Performance Degradation with Upgrade

Swapped in my friends 3070, same performance drops after around 5 min of flights. GPU utilization drops and frames do too… no issues at all till now.
Same thing happened on my 1660ti.

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Hi, same to me

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In my case, it is in Chile (South America). It is very noticeable in green areas with trees (Central and southern Chile). In the north, in the desert area, it does not occur. It’s curious. I flew through the Atacama desert and it didn’t happen. Flight through Patagonia or South and if it happens and drastically (7-9 fps) for a few seconds and up to 2 minutes. Noticed that my average fps dropped from 38-40 to 27-30 after the update. Is annoying


On the base leg for runway 29 CAT4 Qualicum Beach airport , it is the killer zone right there . The sim freeze 2 to 3 seconds . Process explorer shows power usage very high and turn red . Will it burn the CPU if I keep playing the sim ?
My CPU is I9 9900K . Normally it uses 40 watts at such a small airport but when I fly into the killer zone it uses 100 watts of power . Should I stop and wait for the fix ?


This is actually one of my biggest fears now. I am reaching temperatures of 99 (!) C
I think I have to wait for a fix or otherwise I am going to literally fry my whole PC

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I just tried to fly aroung your home-irport Qualicum Beach airport. It was the absolute slide show, I could not fly. Temperature of my I5 increased to 68°C. As far as I know, the current CPU will slow down when reaching more than 95°C, so that they will not get damaged.
You can try to fly over my home-town in Germany,. Take of at Hunsborn. turn to the south and after 1 minute you fly over Freudenberg and the slide show also starts here.
Only a patch will help us all.

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…a suspicion came up into my mind today morning concerning the probable cause and the obvious solution.After the updade there were 31(maybe it was 30 I don’t remember exactly) optional/additional downloads available in the content manager.As allways I downloaded the content however during the process the computer started to behave rather strangely with long pauses and freezes.I’m now having strong thoughts something was wrong about those additional downloads and gave birth to the monster choking our systems and destroyed our Sim.The fact not everyone is downloading the additional content it also explain why some of us have the issue while others don’t without any logical explanation.My friend I was talking about yesterday didn’t get them (he never does) and he’s o.k.So please do confirm the relation on the subject or not:The ones with the problem are also the ones with the additional content downloaded and vice versa?
Even though there is a way to delete any content, it remains uncertain such a procedure will give us back what we lost (if this is the case here) so a complete Sim re-installation will be a one way road.

There are at least 8 different threads on this issue now (below). Make sure you vote on the top two (one is this one) and submit a ticket


I have the additional content (they all seemed like updates to the aviator livery versions of the default airtcraft)…and have the issues

EDIT: Should have said that I;ve been using the content too - been flying the TBM with the aviator livery…

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O.k. let’s hear from others,especially those WITHOUT the problem…Do they have the additionals?

…Even though the thread list on the subject is quite large I feel I must make a post specificaly on the probable cause I talked about so everyone to see and report accordingly.

absolutely no addons for me , and I have the problem : RTX 3090 : gpu less than 30% of use during flight sometimes) ans many fps drops.
no problem before the last update

And after you get the standard reply from them, at some point later, go back in to your ticket to make sure it hasn’t been CLOSED. I found that the reply from them about lowering the render scaling closed my ticket, I had to reply to reopen it.

They probably consider such an answer a solution therefore (for them) “problem solved”.

…these additionals aren’t usual addons in community folder.Are 31 additional downloads delivered free by Asobo after the update.These are the ones you didn’t download?In your Content Manager should be there available for downloading if you didn’t get them already.If it’s there then my suspicions are wrong.

Hi HElpfly4ever

Indeed, u re right , i have the addons from original game and downloaded them After the update ( and some of them are bugged like zlin shock ultra, wrong airspeed indicator)
I mean I have no other Addon in community folder

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I think I can clearly see where performances begin to be very bad for me. It’s like a darker area on the ground. When I enter inside that area while flying, fps go down and game stutter. Once I leave that area, game turn smooth as normal. (Never had a single problem before the last patch) The texture difference is very noticeable. LIQS, Rwy 36, just proceeding on rwy heading for 1 minute.


Interesting investigation! I will crosscheck this at my stutter point.
The area with stutter is to the right (diagonal texture border) at the second image, correct?

I assume there no “those”. They just have hit an trigger area right now. I also have long flights without any issue and then such with stutters triggered at specific and replicatable areas. And this is, to repeat myself, completely independed from anything like drivers, addons, renderscaling. Pointing at this again and again is pure delay tactic imho and leads to nowhere. Thats totally waste of time and will probably cause additional problem from deleting/installing/redelete/reinstalling whatsoever. Thats how to twist an system with force.

There are so many users right now who all have observed and reproduced this behaivior that it is more than an clear sign to the root of the problem. So the devs keep their focus on the facts we know and start there.

If you will call it an “solution” you can collect and map this areas and avoid them → happy day.


Correct yes.

I have tried exactly this: I uninstalled all additional content (airports, landmarks etc.) except the airplanes.

It didn’t help :frowning: