PSA: OpenXR Toolkit mod is not expected to work with SU10 during beta phase

Hey all,

Just putting it out there so there is no surprise:

OpenXR Toolkit is currently NOT expected to work with SU10 while in beta.

SU10 comes with some engine changes that are expected to break certain features of OpenXR Toolkit, like DX12, Foveated Rendering, and perhaps more.

To be clear, this is not Asobo’s fault nor their responsibility: this situation is inherent to hooking into the game engine from outside the game. It could have very well happened at SU8 or SU9, we just got lucky back then.

It will take some time to make adjustments in OpenXR Toolkit following the engine changes. We hope to be ready by the time SU10 releases as stable, but even then there is no guarantee.

I know some of you plan to rush to the SU10 beta for DLSS etc, so consider yourself warned. Staying on stable SU9 is the safe bet if you rely on OpenXR Toolkit.

Please if you experience issues be sure to disable OpenXR Toolkit before filing issues to Asobo. We don’t want to send the Asobo devs on a wild goose chase for OpenXR Toolkit issues.

For those who will still use SU10 beta, I’m going to maintain a table of known status on this post. Based on OpenXR Toolkit 1.1.4.

  • DX11: :white_check_mark:
  • DX12: :no_entry_sign: (CTD, has a band-aid workaround)
  • NIS/FSR: :white_check_mark:
  • Fixed Foveated Rendering: :white_check_mark: (WMR, Oculus) :no_entry_sign: (Varjo, Pimax - works but overall quality is reduced)
  • Eye-tracked Foveated Rendering: :no_entry_sign: (auto-fallback to Fixed Foveated Rendering)
  • World Scale: :white_check_mark: (also supported by the game itself)
  • Post processing: :white_check_mark:
  • FOV override: :white_check_mark:
  • Hand tracking: :white_check_mark:

  • Pimax WFOV hack: :white_check_mark: (no longer needed :tada:)
  • PimaxXR: :white_check_mark:

There is NO known issues with DLSS. If you use DX11, then DLSS and OpenXR Tookit work together without problems.


Are you busy this weekend? Any barbecues to go to?
Lolol :grinning:

Thank you for the heads up, I’ll be participating in the SU10 Beta unless the toolbar issues have not been fixed then I’ll be reverting back to SU9…whilst seething(!) Fingers crossed though eh!

Are the reasons it’s not working with the SU10 beta similar to why it’s not yet working with the new OXR rendering in iRacing?

No it’s completely unrelated.

MSFS is using 1 render target per-eye. We support that. But we need extra logic for things like left/right eye detection. That’s the mostly broken part with SU10.
iRacing is using double-wide (1 render target shared for both eyes, split 50/50). We don’t support that, at all.

Is that something that is planned down the road? Luckily the new OXR implementation works really well on its own, so I don’t feel like I need it, just curious.

it is fixed

What is fixed?

You were talking about the toolbar issue.

Updated the top post to include a list of known issues. So far things aren’t as bad as I thought.


Just re-enabled 1.1.3 (I know it’s older). Working as expected with DLSS set to quality on DX11. Had to boost my render scale in the OXR Developer tool to 200% (for higher clarity) with the OpenXR toolkit set to 100 render scale. Getting better results with SU10. Still haven’t had time to tweak sim settings for frames under 500ft AGL.

Using 5900x, 3090, 64GB Ram, G2 v2.

The OpenXR toolkit is saving the day with VR in MSFS!

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Some progress on DX12 - it looks like DX12 works fine if I completely disable foveated rendering (not the menu option, but some of the early initialization code). So it looks like all issues left are related to FFR and DFR.


Hello @mbucchia, did some testing with my Varjo Aero, SU10 beta, DX11, VarjoOpenXR and OpenXR toolkit 1.1.1
Fixed Foveated rendering and hand tracking worked fine. Only Eye tracked foveated rendering seemed to be broken with the update. So less feature broken than expected :slight_smile:


I think FFR works Ok but if you look closely, the foveated circles don’t line up nicely which means it’s not the most comfortable. It’s usable.

Hand tracking I was having many problems getting my leap motion to work, so I wasn’t sure if the issue was it or the Leap Motion so I declared it Broken. But good to hear you got it to work.

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Contrary to things said in certain YT video, there is NO known issue with DLSS and OpenXR Toolkit. You can use DLSS and OpenXR Toolkit together as long as you use DX11.


Any ideas on when we may see an update to allow us to use DX12 with the toolkit? Sim Update 10 with dx12 seems to be very very smooth overall!!

I belive you can try today to add a registry key to fully disable Foveated Rendering

  • regedit
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\OpenXR_Toolkit\FS2020
  • create DWORD 32 bit named disable_interceptor
  • set value to 1

Not sure it work, but worth a try. Let me know if it works. If not, delete the key so you dont forget it!

If this works, this will fully disable all foveated rendering options, even with DX11, until you delete that key.

EDIT: Finally got to a PC, and the regkey does the trick for DX12… as long as you don’t care for Foveated Rendering.

EDIT2: Finished investigation and I have a proper fix for DX12.


didnt understand… what should i do to make my vr headset working? Oculus Quest 2 and MFS2020 from MS

This is a thread about OpenXR Toolkit, an add-on that is not needed to play the game. Your question seems completely out of place.

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do you mean vr isnt working properly on sim updt 10 because of OpenXR or what and is there any thread about fixing this