Repeated CTD's &

c0000005 are stack errors. Which doesn’t tell you anything other than something’s wrong (the problem is something like you try to store the word “Goodbye” where there’s only space for 4 characters, it overwrites stuff.

There’s a hotfix coming tomorrow or Monday. I’ve got X-Plane on this machine, so I’d just fly that instead (I’m fortunate in that mine works, which may be because it’s used for nothing other than flying, I hate Windows).

If you don’t have that or FSX, download Flightgear which is free software, if you need your fix.

I know it’s annoying as heck and shouldn’t have happened, but they are working on it.

So this week’s hotfix will address LOD issues and a few minor bugs. They clearly have no clue of how to address the CTD issue, that has been going on for over 8 months incidentally, as they are pushing any attempted fix back to the next WU in 3 weeks! Hopefully the hotfix will introduce a few more players to the wonderful world of CTDs, preferably those that maintain all we need to do is clear out our community folder.

I don’t think they have the first clue as to what is causing the myriad crashes or freezes to those affected. and as such I don’t hold out any hope that an update introducing even more features is going to fix a fundamental problem affecting a sizeable proportion of the customer base.


what he said :arrow_double_up:
also fixed mine :crossed_fingers:t3:

MSFS staff, I am writing you in regards to update five since you have implemented update five it has destroyed what was good about the same it is now way to gamy and there are thousands of us who cannot get past CT D’s once we press the buy button. Like most of us I have been a avid simmer for years and have spent thousands of dollars to be able to run MSFS 2020. You have rushed update five and in doing that have taken away what thousands of us used to enjoy about this simulator can you send out a hot fix which doesn’t even address the CT D’s saying you want us to wait another 20 something days until we can possibly have a fix to play. A Sobo I am extremely disappointed to see how fast you obviously rush this in order to have Xbox online like so many of us I’m considering on boycotting the same I am also a streamer and I am at the point where I’m going to begin calling you out for exactly what it is you rushed this update and then the process took away what people work so hard to get and to be able to play the Sim I know I speak for most of us that we are extremely disappointed in what you have done and even more disappointed on how you are handling this CTD. Truly absolutely disappointing


hi. all my ai traffic models, converted from FSX, are set to generic, and even so, i still continue having CTDs when they are loades.
MSFS has changed the possibbility of having ai traffic with converted fsx models.
that means, or all full of 320 neos, or the generic ones: orbit, pacific, etc…

I have had many CTD events while downloading the AVIAT HUSKY from my Content Manager. These would happen at an extended “Please Wait” point. After restarting the sim I was able to continue the download until reaching the next “Please Wait” point were it would CTD again. I continued this procedure until the download was complete and the HUSKY was installed successfully. I did not empty my community folder for this download because I was not experiencing CTDs during normal operation. Was that the cause of the problem? I am very concerned that this might happen on the next sim update but I do empty the community folder when downloading updates.

Same For me, i never had issues since the first day

Currently since Update 5, i’m not able to fly more the 5 min, then CTD without message notification.

I’m furious.


I love MSFS. Without doubt its the best sim I’ve ever owned - and I say that despite suffering many problems since SU5.

But even before that hot-mess the sim is just too unstable. There are far far too many CTDs, for too many users for too many reasons. Above and beyond anything else an acceptable level of stability is needed. I do everything to mitgate the risk of a CTD - not plugging perhiperals, careful use of the flight planner, more than enough Ram and processing horsepower, upto date drivers. Yet I still experience a high proportion of in-flight CTDs for no apparent reason. Its immensely frustrating.

So yes, very pleased to hear SU5 hotfix-2 is on the way, but I hope, more than anything it solves the ridiculous number of CTDs.


Gday buddy…I’m not sure how much you have in your Community Folder and I like you have had CTD heaps of times since the sims first release…I came from FSX is I feel your pain. I have separate master folder which I place all my extras B787 mod, B777 mod, Airfields etc and as the sim gets its update I copy and paste my master to my community. Cheers Tricky

Yes - I moved everything out before the update and only put back in mods that have SU5 compatible. I wonder if there is a vpilot issue - many of my CTDs happen flying Vatsim, which of course makes them even more aggravating!

The curse of this sim is NOT CTD it is however ASOBO.

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Can’t do this anymore. I’ll have to wait, sim is broken to a point it is useless. We made a poll and 95% of our users reported regular CTDs (at least once every hour).


I feel your pain.

I just don’t understand how many users like myself do not
have CTDs and FS2020 is okay.

Someone at ASOBO should be able to determine this easily and quickly.

It would not take a Rocket Scientist.

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I had zero issues with CDTs until yesterday. I played for about four hours (PC), took a break, and tried to log back in and now I cannot get past the loading screen for a flight. I’ve tried every fix found in the forums, clean install, etc. and still no change.



Because bugs don’t work like the many people that automatically go around saying it’s user error and their machines are a mess, believe. There are too many variables that your PC can be fine but bugs can hit one system but not another. The fault is in the software, Asobo broke many things, AGAIN, and seems like they are trying to beat each previous update on how many issues they can add, it’s just some people have been lucky that not everything lined up to cause the bugs to activate, or some are too oblivious to the issues or don’t use said features. Can’t blame users and their PC’s though when the thing is crashing on console too.

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Not that it’s mods causing these CTD’s, but do you really copy and paste the files back and forth every update? If so I highly recommend Addons Linker on No need to move files with that, you put and organise your mods in folders anywhere you like and it adds links to them in your Community folder. Saves time and wear and tear on your drives and easier to narrow down a problematic mod.


Been getting repeated CTD since SU5 and it’s ■■■■■■■ me off, I spent $160 AUD on this game I didn’t pay for it to be a beta version

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Well , seems using Full screen mode instead of Windowed make it stable for me.
Fying since more than 15minutes now in full screen, while less then 5 minutes in windowed mode.

Hope the tip will work for you as well.

Edit : now more than one hour flight time …still no CTD :slight_smile:

Iv been having the same issue for 2 days… I removed my OC (MSI Afterburner) and reinstalled the sim and it seems to be fixed… it looks like to me the update has a bug relating to over clocking