically better than these for this situation. However, maybe I am not a good judge, and someone could SUBJECTIVELY argue that there are points in this image that are not as good as before - but the fact that the difference is so small that the majority could not tell the difference, means the difference is not a ‘major downgrade’ and ‘50% reduction’ is completely ludicrous.

I completely agree with this. The sim is burning up way too much CPU and GPU power, at times when it shouldn’t need to - even while updates are downloading for hours! When not flying (and possibly in the hanger or market, to show of the item on display) there should be no need to use anything like this much power. The electricity cost, extra system pressure, and environmental impact, could be hugely reduced.


I use to set the Render scaling down to 30 and save. Dont forget to revert back before starting flight.

If you have Nvidia GPU
You can go to Nvidia Control panel / Manage 3D settings / Program settings / Microsoft Flight Sim / Max Frame Rate …and set that at 35 or whatever brings the Temp down to acceptable levels. ( that setting can be permenant for playing the sim as 35fps will be ok)

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Burn your GPU? My Strix 3090 is massive and it doesn’t exceed 75 degrees in the SIM w/maxed out settings and juiced up LOD.

The majority.

The majority cannot comment on this because they:

a) if only flies an hour a month
b) plays on UWXGA / 720p / 1080p monitors / televisions or notbooks and cannot even see the difference.
C) cannot even start because of CTDs.

But ok, has now a really good Performance, no doubt

This is completely valid, but people ARE suggestable. If it is stated (or even implied) that there is something wrong or different about a thing, then some will ‘see’ issues even if they are not there. This effect is proportionally more pronounced in line with the vagueness of the ‘problem’. This is an offshoot of the suggestibility used in the Forer Effect, among many others.

Give a person 2 identical glasses of coke (as part of several other ‘tests’ to avoid raising suspicion) and tell them the first is the original and the second is the new recipe. A large proportion of people will list differences or express a preference, despite the drinks being identical. The suggestion that they are different is enough to convince them that they are.

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To be fair, with the LOD change in the system files, the sim has never looked better for me. I saw it before I made those changes. Now, not so much.


a) I fly around 135 hours a month
b) Play on a 49" 4K UW panel
c) Haven’t had more than 3 CTDs since the hotfix

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I like this test, but you forgot to also add :slight_smile: :

  • some will say it is Pepsi and they are tricked (reminds me it is a game not a sim)
  • other will say they don’t like this beverage at all (I prefer flying with xxx or yyy)

:laughing:Very true!


Placebo is one helluva drug. I gave up this argument with the “graphic reduction” crowd a while ago. It’s the few people with the loudest voices going in circles who’d rather spend hours complaining instead of flying.

I just fly and enjoy the sim. Looks as good as before with improved performance, I can’t complain.


And some will refuse to see or acknowledge issues even if they are there, and have been reported by a significant number of people who have absolutely no reason to lie about their experiences.

And some seem to believe that just because they can’t (or won’t) see something, then everyone else who does must be hallucinating or lying.

And some seem to think they have been granted the title of official arbiter of what is real or not, and think they somehow have the right to demand that everyone else provides them with indisputable proof.

As I suggested before, maybe some people are just plain trolls.


Did you even bother to read my post?:man_facepalming::roll_eyes:

The funny thing is, I remember how majority of people confirmed that the graphics were back to normal and fixed with the SU5 hotfix 2 update. Now all of a sudden, over the past 7 days, there’s been a new influx of complaints again. I can’t quite trust the new influx though.

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Is a fact that the quality of the update is not as good as before.
The same that water textures and clouds are not as good as when the program was realise
I work woth everything in ultra, and render scale 100. Never have slutters until the last update

I have to call you out on your observation.

  1. You only read what you want to read I suggest you read all of my post.
  2. Your suggestion of using more memory than I indicated is faulty.
  3. You even provided proof in your screen shot.
  4. No matter what anyone tells you. They are wrong?

Now as to the reason why you are using more memory both CPU and GPU.
You are rendering at 6144x3456 which is equal to 21,233,664 pixels.
I am rendering at 2560x1440 which is equal to 3,686,400 pixels.
Another way of looking at it is you are displaying 7.8 times the resolution then I am.
This is the reason your memory usage for the CPU and GPU is higher than most other people.
Because your CPU and GPU needs this memory to process your rendering scale.
I also need to add this extra memory has nothing to do with the Flight Simulator usage.
I would suggest that you reduce your render scale to 2K and take a screen shot and you will see that all of my statements are correct.
Happy Flying


I don’t know about the majority, but the hotfix 2 update didn’t do anything for the issues I’m experiencing. My problems in VR have been consistent since SU5.

I honestly don’t care who believes me or not, I just want the ■■■■ thing fixed. I’m all for XBox players joining, lower end machines being supported, etc. I just don’t think that should be done at the expense of the existing users.

I simply don’t get why people want to discredit those of us who are still unhappy with the downgrades. It is hard enough to get Asobo to address issues without having a fractured user base arguing over whether they are real or not. With all of the different possible hardware combos out there, coupled with different people’s varying expectations and tolerances, it is no surprise that not everyone sees the same thing. That DOES NOT, however, mean that those who do see the issues are crazy or dishonest.


It could have been worse, some are waiting since January :roll_eyes:


NB: the following was posted in April for the first time but most of these exist since Jan.

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I’m with you 100% on that Cpt.

At least prior to SU5 it was in a state where I could enjoy flying. Unfortunately not so now.


You are 100% correct. I do not know why people can’t tell the truth?

Yep- already my wife complains that I spend my free time on a forum moaning my sim has been downgraded. I would surely face divorce if I was happy with my sim, but still spent free time on a forum complaining that others are complaining :joy:

(This would however probably mean I would get more time to spend on the sim :thinking: )

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